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ghost Mar 2021
first the vowels
and then the constants flew away
until all that was left
was an empty sheet of paper
  Mar 2021 ghost
drowning in ego,
she tells them lies,
she spreads the evil,
or so she tries

she'd **** for beauty,
and hurt for fame,
she'll make you pity
what she'll never shame
ghost Mar 2021
I cry under the rain
on a sunny night
my mind seems to forget
the way things played out
how we got here
and how we left
ghost Mar 2021
I came into this world expecting
nothing from anyone
just everyone
expecting something from me
ghost Mar 2021
one who is trapped in a world of black
and white will stain your world with red
watch your world crumble
with your own two eyes
ghost Mar 2021
I never asked to be born
ghost Feb 2021
The darkness holds my hand through life. He is always there, waiting to take my hand again when I step off the pebbled path.
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