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Butterflygirl18 Jul 2020
Her love for you was deep, but when you hurt her ,the pain runs deep , you know when you really lost her when she cant even look at you in the eyes
Butterflygirl18 Jul 2020
You hurt her so bad and the pain runs so deep that she couldn't even look you in the eyes
Butterflygirl18 Jun 2020
Everytime she loves , her heartbreaks ,her soul bleeds,the more scars she has ,the more her heart turns black and the flowers in the forest in her garden die, her wings turn black so dark , she begins to not believe in love , she begins to fade away so does her love,her wings turn black and so does her eyes, she flys to her castle and hides away from the sun and never comes out until the sun is gone , no bright colors and her dark black eyes ,her soul bleeding out every time she cries ,this is what happens when she begins to break,everything begans to fade away until All her pain Is gone and everything comes back to life , the flowers start to bloom and her eyes aren't dark but blue like the sky and she begans to stop crying and her heart drys up ,the scars heel but forever there ,her heart turns red and the garden comes back to life, but her belief in love isn't so easy to spark up, her wings aren't dark and either are her eyes , shes at peace and happy again until the end of time .
Butterflygirl18 Jun 2020
Shes so beautiful but so unique
Everything that was different about her made her beautiful and special in every way , shes so  beautiful like the night sky ,you wouldn't ever want to look way , an angel who has wings that made you wanna know more about her every day,  every little thing she does is cute in every way , shes a beautiful flower who's getting ready to bloom but in a unique way, if you ever be with her ,show her that shes the magic in the sky because  her loyalty and her love and her being there for you always is what any guy would want,  dont give up on her ,even when shes hard to love,she may be hard to love sometimes because she doesn't trust , but in time she will open up .so treat her right and never let go , shes one of a kind that you wouldn't ever find or ever let go.
Butterflygirl18 Jun 2020
Hes been trying to find her
Shes been waiting
Only time will tell if he gets there in time
Because time its ticking
As their heart sings from distance
And all he can do is follow the sound
When their eyes connected ,he reached there in time
Hurry up and kiss her before the time rewinds
When they kiss ,their eyes opens
He said I promise to love you and cherish every moment,
For I will never hurt you ,but show you real love,
my love for you is like  a rose that will never end but only grow more and more.
Butterflygirl18 Jun 2020
She wanted to love and be loved
Have her love that she given returned as well
Loved and be loved
Her smile was bright as the sun
Her laugh was beautiful and unforgettable last thing she didn't want is be hurt
Shes a beautiful angel , sweet ,kind
But she doesn't see her beauty because shes been hurt too many times
Only if she knew how beautiful she is
She deserves more than she knows
She deserves love
You can see the hurt in her eyes
And scars of each battle of life she has faced
All she can dream of is flying to somewhere peaceful and being happy
Not having to worry about getting hurt
Shes been waiting for him ,the prince that shes supposed to marry one day
But her thing is shes so used to the worst happening ,the prince better hope that she doesn't give up on love because she close to,she is loyal person and she Hope's nothing but the best ,all she wants to love and be loved ,but only time will tell if she believes in love anymore.
Butterflygirl18 Jun 2020
she's a beautiful butterfly yet is to discover her path and spread her wings,they say all butterflies are beautiful but she was the most beautiful of them all , she was a butterfly princess waiting to meet her prince someday ,the love she has to offer is beyond beautiful and endless ,as she sat by the beach she began to sing and she knew one day she would meet the one who makes her heart sing, her father arranged an marriage but the man she didn't love and couldn't stand ,her heart was following somewhere else ,where her true love may be  beyond the sea ,she changed into a mermaid and began to swam and saw the man who made her heartbeat faster than ever ,the  king wouldn't  approve of him because he was a man from the family her father didn't like  ,he was handsome than any man she ever saw or could ever be ,as their eyes connected and their hearts both began to sing and when they started spending time together ,the more they both fell in love ,she ran away with him and there   was war between their families and both of the families began to notice that they were really and truly in love.
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