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Jun 2020
she's a beautiful butterfly yet is to discover her path and spread her wings,they say all butterflies are beautiful but she was the most beautiful of them all , she was a butterfly princess waiting to meet her prince someday ,the love she has to offer is beyond beautiful and endless ,as she sat by the beach she began to sing and she knew one day she would meet the one who makes her heart sing, her father arranged an marriage but the man she didn't love and couldn't stand ,her heart was following somewhere else ,where her true love may be  beyond the sea ,she changed into a mermaid and began to swam and saw the man who made her heartbeat faster than ever ,the  king wouldn't  approve of him because he was a man from the family her father didn't like  ,he was handsome than any man she ever saw or could ever be ,as their eyes connected and their hearts both began to sing and when they started spending time together ,the more they both fell in love ,she ran away with him and there   was war between their families and both of the families began to notice that they were really and truly in love.
Written by
Butterflygirl18  19/F
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