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It was a time for me to love and face my fate
A time to forgive but not to hate
A time to believe in myself and all that i desire
In a time where i think of what i want in life and as i discover who i truly am and yet to be
My great grandmother will always be apart of me
I am here legacy living and growing as i am
A girl with different ability and hopes and dreams
I wonder what my nonna would say to me
Her blood ruins through my veins
As i look in the mirror i wish i could see her face
There's so many questions i have and undying love
As you watch me from the sky, my heart is and my mind are always thinking of you and wondering what to do
missing you from far away and wishing to be with you and wishing i could remember you as a young infant , wishing i could of known you more ,
i attend to fall in love and get my heartbroken and fall right out and all i can think of is you
i apart of me is you ,i am your legacy that still lives.
The memory of us plays in my head,
The memory in my head that keeps me from going to bed, your soft touch of your hands in mine, the endless love and joy that I feel inside, i still remember this day , i still remember us, I feel my heart stop and I feel and remember every touch , every memory of me and you ,and every memory of me being in your arms , in a short period time I wish that could last forever, with a heart like yours and a heart like mine, as you made love to me  I started to fall for you ,I cry myself to sleep because I remember telling you I love you , I remember you telling me that you will make me yours , if you meant everything you said to me about how you felt about me then why did you let me go , why do you care if I hate you , why do you care about how I feel about you when you left , I still wonder if you fell in love with me , is that why you care?,every memory makes me feel like I'm there in the past, as if I'm alive , sometimes I wonder if you'll come back ,sometimes I day dream about it, I remember that night of my curly hair and head laying on your chest  listening to your heart beat for me ,every part of me misses you, misses seeing that face and smile ,misses being in you arms and feeling safe and happy all at once.
I will always love until the end of time
Until my heart no longer beats
For I gave you something I can never get back or take back what was mine that I shared
I can never get that back , but what I gave to you was no mistake but I will always love you until the end
Until my heart stops beating
Until I am no longer alive
I will always love you ,  for every tear in my eye  that shows
You broke my heart and now you will never know
The unconditional love I have for you is endless ,beyond words , even after I die , I never wanted this is end not even this way, not ever until you hurt me deeply , so I will love you from a distance but I will love you endlessly beyond words , until my heart stops beating , and when you look up I will be the angel in the sky you see , until we met again , my love for you is endlessly
Butterflygirl18 Aug 2020
Rose's began to turn black, the angel has a garden that is connected to her heart, and the sky  when lighting or thunder you see in the sky that's her, thats her pain ,that's the darkness in her eyes.
Butterflygirl18 Jul 2020
She's just a butterfly ,who yet is to discover her path🦋
Butterflygirl18 Jul 2020
Butterflies are proof of change is the way of growing , a way of life and that something so beautiful can live in a cruel world
Butterflygirl18 Jul 2020
Once you hurt her , she can never look at you like she used to
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