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Rose's began to turn black, the angel has a garden that is connected to her heart, and the sky  when lighting or thunder you see in the sky that's her, thats her pain ,that's the darkness in her eyes.
She's just a butterfly ,who yet is to discover her path🦋
Butterflies are proof of change is the way of growing , a way of life and that something so beautiful can live in a cruel world
Once you hurt her , she can never look at you like she used to
Her love for you was deep, but when you hurt her ,the pain runs deep , you know when you really lost her when she cant even look at you in the eyes
You hurt her so bad and the pain runs so deep that she couldn't even look you in the eyes
Everytime she loves , her heartbreaks ,her soul bleeds,the more scars she has ,the more her heart turns black and the flowers in the forest in her garden die, her wings turn black so dark , she begins to not believe in love , she begins to fade away so does her love,her wings turn black and so does her eyes, she flys to her castle and hides away from the sun and never comes out until the sun is gone , no bright colors and her dark black eyes ,her soul bleeding out every time she cries ,this is what happens when she begins to break,everything begans to fade away until All her pain Is gone and everything comes back to life , the flowers start to bloom and her eyes aren't dark but blue like the sky and she begans to stop crying and her heart drys up ,the scars heel but forever there ,her heart turns red and the garden comes back to life, but her belief in love isn't so easy to spark up, her wings aren't dark and either are her eyes , shes at peace and happy again until the end of time .
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