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  May 2014 Angel torruella
Your heart hit the brakes,
we stopped…
my heart broke
  May 2014 Angel torruella
Joe Cole
I'm sitting outside my tent in a meadow verdant green
Just sitting, listening, dreaming
Surrounded by stately trees Sillouted
against an azure blue sky
Tall hedgerows filled with blossom
White, like drifts of new fallen snow
That's why I'm just sitting, listening,  dreaming
The storm we had an hour ago long passed by
Now I sit and watch white wispy clouds floating there on high
Why am I sitting,  listening, dreaming
Do you really need to ask?
If I truly believed in God then I've found heaven here on earth
I've no TV or radio but music fills the air
Leaves rustling in the gentle breeze and bird song near and far
And so I'm just sitting,  listening, dreaming
Angel torruella May 2014
You stepped on me countless times more then nine this enough to **** a feline so if there's anything I could do to make you feel blue I'll do. You have no clue the pain you put me through I'll shield it from you when this is over I promise I'll be feeling new and you'll be the goo on my shoe. The roles will reverse and I'll leave you feeling hurt feeling like dirt it's what you deserve.

Angel torruella
Revenge is something I don't live by but I sure think about it from time to time
Angel torruella May 2014
Staring out In the open I feel so closed in so frozen it's a feeling that can't be spoken it's just simply being stuck out in the open but the walls feel closed in this feelings so Imposing myself has been stolen...

Angel torruella
Angel torruella May 2014
An imperfect gentleman's gentleness isn't always so gentle. Women walk around with an ideal idealist mental of a man. A man that's ****** but **** good at building a dam over the damnedest dirt road. Some day those roads fall apart and the dammed will depart with no heart until a renaissance  period breaks through with art. So the man paints a picture of the women's heart severed in pieces ripped up like a jigsaw puzzle. He will spend his life stuck in this painting with the patience to put it back together forever with no avail he failed. She's moved on and he's back to being a gentleman pledged by an hour glass.

-angel torruella
don't forget all the moments I've been there for you.
and all the times I took the time to make you feel understood when no one else could.
don't forget all the times I have tried everything in my power to make you feel better.
don't forget all the times I looked at you with my heart through my eyes.
and the way I held your hands as if they were as precious as your heart.
so please,
please don't forget me.
Angel torruella May 2014
The real you could never be found by ones self it's lost within someone else. Inside is where she keeps it safe from escape. The soul is hers and always will be the only way to find it is to listen to her heart beat. So I lay on her chest night after night listen to a sound that's so profound hoping that you capture it. I need her to discover a lost young man. She knows everything about you so you hold her tight and rub hearts and at that point I know well never be apart.
    -Angel Torruella
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