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Andy Cave May 2015
You were always there for me
always able to put a smile on my face
you knew exactly what to say
to brighten my world up.
We were only friends
but for me it was much more
back then I was just figuring out
how powerful love can be.
I never once told you how
I truly felt
when perhaps I should have
because looking back
you weren't just my friend
you were my best friend.
I could ramble on for hours
of nonsense
and you would smile and laugh
and make me feel special.
But I never told you
how I felt
and slowly our lives
moved on in opposite directions.
So now I look back of
what could have possibly been.
I regret not telling you
however I look at the woman
you have become and
how happy you are with
your life and smile
because even though
I never acted on my feelings
I got to experience a truly special
friendship with a wonderful
person and will always treasure
the memories I made with you.
Andy Cave May 2015
I love listening to natures heartbeat
the rain falling from above
the birds singing of love
the crickets nighttime chorus
coyotes howling in the forest
waves splashing on the beach
wind rustling up leaves.
Just close your eyes
and listen up
to hear natures
rhythmic thump.
Andy Cave Apr 2015
Green all around
nothing but trees
flowers blooming
buzzing of bees
squirrels running
under your feet
sun blaring down
blistering heat
nothing for miles
can't find your way
must start a fire
tonight you must stay
the wind chills your body
down to the core
and here comes the rain
a torrential downpour
what started as happy
a nice nature hike
turned into horror
and a fight for your life
so the torrent falls
and you shiver away
hoping and praying
to be found 'fore it's too late.
  Apr 2015 Andy Cave
Rachel Mena
A simple crash is all it took
To encourage a nervous and curious look
Into the bathroom where my mother lay
A blood bath around her, in the middle of the day.

Oh honey, please just look away
You should not see this, please do not stay.

Self-help never works, I could finally see
As she covered her tracks, her eyes never leaving me;
But the evidenced razor lied on the floor
And the pile of pills poured out by the door.

Oh baby, please do not let your father know, too
He wouldn’t understand, the way that you do.

And all of my words held deep inside
Hung on my tongue, my lips were dry.
All of the times you spoke only through words
Left me so confused, viewing life backwards.

You are beautiful, and just so pretty
it is the inside that counts, don’t be so petty.

Oh but momma, can’t you see
How do you expect me to love me?
When you have so much hatred towards yourself?
Enough to clear off the medicine shelf,
Enough to starve, binge, and purge;
You always told me to have some courage.
Enough to cut into yourself: thin and long lines;
You always told me, we would be fine.

But how could this painful sight be so?
Please bow now, mommy, an award for your show.
Disclaimer: This is not a direct representation of my life, by any means. This is fictional and something that came to me randomly.
Andy Cave Apr 2015
I've just met you
but it's easy to see
that you could be the one
I've been hoping to meet.
You could be that girl
I see in my dreams
the one who shows up
and sweeps me off my feet.
I do not know why
I feel this so fast
but I know one thing
I'd love if it'd last.
Andy Cave Mar 2015
I stare out my window
and into the rain,
at the dark clouds
filled with electricity
and watch
as the sky is illuminated
as strike after strike
is sent from within
to the world waiting below.
Andy Cave Feb 2015
Time passes me by
all I see is black and white
colors elude me.
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