Andrew Schwab Feb 2016
Been so long, since I felt this way,
at a loss for words, what's left to say?
As inspiring as this feeling may seem,
it's hard to explain, much like a dream.
Mind is tired, can't sit still,
my heart is something you seem to fill.
Smiles made easy, never a frown,
is how I feel when you are around.
But now it is time to say the cliché,
I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.
Andrew Schwab Feb 2014
My life is on a roll, because I fianlly get to live it,
My right foot hung a cliff, but my left began to pivot.
Cause that's how I lived my life, completly on the edge,
But today I live in comfort, I steer clear from any ledge.

The thought I have today, about how I  lived and thrived,
Scares me more than ever, I'm so grateful I'm alive.
My middle name was "apathay", my last was "no control",
but now that name has changed, the glass is more than full.

Today I live "transition", and look forward to progression,
note that these are blessings, and a highly valued lesson.
And this adventure never ends, it has really just begun,
the wind is at my back, and I can finally see the sun.
Andrew Schwab Jan 2014
Trying to catch some sleep, but I just can't seem to grasp,
all the blessings I have gained, considering the past.
It's more than just this girl, and the energy she brings,
because my heart is in the heavens, and for once it finally sings.
Yes this moment is so 'perfect', and that word gets tossed around,
but for once I finally live it, it is the greatest sound.
I never believed in life, in regards to all what's good,
so if you've never tried it, I suggest you rather should.
Because this feeling is finally real, and I'll practice all it takes,
to keep my soul up in the heavens, for happiness' sake.
Though it won't take much, to test my fragile spirit,
but my Higher Power listens, I know he really hears it.
Yes, my life is but a miracle, and I'm not afraid to tell,
Cause there was a point in time, when I was living hell.
But those memories of sorrow, have become a precious gift,
they're more than just incentives, they're a loving, guiding lift.
Andrew Schwab Jan 2014
I must take every step so careful,
as if the floor were slick and wet.  
Cause I've never felt quite like this,
I just can't believe we've met.

I felt something from the start,
but was afraid to act it out.
But then a small flame grew to fire,
and within it's ashes grew a sprout.

And with the sprout comes feelings,
so delicate and rare.
Ones that grow to bigger things,
and stretch out into the air.
Yes it's branches define aesthetics,
with blossoms at the ends.
But what I seek digs deeper,
It is it's roots my friend.

Cause there'd be no point to sunshine,
or an early morning mist.
Without roots to bound it's life,
it would simply not exist.
So, a foundation is in order, to able it to strife.
For the one who seeks to grow,
and the ones who share it's life.

So I'll take today as a blessing,
that I see, to work on me.
You do the same, I know we can,
and then one day we'll see...

That there is something here, for us to cherish.
I pray that this feeling will never perish.
Cause today there is hope, and lots of grace,
And I know this is true, because I've seen your face.
Andrew Schwab Apr 2013
I'm seeking the comfort that came with her lips,
and the hours of sweat between our bonded hips.
The connection we had, must have been shared,
but the look on her face showed she didn't care.
But who am I to judge the love that once was,
twas as pure as the hum from a honey bee's buzz.
I'm building up anger with all that's inside,
these feelings I have, I just cant hide.
I'm sorry for the doubt I slayed upon her soul
Cause in all reality I made her heart turn to coal.
I realized this, the day that she cried,
"we were supposed to be together" but then we both died.
Andrew Schwab Apr 2013
I'm more than scared, and far from alone,
and so every night, you will hear my moan.
Aside from the everyday pressures we face,
I face one other, it's quite a disgrace.
This demon I speak, leaves me bare and left cold,
yet I continue to ignore all I've been told.
All the great things I've become blessed to acknowledge,
surpass all the things taught in this bullshit called college.
Cause the answers I seek, don't reside in a book.
But knowing me, I'd be sure to look.
Cause I'm jumping around from place to place,
my very own mother may not recognize this face.
Andrew Schwab Feb 2013
I'm searching for love in all the places on this earth,
but is true love even out to find me, or did it die at birth?
Cause love is just another term that gets loosely tossed around.
Sometimes I wonder if it be better, simply, buried in the ground.

I just want that love to come to me,
then maybe my heart would be at ease, oh please.

Cause I can't figure out what all it takes,
with all this hurt I just can’t seem to shake, or fake.

I don't really have too much left to feel,
cause these scars are indeed a much done deal,
I'm screaming at walls that just won't hear,
I'm taking time to fly, got lots to do before I die.

Making a new, its simply due,
learning from all these things you put me through
I'm seeing the light, it's bound with insight.
It's gonna be okay, it’s just another day.

And then maybe one day I can see,
what it’s like to be so sincerely free,
cause this hole I fell in is much too deep,
I'm gonna be okay, at least I really hope I may.
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