Feb 2014
My life is on a roll, because I fianlly get to live it,
My right foot hung a cliff, but my left began to pivot.
Cause that's how I lived my life, completly on the edge,
But today I live in comfort, I steer clear from any ledge.

The thought I have today, about how Iย ย lived and thrived,
Scares me more than ever, I'm so grateful I'm alive.
My middle name was "apathay", my last was "no control",
but now that name has changed, the glass is more than full.

Today I live "transition", and look forward to progression,
note that these are blessings, and a highly valuedย lesson.
And this adventure never ends, it has really just begun,
the wind is at my back, and I can finally see the sun.
Andrew Schwab
Written by
Andrew Schwab  Land of the privledged...
(Land of the privledged...)   
   Adam Schwab
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