Feb 2013
I'm searching for love in all the places on this earth,
but is true love even out to find me, or did it die at birth?
Cause love is just another term that gets loosely tossed around.
Sometimes I wonder if it be better, simply, buried in the ground.

I just want that love to come to me,
then maybe my heart would be at ease, oh please.

Cause I can't figure out what all it takes,
with all this hurt I just can’t seem to shake, or fake.

I don't really have too much left to feel,
cause these scars are indeed a much done deal,
I'm screaming at walls that just won't hear,
I'm taking time to fly, got lots to do before I die.

Making a new, its simply due,
learning from all these things you put me through
I'm seeing the light, it's bound with insight.
It's gonna be okay, it’s just another day.

And then maybe one day I can see,
what it’s like to be so sincerely free,
cause this hole I fell in is much too deep,
I'm gonna be okay, at least I really hope I may.
Andrew Schwab
Written by
Andrew Schwab  Land of the privledged...
(Land of the privledged...)   
   Jaymi Swift
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