Apr 2013
I'm more than scared, and far from alone,
and so every night, you will hear my moan.
Aside from the everyday pressures we face,
I face one other, it's quite a disgrace.
This demon I speak, leaves me bare and left cold,
yet I continue to ignore all I've been told.
All the great things I've become blessed to acknowledge,
surpass all the things taught in this bullshit called college.
Cause the answers I seek, don't reside in a book.
But knowing me, I'd be sure to look.
Cause I'm jumping around from place to place,
my very own mother may not recognize this face.
Andrew Schwab
Written by
Andrew Schwab  Land of the privledged...
(Land of the privledged...)   
   ---, Emily Tyler and Gary Muir
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