Jan 2014
I must take every step so careful,
as if the floor were slick and wet.  
Cause I've never felt quite like this,
I just can't believe we've met.

I felt something from the start,
but was afraid to act it out.
But then a small flame grew to fire,
and within it's ashes grew a sprout.

And with the sprout comes feelings,
so delicate and rare.
Ones that grow to bigger things,
and stretch out into the air.
Yes it's branches define aesthetics,
with blossoms at the ends.
But what I seek digs deeper,
It is it's roots my friend.

Cause there'd be no point to sunshine,
or an early morning mist.
Without roots to bound it's life,
it would simply not exist.
So, a foundation is in order, to able it to strife.
For the one who seeks to grow,
and the ones who share it's life.

So I'll take today as a blessing,
that I see, to work on me.
You do the same, I know we can,
and then one day we'll see...

That there is something here, for us to cherish.
I pray that this feeling will never perish.
Cause today there is hope, and lots of grace,
And I know this is true, because I've seen your face.
Andrew Schwab
Written by
Andrew Schwab  Land of the privledged...
(Land of the privledged...)   
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