Andrew Schwab Jan 2013
Fourteen hours total, I spent in that car,
but  twas the motive that drove me, so it didn't seem far.
I hope the impression I left, was above all her dreams,
cause my heart seemed to melt, like a spring de-thawed stream.

Though I still know, that I have so much to do,
in regards of my life, and general attitude.
But I loved what I saw, there is no denying,
so my hearts for the taking, its all I'm supplying.

And I'm scared more than ever, that I'll be left hurt
as  all of my feelings become one with the dirt.
While I wait in my sorrow, I try hard to relate,
but I can't for some reason, so maybe its fate.
Though I do know, that I cannot blame her,
her life is her own, I am nobody's savior.

And this bad feeling I have, is about to come real,
her heart is something that I wont be able to steal.
How did we go from, "I want you a lot",
to, "its not gonna work", (that is all that I got).

So I'll ponder once more at what will never be,
the southern girl left before she even knew me.
But I'll give her one thing, and that it could have been worse,
cause maybe a relationship would have left my heart in a hearse.

She did what she did, and just soon enough.
But I still wish that we could have tried to been tough.
Her worry and fear went along with her silence,
the lack of her words left me with an altered conscience.
Andrew Schwab Jan 2013
Why must my head be filled with worry and such,
the things that make you say, "this is all too much".
It is June now, you know, the month after May,
"So relax" she said, "experience the bonnaroovian way."

But it's not that simple for a man like myself,
to take all my troubles to be put on a shelf.
To be sporadic and fun at the drop of the hat,
but the bonnaroovians say, "What’s wrong with that?"

That is who I am, and I know it’s confusing,
to go from angry and tired, to up most amusing
So bi-polar disorder is might what you think
But, “it’s not, I've checked”, said my internal shrink.

Cause these wild emotions were based off of love,
and sometimes from always being as high as a dove.
They weren’t a good mix, at least for some people
So I fell really hard, like a runner in steeple.

I regret so much, but wouldn't change it for the earth
Cause now I'll have a chance to have an endearing rebirth.
So this now gives us a chance to live in a way,
a way that roots from what the Bonnaroovians say.
Andrew Schwab Jan 2013
People seem to come and go
not much it takes for me to know
that what you seemed to do for me
is worth much more than one can see.

You took the time to ease my pain
and lift these dark embedded stains
how scared I was to come and tell
of my sick life and living hell.

Full of shame and pure regret,
this something I won't soon forget.
Just like the sand that falls in line,
I was losing breath and losing time.

You took an extra step at this,
it's something that I just can't miss.
Alas, I had a chance to feed,
you helped me out a man in need.
Andrew Schwab Jan 2013
Torn out of my life like a page from a book,
shredded apart like a fish's lip with a hook.
I now realize that I had what it took,
dive deep in my mind and be sure to look.

Manipulation comes in the form of many ways,
the harder I tried, the more difficult the maze.
The maze that keeps you wandering for days and days.
All I wanted was love, not pointless praise.

But now that it's done and we've come to an end,
why must it be so hard to be considered a friend.
With all the broken pieces I have tried to mend.
But MY heart was broken, so it's what I'll tend.
Andrew Schwab Dec 2012
Like water frozen to
ice, I watch a blossom
never bloom, it stays
as still as an autumn leaf
deprived of the wind
that should let it go free to
a place where it is
noticed for its aesthetics and
in ways it never thought it
could. Tell me where this
transparent liquid will flow,
tell me how far you
will let it if I break free
from these chains I have
inherited, however,
we have fastened them
together, bound by what was
once considered love.
Andrew Schwab Dec 2012
As the dirt and rain,
become part of my outfit.
I stand up in great trance.
The deep vibrations around me,
seem to interact with souls
of beings all over who
come "home" for reasons
such as mine, and that keep them
coming back to play.
The booming echo of haunting
animal's skin creeps up
over the trees and hills.
Howling the insane
breathing green fire.
Brings comfort and wholeness
to the purpose in which
we have united today.
Sharing more than melodies,
seeing more than what meets
the eye of the storm in this
controlled chaotic world.
I then slip into a realm
that keeps nothing masked.
Smoke rises as
ashes fall upon the
tan freckled shoulders
of  real lifetime bonds.
Andrew Schwab Dec 2012
Nickels, pennies, wishing wells,
I do declare, I bid farewell.
With all that's here and said to be,
come on girl, please look at me.

I see all the scare and hurt,
so now's the time to wash the dirt.
Cause hope is what you fail to see,
I guess that we're not meant to be.

But just before you leave for good,
please speak to me, you know you should.
And tell me at one point-in-time,
that I was yours, and you were mine.

I feel the pain that grows inside,
it's swelling up like morning tides.
And all that I can seem to do,
is dream of us, and think of you.

Now that all the pains set-in,
I think about where we've been.
And realize that we were dead,
A bitter-sweet thing to be said.
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