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One of the best gifts that we can have is a mother’s love.
Her affection comes in various ways and in different forms.
One is for our naked eyes to see and the other thing is
A warm presence that only our heart could feel.

A gentle smile, a good advice, a warm hug, or a gentle tap.
Daily breakfast with an occasional shout or rant,
A long-distance call from a faraway land.
Whether it’s a big thing or small she has her ways to do it all.

A composed equilibrium to balance chores and duty call.
A quality time for the family, and a little “kumustahan with her kumare.’’
A woman with only one mind but with a big heart,
A precious gift from God to humankind.

To all the moms out there, we appreciate you more than ever.
Bear in mind that you can be our own personal hero too.
Thank you for being wonderfully you.
Happy Mother’s Day!
It's a rainy afternoon
In front of the elevator door.
We're waiting at its doorstep
Wishing for it to open soon.

Suddenly your hands land on my shoulder,
Then you look at me with that sly smile of yours.
I'm not quite sure if you'd already know
How I cover up and fake a gentle tap, just so my emotions won't show.

Boy, you know what I'm starting to like you more;
Only that it feels so wrong.
I can't figure out if we're on the same boat.
Am I only dreaming or am I just being blinded by these thoughts:

Happy feels.
Elated emotions.
That "kilig" factor, and
The picture of us being together.

If I can't rid of this mess
Just hear my plea tho.

Please stop on making me fall,
If it will end up on me being all alone;
For I know where your heart
Truly belongs.

It's already taken
By that ******* your wallpaper
Whose contact detail
Is your favorite set of number.
We had our chance.
We had our time.
We tried,
But it did not work.

It's hard to admit,
But maybe this lifetime
Was not just meant
For you and me.
We can't just force things that are not meant to happen.
He always bid me sweetdreams
before I go to sleep.

Then it was you that I've always dream

And I must say that it's a beautiful dream indeed;

Only that I feel so bad and selfish...
for there is he, but all I ever want is you.
The man of your dreams versus the one who's always there, waiting for you.
I heard you called my name
as your arms starts
to wrap around her waist.

The time begun to freeze
then suddenly I couldn't think.
I calm myself and clench my fist.

I savor the moment
before  I quietly turn my back
and slowly walk away.

And  I do not know
if my heart should be flutter
or it would just be left in vain.

Because your heart still remembers me
only that it is not I
that your eyes can see.
The winter breeze
hugs me tight,
and my heart becomes
as cold as ice.

No one dares
to keep me warm
nor bring back its fire.

Because doing so
means you have to die.
That **** smile
and manly scent.
Those mysterious look
and mesmerizing lips.
Boy, I can't help but fall
while missing you so...
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