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One of the best gifts that we can have is a mother’s love.
Her affection comes in various ways and in different forms.
One is for our naked eyes to see and the other thing is
A warm presence that only our heart could feel.

A gentle smile, a good advice, a warm hug, or a gentle tap.
Daily breakfast with an occasional shout or rant,
A long-distance call from a faraway land.
Whether it’s a big thing or small she has her ways to do it all.

A composed equilibrium to balance chores and duty call.
A quality time for the family, and a little “kumustahan with her kumare.’’
A woman with only one mind but with a big heart,
A precious gift from God to humankind.

To all the moms out there, we appreciate you more than ever.
Bear in mind that you can be our own personal hero too.
Thank you for being wonderfully you.
Happy Mother’s Day!

— The End —