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Amethyst Nele Aug 2015
He was there, never paid attention to him
We talked more often started getting feelings
But I jus' pushed them away
Now that's he's in Chicago
I realize I was foolish for not taking the oppurtunity to tell him how I feel
Now I'll never see him again...
Amethyst Nele Aug 2015
Ignore me like I don't exist
Its cool
I don't got time to beg for a conversation
Its cool
My life can go on without you speaking to me
Its cool
Buu' don't take it personal when I decide to ignore you too
Be like me and say "Its cool"
Amethyst Nele Aug 2015
I'm slowly dying inside
I try to be normal
Not to think about
Death or suicide
Buu' I jus' can't
I really am trying...
Buu' a person can only try so much
And eventually give in
Amethyst Nele Jul 2015
Hunger is an emotion too
That **** gets too you thus controlling the way you feel
Then you finally fulfill your hunger
Then yous happy as ****!!!
Amethyst Nele Jul 2015
Sure I have friends
I have family and all that ****
Yet I still feel alone
How is that?
  Jul 2015 Amethyst Nele
Megan H
Today was different.
I laughed.
I smiled.
I lost my frown.
I was different.
Yes, today was a good day.
Because today was different.
Amethyst Nele Jul 2015
You're' jus' a corspe carrying a dead soul...
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