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Amanda fancy Oct 2014
What if I told u ima jump on a plane tomm ....
Would you believe me and just know it's because I wanna take away all your sorrow...

I wish I could show you how I could love..
But Instead here we are yearning wanting to just jump out of a plane together from above...

Let's run and never look back...
I'll believe you , just don't make me run back
Amanda fancy Jun 2014
When I grow silent is when you should worry

My mind is everywhere, so much so,that everything is blurry

even if I wanted to forget....
Not even my mind can I find...

I know there will be better days to distract the emptiness , I dont expect anyone to clean this mess.
My heart will mend and my walls will be strong
To the top I go and feelings be gone.
Amanda fancy May 2014
I can feel my barracades starting to collapse...

wish an angel would come sweep me off my feet n swipe my brain clean of this before I relapse...
Confused, hurt, and overwhelmed doesnt seem like a good combination

Tired of keepin it in and just changing the station....
Have never felt this A L O N E ever.
can someone save me? Will they? ...
N E V E R.
**** that I don't want to be saved;; leave me be...heres a letter to my future day it'll be alright just gimme time to find the key
I just wanna block everyone out..
Feel like im on the outside looking in..just cant break out;;

Lemme take a min while I crowd myself with these purple clouds.
Amanda fancy Apr 2014
Jaded; spaded ;minds been recreated

Wishin we were back at square one;
Instead I've  resulted to just gettin faded...

This beens done before;; I'm quite familiar with the feeling;;

You promise me your there..Now why does it feel like my hearts breaking instead of healing;;

Your what I fell in love with;;

But This pretty picture that was painted has turned into nothing but a myth..

This boat can't take any more water..
My socks are turning blue.

It's starting to seem you were too good to be true</3
Amanda fancy Apr 2013
Happy, mad, mostly sad

Keep my head up; ignore my dad

One day the day will come back

Feeling coming on & it dont feel good

One day he'll realize what hes got

But til then all I do is pout

I live for the days at the beach with no cares

But still I sit here just hoping youde care

*******, **** your soul, its just not fair, but guess what? I DONT CARE.

Edited so I can sing it!

— The End —