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  Apr 2021 Amanda fancy
why do the best people always die first?
when you pick flowers you pick the best ones meaning they are the first to die
god likes to do the same
remember that next time you go flower picking
  Apr 2021 Amanda fancy
Melody Mann
A bundle of decisions and and actions,
A synergy of cause and effect,
The push and pull from the benevolent,
A wild and precious life lived.
Inspired by Mary Oliver
Amanda fancy Apr 2021
Growing pains,
The pain stays.
My best friend died
It's been 4 months..Its not a phase.
Wish I could of made the plays.
But it wasn't my call to say..
A new daze.
Pictures and memories cloud my mind
pure dismay.
Keep telling myself one day I'll be okay.
I still have a lot to say, no black and white just gray.
Now I found more maze
He's amazing in every way
Forever to stay, no fadeway
Were Sick with it, stay away
U ain't cool like us go bk to your hideaway
I'll end this with my love asking me to grab bud for the tray
It's fate..forever to stay
We eatin, and we don't share our plates in any fkn way.
Amanda fancy Feb 2021
They don't sneeze and I still bless em'

All My fav songs are sad now
All our favorite drugs i do alone now.
Im weak, your death turned me into a zombie clone now. Death I fear is diff now.
Sulking in the absence of your being, i wont say your soul, its with me and saved now.
Ur by my side everyday, especially today..
its so cold out.
Snow jus falling down, wish it was you now
Mom jus got engaged yesterday n ur not here now..
I wish u were here for this drought..
Im still down and out.
sad at the fact u wont be with me to blow congratulation clouds.
...get drunk as a family until time is no longer Found.
I miss you man, please stay with me..
don't let me drown. I'll wear your crown .
one day ill be found, til then...
Love, the rebelious clown.
Amanda fancy Jan 2021
On fire but still drowning
I'm climbing ..still falling bounty...out on bond, jus stalling.
Devil keeps calling . I ain't dialing.
Jus straight freefalling.
My heart ain't cold, it was sold to the dope, the land of no too dope to cope.
As above so below... everything's too slow...
so cold..I cant fold, that story has already been told..
I leave y'all my throne to own.
I'll even leave 3.5 to put in the cone.....jus
Smoke for me in return.
Let it burn...
My prodigy Arsen, reborn.
The fire within me...
He is me...
he will play the part for me..
He will be what I couldn't be.
Always will be.
I'm free, no plee.
I don't wanna die, jus wanna fly...not flee
by your side babyboy,
I'll follow,You lead..
you are M E.
Game over, I give you everything ...
No fee.
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