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As you progress through this golden stream
Eyes stuck on the endless possibilities of a promising new horizon
You stand content in a revered acceptance

Like an echo of what seems
Gently floating feathers landing upon
Mountains agreed to never meet and greet,instead stood solid in their stance

What is some to the infinite?
Like an ethereal beam of light you turn on
Fragments of a blissful happenstance

Here you are, observing the elements blending
No anger, but a bow, In sincere resignation
Life gave you meaning in a flick of a glance

Altered Perception
I carry in my mind, What is more potent than violence
A grin, Yellow, Tender and kind
A fraction of what cannot be divided

A soothing poison, Enlaced in this controlled chaos
Which brought endless tears to the soul
Shut down, what is left is a burden
As nature, magnificent yet unchanged
Desire goes on and takes it’s toll

Temptation of the fiery twins, Moon and Sun
A grin, Silver, A reverence to the past
What is lost, will never be shared
Though Attraction goes on and takes it’s toll

What is now seemingly impossible
As already been felt, and it’s pleasures lost
What is now unbelievable,
As yet been surrendered to the darkness of the night
A grin, Purple, Innocence brought death in the eyes of the knight

Altered Perception
In the absence of love, Instant rush
Like a river pouring, Smashing the rocks
You came untamed, Raw, Incandescent

Like the wind, You blow Hard
Nourishing this fire ablaze
Poisoning the vessel with rage

Hard are  the knocks
But pale are the bruises
And in memory of flesh, the lessons forever engraved

Come to me bittersweet pain
With all your messages, bottled and veiled
Let me strip down your layers
And embrace all of your tales

Altered Perception
This one is about pain, the greatest teacher of all.

— The End —