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minds crazy
again confusing


for broken bones,
all night we ask

for help, who
comes?  you

sway to bird
and saxaphone

rejoice at


escapee, we
tried to give you

of reasons

not to love us unconditionally
but you love us unconditionally

so we sleep
in the hand
of the sky
 Apr 2013 A L Davies
PK Wakefield
barking Marge was tight and wet
she took dem bois wit out regret
she let dem in, one-by-one
and let dem pump till they wa dun

but now dat galz a little loose
from all doze years of takin' goose
and all dem bois ha got dem lifes
and all dem bois ha got dem wifes

sa bawkin Marge went down da peer
out ta waare da air isss clear
she took er self a litl dip
neeth da roll o wave and shipp

not a teer na don yu foist
cu bawkin Magj is nice nd moistt
along the red marble hall in the east wing
on either side, hung from the talons of granite stones
resting on their brother's shoulders in the bitter load baring
framed in golden oak and cherry wood, gilded arcane; several paintings
in the style of the Old Masters. And a long rug from foreign fjords
like a flat dune of spice, the length of a mile. pinched to a vantage point
in a spider's web. and a draft.
a draft through the twelve senses. your song un-gongs the gamelan
and the bells remain. pecked by crows of a different summer.
beads of honey making war
on paraplegic bees. we keep these in styrofoam cups to just enough; seal our wounds.
we encounter the lost rooms with the odd keys
on either side, the full length of the east hall. stout, brawny portals to discord and fable.
perhaps even windows of a different winter.
perhaps we know.
i needn't tell you where i've been for you have known it too
the very trails i've walked upon are those inside of you
revealing more each passing step, i ask and you respond
and i no longer feel myself a wandering vagabond
i'm spilling out, you're soaking in these fragments of my soul
and one day soon within your self, i'll finally unfold
a blanket sea of what we are will cover what you've done
and make the bodies we've unearthed a perfect setting sun
Title taken from a song by Bright Eyes - Sunrise, Sunset
 Feb 2013 A L Davies
CA Guilfoyle
Polished stone, bare *****- rafters loomed above
silent owls swooped, black before the dawn
red wood carved with sorrow's blood
masks to hide behind - some never found
So swift to pass upon the earth
ashes, silence underground
Diego painted the Santa Catalina's
mountains now hung upon a wall
have found him glorious
in the lost barrio
Oh, she a determine female.
A woman of self sufficent.
She earned it through effort and hard work.
Not like some from a divorce.

Those that depends on that lump sum a month.

Oh, she states, she doesn't need his wealth to be.
She was independent from the start.
Long before he called her his sweet heart.

She doesn't play the take care of me games.
Where men must buy her many things?
She's a self sufficent woman.

She like to have a man
But she has proven she already has hers.
And he could only compliment her.
As she could only compliment him.

Together, they could become one.

She frowns upon women depending on former lovers.
Which she would advise them could be a bother.
Especially, when they starts playing tricks.
To see, if they could still get in.

If they states, she couldn't make it.
Then those ladies would be so mistaken.
She's a self sufficent woman.

With the strength and the power to conquer.
Any second, minute or hour.
 Jan 2013 A L Davies
PK Wakefield
i love sUMMEr oh i love it like like i do
i think because i love magic and i do
the darling suicide of its breast's between
i laid a crown of poppies and thistles
i laid a forest of ivy and of jasmine
i laid a hand between them and its hips
i laid (at least) 2fingers (3please)


always tight and wet wants more fingers
between hips (and i laid a girl between them)
she rolls around when you stick her with a
all over your neck and you bleed a little
but it's ok SUMmer says coyly)

she's a **** and i love her
A tiger lily crept up on me and bit my arm.
I tried to calm it down by using my tin of Tiger Balm.
Did it work?
No such luck.
I'm going to give up gardening and go on Safari.
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