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Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Show Of Shows
people arrive at the scene
waiting for my famous routine
seats are filling up fast
what I do is unsurpassed
crowd cheers in anticipation
for their mental *******
as the curtain
begins to rise
all these maggots
become wingless flies
the crowd is in awe
my performance
is without flaw
everyone is speechless
not my fault
I'm a genius
they get their moneys worth
it's the greatest show
on this whole Earth
no one can do
what I do
I can make
all dreams come true
when I'm done
you all chant more
sorry pathetic people
there will be no encore
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Letting Off Steam
living in sin
can't seem to win
not fun losing
it's not my choosing
waiting on that day
when you'll hear me say
I've finally won
shinning bright is the sun
not that I'm complaining
just some steam I'm draining
things go bad to worse
life is going in reverse
karma is kicking my ***
my destruction is mass
never have any money
some might find this funny
life has a few good points
drinking beer and rolling joints
life is what you make it
I was born to get ****
life ain't really that bad
but still I get so sad
I have a girl, I love so
in bed she never says no
my two kids, I love dearly
wish I could see them
more than just yearly
well I let off enough steam
sometimes my nightmare
is really just a happy dream
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Follow Me
Follow me to the promise land,
come with me and take my hand.
There is no work, just play,
never any bill to pay.
Good things will happen, in your life,
no more living, on the edge of a knife.
I've played with fire, and got burned,
on the right track, I finally turned.
Take a good look, inside of your heart,
don't let hate, tear you apart.
Trust me to decide your fate,
tomorrow may be way to late.
Can't tell you, where we're going,
but beautiful rivers, will be flowing.
Green grass, everywhere you look,
this isn't a movie, or a silly book.
It's only up around the bend,
this place, I highly recommend.
I discovered this place years ago,
now pack your ****, it's time to go.
When we get there, you will see,
never will you feel so free.
All non believers, can burn in hell,
for I am Jesus, can't you tell.
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
A Boys Tale
Little boy with a train,
hiding from all the pain.
Daddy left, when he was five,
he took a very long drive.
Left mommy all alone,
how could someone disown.
Mommy got very stressed
not to mention very depressed.
Started popping many pills,
stopped paying all the bills.
The boy is the age of eight,
mommy goes out, comes home late.
Boy cries day and night,
in school, always in a fight.
Hasn't bathed in a week,
this boy is starting to reek.
Teacher finally called the mom,
your son is one stink bomb.
Moms condition is getting worse,
the teacher, she did curse.
Now mom is smoking crack,
on her son, she turned her back.
Social services, stepped right in,
in this tale, nobody will win.
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
is there anybody out there
if so, please beware
body starting to twitch
brain is getting a glitch
blood boiling high
things starting to go awry
people are about to die
ran out of medication
no longer under sedation
look out world
here I come
it doesn't matter
where you're from
the color of your skin
very big or very thin
it doesn't matter
young or old
just do as you're told
find me the right pill
I really don't wanna ****
it's a habit
I can't break
I'll chew you up
like a fat juicy steak
find me now
help me out
or the last thing
you'll hear
is you shout
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
if you only knew
that my ***** are blue
turned me on
turned me off
with those *******
that made me cough
you the doctor
me the patient
one hundred dollars
is the payment
answered you ad
on Craigslist
you made house calls
in the midst
could have been a nun
could have been a maid
I just needed
to get laid
I wasn't cured
after one hour
ended up taking
a long cold shower
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Nobody Does It Better
I like rock
I like metal
calms my nerves
helps me settle
I like writing
I like ****
it's all I got
it's all I need
I like power
I like money
entertaining people
and making a funny
I like love
I like ***
why is life
so **** complex
I like movies
I like tv
there will never
be another me
I like people
I like you
I'm the man
but you already knew
I like smoking
I like drinking
no one is better
is what I'm thinking
I like stories
I like rhyme
my pockets are empty
can you spare a dime
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