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SirDlova Aug 2015
I've seen and I've heard,
And I've had enough!
Of this world and I'm scared
Of something bad might happen.
*** they spread,
Like a Rama on a slice of bread
This world was blessed
But now its cursed
Aug 2015 · 952
Empty Promises_Sir.Dlova
SirDlova Aug 2015
They brake my heart, though I might not show that I am hurt
They tore me into pieces, its a 911 crises
Empty promises!
Jan 2015 · 458
The Kiss Of Life_SirDlova
SirDlova Jan 2015
I still remember
When her lips met mine
My eyes were closed, I cant say much
If lips had clients she would be my only member
I can still taste her supper,
Mixed emotions that denied her lover,
She thought us making love would be a mistake.
Yes we used protection,
But her heart had no gloves.
Usher's "Good kisser" playing on the background,
Is this love?
Or is it just another love cycle that goes around and round.
She started kissing me again.
Soft lips that you'd sware her's had bluetooth, and the device of my private part was paired to her's,
That it sent a message to my mind, toes and hand.
Couldn't stop touching
My lips were shocked, licking an un-sold ice cream.
It was a kiss of life

A kiss that brought Cape Town and PE together
A man and a woman together
They say red bull gives you wings
And she gives me many things, one of them is a kiss of life!
Jan 2015 · 684
SirDlova Jan 2015
I hate school, but I love education
Sitting on that desk facing a projector
Class dismissed, tommorow she will ask me some questions
Not that I mind, but it's my mind that we are talking about
I still have to do my Personnel Training presentation on this same day
And I'm writting a test on friday
Sometimes I just feel like taking my school bag and go home and study by my self untill the exam days
My current President left school at the age of 10 years old
No Grade 3, No matric, No degree
Are we yet free?
Some of us do not need to go to school to be successful
Success is not an ocean
That we can all enter
You fail, they say "i'ts not the end of the world"
Say's who? They must be God
Bill Gates never finished school
Oprah never finished school
Can you please define the word "School"for me
Because my definition for "School" is "BullIsh"

School is the Prison of the future leaders! #Just saying it like it is..
SirDlova Nov 2014
Lonely streets, no footprints
As the silence was too loud
The world was not proud
Carbon monoxide searching for oxygen
Looking side to side
No more of it.

Lonely streets, no footprints
No sound of Kids playing,
Dark clouds
No Pastor, no praying
Silent sea, no waves
No one to swim, today.
Is the World no more?
Empty prisons, are prisoners free?
Lonely sky, no birds to fly
The show is over for the Lord to watch, Oww I know that feeling
The question is, will he press Replay, Stop or Next?
SirDlova Nov 2014
In life, there are things that we aren't meant to see
And what ears shouldn't hear
I used to hear screams and shouts while I was in my room
It sounded like they were coming from outside
But one day my curious mind sent my eyes to my home kitchen, red floor but we were out of Tomato sauce
My moms head was on the floor, my step dad was fixing his belt.

In the morning she asked me "what did you see"
I said Nothing
The following day was my day, he gave me claps,boots on my lips were my daily kisses
I've had enough!

"Dear: Mama, I had to do it, after he beat you,and you still with him.I realy had to do this, he said if I ever tell you what he did to me  he would **** you, since im gone, im sure you still alive. I love you :-) "

(The paper was damp of his tears, and that was the last time we heard from him 10 year old.
#Found hanging on a rope in his room)
#Facebook #Akhona Skhalazo Dlova
SirDlova Nov 2014
Mother Love

It all started in her womb

I would be in trouble and I would shout "Mama"
Its not cause my father wasn't around
Its the warmth that I was wraped in for 9months
I got out, and the ice cold world hit me.
I wished to go back,
How could I go back to my mothers womb?


My first home
No fancy doors or windows
No kilimanjaro tiles or maxidoors
It wasn't a crave
I was hungry
I ate what she ate

My mother wont starve while I'm still alive!
In this life theres no woman that would take my mothers place in my heart!

Mother love...

SirDlova Nov 2014
He was handsome
He was kind
He was sweet
He woulnt **** even a fly, he was very strict
Listen to this!
Now that I'm dead you say this??
Let me get out off this coffin and tell people what you said of me in my presence
That im so poor, I cant even aford to wear braces so I should stop smilling
That my dad had no job he lived of hustling
You even nicknamed him "Rick Ross"
That I had only one girlfriend and she was cheating on me

Yes I grew up in Zwide location
The streets of fallen angels
Yes I am a mamas boy, by that you were right
I dont want no priest that will preach lies about me
Let my mom tell my story
Let her cry, do not shhhwsh her
Let her feel the pain of lossing a child because she was the one who felt a pain when she was giving birth to me
And you weren't there
There is no use for you to put my picture as your Facebook profile picture, I'm dead now!

Say no lies for a soul to Rest in peace
So do not "RIP" me if you never knew me
SirDlova Nov 2014
It is true when they say
"You do not appreciate what you have until it is gone"
I took that "I love you" for granted
Tears in her eyes, I always thought she was faking it
When she said "You will miss me when I'm gone"
I thought she was singing Eminems song
All along those were the signs of her love
I never knew they were so strong
If a woman never told you "You've changed, you cheating, why cant you love me like you did before?, I miss the real you."
Then keep it that way, because when they say it, they can feel it, and when they feel it, they live it
But not for too long
Nothing hides forever
It's like when you Sneezing, you've got flu
When you Yawning, you sleepy
Same as when you cheating
At the end she will say It's Over but still accept you after all what you've done
Dont think shes stupid, shes not
Bealive me when I say, when a Woman loves, she loves for real
Love your woman, do not make the same mistake I made
You don't want to say "I loved you", because that statement is an introduction of the TEARS OF A MAN
Sep 2014 · 387
Past ( Sir.Dlova)
SirDlova Sep 2014
A past is a past I have to move on
But the tears that my heart cries keep rolling on and on
I never sow any Cautions
I never sow no Warnings!
That's why I still cry.

A past is a past, I have to move on

As I carried on taking uncounted steps foward
With my right hand on the left side of my chest
I was like a Pawn in chess
I had no defence, I'm my own defence
No weapon, I'm the AK47 of my life
Thick blood running through my fingers
Symbolising the pain she caused
The lies she feed me with
I gazed at her eyes, I sow pain and anger
The reason why she can not love a man is because she was never raised by one
The love of a man was invisible to her eyes at the age of 1year old

A past is a past I have to move on

Where will I go?
Left or right?
Avenue or street?
East or west?
I sat down and thought...****! I've been through alot
Why didn't I vanish before she broke my only heart
Was I stupid or was I inlove?

But a past is a past I must move on!
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
A destroyed suicidal note
SirDlova Jul 2014
I had so many options
Sleeping pills in my hand
Evil thoughts in my head
Sangoma's mixed potions
A rope hanging on top of my head
I could have rolled down the stairs
Or took a knife and stabbed it into my chest
But I couldn't.
My mother cried when she gave birth to me
I can't watch her cry at my funeral
I thought of what she always say to me
That "I hate how I raised you,but I love what I raised"
That I should do better for my daughter
And not yet be her ancester.
May 2014 · 398
A man's tear
SirDlova May 2014
A man don't usually cry
And if he does its always pain that strikes inside,wonder why?

Its the lies and betrays
**** "woman lie"
Its the love that is less,What a waste of time
Trey Songs's "Pretty girls lie"

Fake smile,long nails too
***** aint tight like before
I'm starting to hate her "I love you too"
All my wishes never come true
They don't even sell them at the grocery store
Like johny walker I kept walking
I'll put a table next to the mountain
And sit all by self,time to party.
A toast..To the single souls

I'm taking up the Deuce!
May 2014 · 3.1k
Not yet uhuru
SirDlova May 2014
I'm No born free
I tasted the dust of apartheid
My mother was hiding behind the trees screaming for help
No one was there
No time to sleep
We were cursed for struggle
My father never smiled when my mother would say "the baby is kicking"
Cause he knew,it wasn't the kick of joy
It wasn't a sign of being a soccer star
It was the struggle!

1990 Mandela was out of prison
1993 I was born
1994 the Dom's were free
No more Dom-pass,but not uhuru still
Innocent souls were lost
What was the fighting worth for?

I can forgive but never forget
When De klert called black fools
He said they do nothing but barking
We turned to dogs now

This is for Steve Biko
Chris Hani
Hector Paterson
Raymond mhlaba

Let not my skin define who I am
Let not the earth describe me
I know my future because of my history
I was raised in a town of fallen angels
Where blacks were deceived
Whites felt free
Turn the lights off we all the same colour
Don't turn them on
I want my son to know the history
But to not repeat it.

They say follow your leader
How can you follow corruption?
Zuma this zuma that
Its all illusion
I'll only follow u twitter
I want you to retweet all the ish I'll be posting about you,the ******,The Nkandla part,The Cheating,The Art and the bunch of wives

Yes I voted,I still don't know why I voted
Helen Zille only speaks xhosa in time of elections
Jacob Zuma gives free taxis only to the voting station
Julius Malema will bring apartheid back it is said on radio stations

Mandela spent most time in hospital
All of a sudden his dead
Was he even in jail before?
Oscar Pistorius ran to ****
His now a criminal.

Mandela note on my hand
But valueless

Our economy is dying
Our world is dying

My Dear South Africa..No Power!
#The reason why I was kicking in my mothers womb
May 2014 · 445
Networks of Love
SirDlova May 2014
I was created,updated and programed to love you
Forever won't be enough,I mean beyond when I say I love you
Why brake the chain?
God's plan?
For pain..
For someone that won't love you like I do and suppose to do
Let me pop the question please say "I do"
Everything you want I'll do
No boys night out
No soccer on tv only chick flicks
I'll take you out
Hold your hand in public I know you like

I miss you

Please be mine..
May 2014 · 1.1k
I wish we never met
SirDlova May 2014
Its funny but I'm not laughing,
How short and simple are the words that got us together and separated us like never

"I love you"..."I'ts over"

You claim to regret the first time you opened your legs heavenly for me,that I sow a part you called private before.
Listen to what you said after I pushed my ***** inside of you

"Ahh Don't stop.."

I wish I never met you,Cos that night
You said I'm forever yours,
And it was a lie.
When I looked into your eyes
I was blinded by the stars that shined so bright that I could not stop or hide my smile ohh my..
I don't regret the day I sow you
But I wish I never met you.

But things changed
Just like people change
I'm so glad that memories will never do

Though you can insult me
But you'll never rule this piece of heart!

I wish I never met you..
May 2014 · 255
I'm not a poet!
SirDlova May 2014
We don't have to discuss
This matter
Its not about us
I'm the author

I'm sorry for being scarce
I didn't get any chance
To write
But thats alright
Cos I'm not a poet

I don't do poetry
Can you give me this chance to say hello poetry!

I just missed sharing my thoughts
With you
Pain and fear
Tears of joy too
This I like to do
Just me and you
In this room with naked eyes

Now let my story continue..
I'm really not a poet, I just type!
Apr 2014 · 240
SirDlova Apr 2014
I've found comfort in pain
Heart brakes,tears in my vains
Head down,walking slowly
I hear laughter when telling my story
Some fill sorry
That I'm lonely

Yeah I said don't remind me that I'm lonely
Pain is part of happiness
Apr 2014 · 321
From Men to Women
SirDlova Apr 2014
When we don't have someone to love,we panic
We used to that "honey I'm home"
Now we hear your voices in our answering machines

We go to restaurants,we get that lady would ask "table for two?"
Is she that blind to see that we all alone

We used to buying gifts
But now for who?
We used to make-up beds
Now what's the use?
We still can't look after our selves
Where's that women touch?

The Bluetooth of my heart is still on,with only one device
When you come back,I'll make you my wife!

Love Men
#Women run the world
Apr 2014 · 454
Fake Love_SirDlova
SirDlova Apr 2014
Its funny how love can quickly fade away.
Last week,she passed by your house and you greet,
You talked,got to know each other and you made her laugh.
You said you love her and she said "I love you too"

Was it true?
Or was she only replying since you left her with no choice?
Listen to her voice when she says "I don't ever wanna lose you,I am nothing without you"

Its another week but she sends a text saying "its over".
Now its like a game when u've lost and there's that Big "GAME OVER!!"

And she would sing along with beyonce and say "you must not know about me,I can have another you in a minute,matter of a fact he'll be here in a minute,don't you ever for a second get to think that you are irreplaceable"

We claim to learn from our mistakes
Though we keep on repeating them

Ask your self this: Why is there a divorce? but we said "in sickness and in health,till death do us apart"?

Even my elders have not answered me yet

There is no word such as Forever!
Trust no one but yourself and in God.

Never say Forever!
F#@k Love
Mar 2014 · 280
My name is Pain_Sir.Dlova
SirDlova Mar 2014
My name is Pain

There are so many things in life that would bring Me(pain) in charge

Your wife said its over!
Your fathers car rolled over
His dead.
You wonder how it is living without a dad
That is where I come,I make you mad
You cry so bad,and there's no one to hold your back
When days are dark,friends are few
But to me when your days are dark I love you
Do you remember when she said "I hate you"
Now you know she meant it.
You will never know what you have
Untill you its gone,and then I enter into your heart and bite it into pieces

Behind every death,love,lies and cheats
I'm there
I just love to interfere where there's happiness
I bring sadness
You better fear me,because I'm the one that likes to bring tears in your eyes
I want to make you feel like there is no tomorrow
There's only one way to run away from me
Commit suicide!

But there are those who can fight me
I hate them!
They always kiss eachother and make love when the fight starts..**** you!
They look eachother in the eyes,everytime I start to include my self in their conflict so that they can feel me,that **** guy would say "I'm sorry" are you gay?don't say sorry!
Now I walk away..****!

Now listen,I work overtime and I can't take this no more

So your boyfriend is cheating,get over him so that you won't feel me,find a guy that will make you happy all times..not that I won't visit you once in a while

To guys,you ruthless and rude,that's why I don't visit you,you full of pride
You get dumped,you don't even feel me,I feel useless..I hate the fact that you don't fear me
Though some do.

Till we meet again
Fear no Pain
Mar 2014 · 1.3k
SirDlova Mar 2014
Its disgusting..
How we see the future being stoped and skipped.
Life is no Dvd player
Whether you poor,rich,fat or slender,
Its life that we talking about
There's no restart or backspace.
If you not ready to be a mother
Nor a father,play safe
You always have a choice
Some say its free
I say its up to you.

Who are you?
To **** an innocent soul.
Is God you?
He or she wasn't the cause of whatever you going through!
Its a child for heaven sake
You eat stake
And ask "what's for desert"
Because you know its ***
Now face the consequences
Man up,and face your responsibilities

My heart aches when I see posters in streets written "One day Pain,SAFE ABORTION"
They even have guts to write it in capital letters
Where is the love?
I always look above
And say "Lord forgive them,they do not know what they are doing"
"Call Dr.Naidoo on 08ABORTION"
Do you call that normal?
Well educated people call it abnormal.

You shout Vote,vote,vote!
Its election time now,I won't vote no Cope
Until this stops!
Who will vote when you allow Doctors and fake Doctors to **** our sons and daughters?

Buphi ubuntu?
SirDlova Mar 2014
You brought the most adorable young baby girl,
We made the most beautiful daughter.
Listen to what I'm about to say,
It will be short,I won't make it longer.

I was there when your water broke.
I was there since the beginning,
Because I care
About the love we share.
It wasn't easy believe me
I remember the day you wanted to leave me
You were 7months pregnant
You called me names
Such as *******
So you had cravings and hormones
I'm sorry that time I never knew
That whole situation was new to me

I love you so much that sometimes it makes me cry
They say a man don't cry,that's a **** lie
I just love it when I make you smile :-)
I'd say "Phariri,pharoza,Noza"
Like our baby you'd smile :)
You are a mother,a sister to others
And a daughter to your parents,and to me..?


Will you Marry me?
Mar 2014 · 343
My own Bible_SirDlova
SirDlova Mar 2014
No chapter
Its just page one
There's no Pastor
I'm the only one
No genesis,Mathew or Marko
Straight forward hair style like johnny bravo
I won't preach I'll just say what's on my mind
No time to hide
The truth or your self
Who said in heaven its white
Don't get me wrong I'm not racist
Who said in hell there's fire
Who said there's no fire fighters?
I wasn't born by mistake
I'm God
But you won't believe me
Cause I knew you before you were born
Don't believe what other people tell you
Close your eyes,and let your heart pump the questions
Listen to the beat of the truth

The answer is within you!
A Sunday is a normal day
Mar 2014 · 366
SirDlova Mar 2014
I was walking and talking,alone,busy texting on my phone,until I got stopped by this random guy,I thought he wanted to rob me until he said "can I ask you something?"..if you could hear the sound of my heart beating like the drums beaten by a crazy rock star not far jus next to you,never the less I said yes you can..he asked me "can you please define the word Mother,for me"..I had a picture of my mom inside my mind that I couldn't hide I said ay..ahhm..ok,its a women,a she,the person who delivers,the one who cares and shares bed stories and laughter,the one who carried you and me for nine months.And I stoped,when I blinked,and he was gone..and I was left with the word got me thinking,maybe it is time for me to thank my mother for raising me till now,with no I went home with a smile on my face :) I was just going to tell my mom how much I love her and thank her for everything,but when I got home my granny was crying,my lil brother laying,I was still smilling.I asked my self 'what's happening?',granny asked me nicely to sit down..I did,nd I asked her where's my mother,she replied with her deep voice "with God..with God..with God"..tear drops started falling from my beautiful brown eyes wich I took from my mom..and granny said she left u a note..she gave it to me but before I opened it she said let's pray,by the time she was sayn "lord almighty" only got to me that she's reli gone..while she was praying I opened was written..Dear:Akhona I love you..the paper was damp of her tears..that was only wat she wrote..if u still have a mother,nor a father..tell them you love them before its too late,thank them before it gets so late,don't hate but love,don't fake ur love..I love u

Love Akhona
Story of my life(Novel)
SirDlova Mar 2014
When you love someone
You don't Believe the lies you hear about them
You don't bother asking
Because you believe that if you had to know anything,God would have showed you and gave you the way

Let me put it this way
Yes I'm not perfect,I'm not mr right
But when I love,I love.
This aint no fairytale
Stop saying "I love you" everyday
Just prove it in a way.
Show them you love them in million ways
You don't have to take them to dinner,buy them fancy clothes
If they love you,they'd love you for you

The Definition of Love:

It comes within,it blows your mind :-)
Love is that crazy little thing
That keeps on making you smile or cry
Hurt or healed
Crazy and sometimes lazy
Love is more like a tear,it grows in your eyes,go with the smile,go with the kiss and ends down on the floor

When you love someone,you really do
If she is the one,put a ring and make sure she says I do :-)
Mar 2014 · 310
Love is No More_SirDlova
SirDlova Mar 2014
Cupid where are you?

You pointed an arrow into my heart and hit me straight to it,but you missed hers.
Its like you took a knife and stabbed me into pieces,does she even miss me?
Love is no more

The bible says: knock,they shall open
Ask,they shall give.
Where is all of that in this life we live.
Can't you see we are dreaming
Well I've been thinking
Why can't we all be single
Cause Love is no more.

Are you willing to get hurt for a guy that will leave you for another woman
Or are you willing to lose your wife to a guy that cleans your garden.
What happened to the dreams we had of growing old together
Having a baby girl that we gona name Hazel
What happened to the dreams of buying and big house and I know you don't like leather,you allergic to Nut,your favourite colour is Red
You scared of the dark
****..I thought you cared
But you really gave up on everything we had
I guess this is thee End

Love is no more..
Mar 2014 · 380
I've lost love_SirDlova
SirDlova Mar 2014
You claim that you love me but you only making me your fool
You said I'm forever yours but all you meant was for aslong as you can
Lying to people and say we ok won't make you cool
Let's call it off before anyone gets hurt
I'm already hurt but I won't show
I'm always alone no one to hold
Whether its raining,sunny or cold
My heart is cold as a snow
My lips are dry,kiss has turned to an allergy for me
My trust,love and care are no were to be found
Will I ever love again?I don't think so
Not as far as I know
Women are nothing but...women
They don't care
Most of them
All they care about is their make ups and glamorous look,tell me is that fair?
While I'm busy loving her with all my heart
She's busy braking other peoples heart
But its fine..I'm strong
If I cud ever see her again I would jus say "I loved you"..but that's past tense
I love u! I stil do
But hurting my self won't make u love me like I do..its over I guess
I wish u nothing else but success
No bruises
Please..take care xoxox
Mar 2014 · 871
I found you_SirDlova
SirDlova Mar 2014
I was about to give up,
To tell my heart to slow down,
To not pump.
Cause my heart was lonely,that it couldn't beat alone.
Silent phone,no one to call me.
Untill I found you
Yes you
Your heart did not neglect me
Your smile shined upon me
Your love did not hide from me  
By the time your eyes met my eyes
My heart iced,I sow the light
Its been dark for a while now
You showed up,like the sunrise
I was blind,but I see now

You said hearts beat
Mine beats for you
I said I love you
You said "I love you too"
I asked my self "is it true"
If I'm dreaming,don't wake me up
Cause you showed me that you love me true.
Not false,I'm column A and you B
What will I be?
Without you
When I snezze
You say bless you
I'm already blessed,cause when I found you,I wasn't lucky..I Got Blessed!

They say never say never
I jus said never
And I'll never live you.
I'm yours,only yours,I'm with you.
And that's better.
I'll never let go
That I promise.
We may fight,cry,scream..still,I'll never let go.
Snow or no snow,I'm with you
You may grow old and walk slow,I won't let go.

I love you..because I love you
I love you for you,not for who you are,
Not for who I am..But for who we will be together! And that's Family :-)..Call me Goku and you Chichi
Love exist..Open your eyes
Mar 2014 · 545
SirDlova Mar 2014
I've wrote you love notes
We called our self titanic,the unsinkable boat
So together magnatic
But now we sinking
Well I've been thinking
Since you and I are no more
Don't think I'm weak,I'm strong
When you see my face I know you will act sick but I'm stil strong like neil amstrong riding 1000 km from east to west
Jesus walks ask kanye west
Now its my time
I don't hv time to rhyme,like sun I'm jus gona light and shine
I'm jus gona say what's on my mind
I ddnt love u from the 1st time
No iddnt use u,I chose u
Coz you were there when I cryd
But never there when I smiled
She was..yes I've been cheating but let's not call it that,I know its my bad call it loving
You,I didn't love u,I jus liked u
The way you cared even though you were faking it
The way you loved even thought u were making it
Tel me I'm bluffing
I was blind to see
Deaf to hear
The lies about you loving me
Now I'm jus gona stare,and watch u faking it to another man
Shame on him but to me,deuces!
Its called bruises after love
*** after using no gloves
Players play eachother..don't hate the player,hate the game
Mar 2014 · 509
Love,Lies and Cheats
SirDlova Mar 2014
They say love don't die,
That's a lie.
They pretend and act as if everything is fine,
Meanwhile their heart beats beat with a new style of a cry..why hide?
Come don't u be shy.

From miles..I used to get a call from my wife,that I would even smile.

I even forget that she's so far.

Wouldn't you wonder what happens after those lovely calls?
Well she called,I answered and she wasn't calling on perpose.
That "redail" button got knocked by mistake
"Baby I prepered stake for supper"
And that's what I heard
I wonder what were the starters..I heard oooohs and aaaaaahs
I was so glad
Now that I know she was cheating.
Droped my fone and I turned on my stove
Cooked stake for supper,
Because it was also my favourate meat
And it was my twin brother that made my wife tapout..**** Piet!
Long relation"ships" are sinking
Mar 2014 · 545
SirDlova Mar 2014
I sometimes wonder..
Don't hate me guys or think I'm gay
I am jus a guy like u,I'm a lover
But don't u sometimes reli wonder
What did women ever do to suffer this much?
We cheat on them
We beat them
Call them names
Its them we blame
Yeah you both had fun when you were at your place
But why must she be the one who carries a child on her womb for 9 consecutive months?
And you..
What do u carry?
Just your pride?
And then u expect them to say God is good
F#@k that!
Yes Eve was tricked in the Garden of Eden
To take a bite
But the first time you wanted a woman to take her ******* off for you,didn't she say "No!"?
She did,
So as Eve.
That's what she said when the serpent tricked her,she got tempted,but stil said no,until it forced her.
So a man temps and gets away with his sin
God is taking sides right now
Don't you think sister?
You still have to get your period pains every month?
Now tell me what do men get every month?
Nothing..they just go out and drink cold beers
Colder than their hearts
If I was God..I was gona make men fall pregnant,make men ******* every month and oh give them that feeling of being insecure
To all women out there
I thank you:)
To me,you so **** special
This crazy planet is nothing without you
Your second name is "Strong"
Mar 2014 · 256
SirDlova Mar 2014
What do you do when you sad?
Do you cry all day long or do you pretend,that nothing ever happened?
Do you switch off people just because you the one that's mad?
Let's say I'm the one that made you cry so bad
I'm the one to blame for soo sorry
For what I did and what I never did and what I'll do in future
With no intentions of committing it on purpose
We all make mistakes
We all deserve a second chance of cause
U say words like "u don't deserve me,u hurt me and I hate u"
I guess that's true
But what ever that we going through,I'm sure will get over it
I do deserve u,I love you its just that maybe I'm showing it in a strange way
I'm not perfect,I'm sure I do hurt you
For that I'm sorry
I know sorry won't fix anything now
A past is a past,lets focus on tomorrow
Since we aint living a fairytale
I can't bring you the moon
I can't cross the sea
I don't have money to buy u a sports car,to show that I'm cool
But I hope one day you will see
How sorry I am
That I'd even try to cross that sea
I never meant to hurt you,that's not who I am.

Forgive me!

— The End —