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Jan 2015
I hate school, but I love education
Sitting on that desk facing a projector
Class dismissed, tommorow she will ask me some questions
Not that I mind, but it's my mind that we are talking about
I still have to do my Personnel Training presentation on this same day
And I'm writting a test on friday
Sometimes I just feel like taking my school bag and go home and study by my self untill the exam days
My current President left school at the age of 10 years old
No Grade 3, No matric, No degree
Are we yet free?
Some of us do not need to go to school to be successful
Success is not an ocean
That we can all enter
You fail, they say "i'ts not the end of the world"
Say's who? They must be God
Bill Gates never finished school
Oprah never finished school
Can you please define the word "School"for me
Because my definition for "School" is "BullIsh"

School is the Prison of the future leaders! #Just saying it like it is..
Written by
SirDlova  South Africa,Cape Town
(South Africa,Cape Town)   
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