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Nov 2014
It is true when they say
"You do not appreciate what you have until it is gone"
I took that "I love you" for granted
Tears in her eyes, I always thought she was faking it
When she said "You will miss me when I'm gone"
I thought she was singing Eminems song
All along those were the signs of her love
I never knew they were so strong
If a woman never told you "You've changed, you cheating, why cant you love me like you did before?, I miss the real you."
Then keep it that way, because when they say it, they can feel it, and when they feel it, they live it
But not for too long
Nothing hides forever
It's like when you Sneezing, you've got flu
When you Yawning, you sleepy
Same as when you cheating
At the end she will say It's Over but still accept you after all what you've done
Dont think shes stupid, shes not
Bealive me when I say, when a Woman loves, she loves for real
Love your woman, do not make the same mistake I made
You don't want to say "I loved you", because that statement is an introduction of the TEARS OF A MAN
Written by
SirDlova  South Africa,Cape Town
(South Africa,Cape Town)   
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