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SirDlova Aug 2015
I've seen and I've heard,
And I've had enough!
Of this world and I'm scared
Of something bad might happen.
*** they spread,
Like a Rama on a slice of bread
This world was blessed
But now its cursed
SirDlova Aug 2015
They brake my heart, though I might not show that I am hurt
They tore me into pieces, its a 911 crises
Empty promises!
SirDlova Jan 2015
I still remember
When her lips met mine
My eyes were closed, I cant say much
If lips had clients she would be my only member
I can still taste her supper,
Mixed emotions that denied her lover,
She thought us making love would be a mistake.
Yes we used protection,
But her heart had no gloves.
Usher's "Good kisser" playing on the background,
Is this love?
Or is it just another love cycle that goes around and round.
She started kissing me again.
Soft lips that you'd sware her's had bluetooth, and the device of my private part was paired to her's,
That it sent a message to my mind, toes and hand.
Couldn't stop touching
My lips were shocked, licking an un-sold ice cream.
It was a kiss of life

A kiss that brought Cape Town and PE together
A man and a woman together
They say red bull gives you wings
And she gives me many things, one of them is a kiss of life!
SirDlova Jan 2015
I hate school, but I love education
Sitting on that desk facing a projector
Class dismissed, tommorow she will ask me some questions
Not that I mind, but it's my mind that we are talking about
I still have to do my Personnel Training presentation on this same day
And I'm writting a test on friday
Sometimes I just feel like taking my school bag and go home and study by my self untill the exam days
My current President left school at the age of 10 years old
No Grade 3, No matric, No degree
Are we yet free?
Some of us do not need to go to school to be successful
Success is not an ocean
That we can all enter
You fail, they say "i'ts not the end of the world"
Say's who? They must be God
Bill Gates never finished school
Oprah never finished school
Can you please define the word "School"for me
Because my definition for "School" is "BullIsh"

School is the Prison of the future leaders! #Just saying it like it is..
SirDlova Nov 2014
Lonely streets, no footprints
As the silence was too loud
The world was not proud
Carbon monoxide searching for oxygen
Looking side to side
No more of it.

Lonely streets, no footprints
No sound of Kids playing,
Dark clouds
No Pastor, no praying
Silent sea, no waves
No one to swim, today.
Is the World no more?
Empty prisons, are prisoners free?
Lonely sky, no birds to fly
The show is over for the Lord to watch, Oww I know that feeling
The question is, will he press Replay, Stop or Next?
SirDlova Nov 2014
In life, there are things that we aren't meant to see
And what ears shouldn't hear
I used to hear screams and shouts while I was in my room
It sounded like they were coming from outside
But one day my curious mind sent my eyes to my home kitchen, red floor but we were out of Tomato sauce
My moms head was on the floor, my step dad was fixing his belt.

In the morning she asked me "what did you see"
I said Nothing
The following day was my day, he gave me claps,boots on my lips were my daily kisses
I've had enough!

"Dear: Mama, I had to do it, after he beat you,and you still with him.I realy had to do this, he said if I ever tell you what he did to me  he would **** you, since im gone, im sure you still alive. I love you :-) "

(The paper was damp of his tears, and that was the last time we heard from him 10 year old.
#Found hanging on a rope in his room)
#Facebook #Akhona Skhalazo Dlova
SirDlova Nov 2014
Mother Love

It all started in her womb

I would be in trouble and I would shout "Mama"
Its not cause my father wasn't around
Its the warmth that I was wraped in for 9months
I got out, and the ice cold world hit me.
I wished to go back,
How could I go back to my mothers womb?


My first home
No fancy doors or windows
No kilimanjaro tiles or maxidoors
It wasn't a crave
I was hungry
I ate what she ate

My mother wont starve while I'm still alive!
In this life theres no woman that would take my mothers place in my heart!

Mother love...

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