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1.9k · Oct 2015
Tigang sa Trabaho
Aj Cuntapay Oct 2015
ilang beses ko nga ba sasabihin na
hindi ko na kaya, oo tama ka
sa narinig **** sinambit ko mismo,
tama na, kasi ayoko na.

tama na ang mga patay na oras
na pilit **** kinukuha
hindi namumuhay ni gumagalaw
naroon lang, tulala't naninigas na.

wala ng ibang iniisip kundi paano,
paano hindi sa pagkakasyahin
kundi paano uubusin ang lubos -
na oras na kailangang punan.

tama na kasi mahirap gumawa
ng wala at magpanggap na meron
kang pinagkakaabalahan at lokohin
ang sarili **** bayad ang oras.

Nilalason nito paunti-unti,
ang bisyo ng lantay na katawan
at tiwangwang na utak.
kaya pakiusap, tama na.
dead days of my working life
919 · Oct 2015
Gising, sinta
Aj Cuntapay Oct 2015
hindi naman tayo ung palos;
kundi pangyayaring pilit ginagapos -
nagbabakasakaling may malimos
bagamat sa hininga'y kapos.

hindi ukol sa lamig ng haplos,
o matang walang rindi sa pagbuhos.
wag mangamba't mukha'y di busabos
tanong lang, bakit sobra'y di lubos?

Pinagmasdan ko ang iyong kilos,
Saan nga ba tumungo't may galos?
Sagot mo sa aking naghihikahos,
Gising sinta, ako'y tangay na ng agos.
571 · Sep 2016
My Sudden Invocation
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2016
You! The center of solar system, main source energy of living and non-living, consumed great heat, considered the brightest of all stars, I summon not you but your power. As the earth rotates and revolves around you, dividing night and day, in the land where your light casts on the east, showing its glory, I implore you - shed not just your light but also your heat. Hearing me pleading you, your eyebrows if you have will surely raise for my sudden approach, as the rooster clucks, in the air so still and wet. But you, from afar we can feel you, even to the moon you have shared yourself, wondering why I called in this time. Though at times I question, your high presence makes trees go dry and land quench for water, but this time, my lips continuously utter, as I work with my clothes in bubbling water, running for the clock, oh great Sun, listen to me. Let no cloud shed a little tear, show who’s the most powerful, our Sun, I invoke you, for no machine can please my clothes, and air cannot do any better. Cooperate with the wind, cast the clouds that hinders you, reveal your shining glory, and may my clothes experience your majesty.
feel free to critic :)
444 · Dec 2015
stuttering lab dub
Aj Cuntapay Dec 2015
I went to the clinic to consult my chest which is undergoing some contractions.
I was 15 back then, and the doctor evaluating me smirked at my young face.
'Let's do this,' I read her mind. She opened the drawer and lifted her stethoscope.
Directing it into my heart, the doctor recognized its high speed.. lab dub lab dub

But she was not convinced and doesn't want to believe in a young girl.
She just smiled and told me three hurting words, 'it was nothing.'
Explaining that maybe I was just nervous, perhaps dealing with heart breaks.
Heart breaks? Well, I've got none not even with my parents nor with my grades.

At that very moment sitting silently in front of her with table between us,
I badly wanted to retort, to express my defense. 'How could you?'
But I stood still, closed my fist calming myself she doesn't know, right?
I know I felt that pang in my heart, I stood up and closed the door behind her.

Six years had passed. Recalling the incident, how I went straight to the clinic;
how I consulted my aching heart, how the doctor slapped to me that it was nothing
made me realize that what she had altered is easier than dealing with heart breaks.
For I felt the same pang but this time it maybe scientific but not physically.

For I cannot go straight to the clinic - to wail that my heart has been beating hard;
and I will just get disappointed by their answers that no medicine can ease the pain,
That stethoscope will just hear its fast lab dub but not see how slowly it is bleeding,
That the apparatus is unseen, is out of their vicinity, and can only be created by me.

And all I can do is to close my eyes and listen to it, maybe its not, not a mere lab dub,
That maybe. Tears flowing from within will try to wash it; to cleanse the blood away,
And I'll hear the clock's tick tock and ask myself how many times had already elapsed?
Breathing that soon enough, soon I will bring my feet, carry my body, and lift the door behind.
336 · Nov 2015
Aj Cuntapay Nov 2015
I have been reading some literary pieces;
For their words soothes me, deeply.
Though some meant a bleeding heart,
Still gives me enough encouragement.

That, is only to find myself hanging -
both craving and puking those words.
Realized that art can be an escape for some
but not for yours that is longing.

Longing for words not from authors
but from the person who means to you.
For she can form words but he can't
That even absorbing those words, he can't.
259 · Sep 2015
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
w h              
o ?        
l        v  es

B R O K E         n
0      r        d    ­              
S ?                      
245 · Oct 2015
Aj Cuntapay Oct 2015
I arrived late, no
not because of work
but others' company.
worry not they're friends.

Your voice didn't
crackle much for I heard
clearly every details
which I wish I did not.

Good connections perhaps
for you're there and I'm here
You're west and I'm east.
that even your breathing I felt.

NO, my voice is not tired
for I just sat the whole day.
Those were sigh of frustrations;
hum of lonesomeness - of cravings.

For the miles that separates.
For the time that was snatched.
For the stories that were untold.
For hugs and kisses that were missed.

For you're there and I'm here.
And that reality slaps me, hard.
That only the single gadget felt it,
I miss you and I'm upset.
#ofw #mama
232 · Oct 2015
Good night
Aj Cuntapay Oct 2015
It is this night that I badly want to rest my body yet the phone beeped and your name appeared not pleading but tempting me to come over - to come to your abode.

It is this night that I want to resist, explain that my whole day was a box office yet I replied until what time and readied myself to go.

It is this night that we know what will happen the moment I stepped into your room yet I had a second thought if I should push it through or not.

It is this night that you laid both your hands on my waist, I know kiss will come next yet I put my hands on your shoulders - telling it's okay.

It is this night that I allowed you to filter me in, and me to feed you too yet in the middle of our deep scenario I was out thinking.

It is this night that I am tired yet I cannot stop for both of us are already in prison - already found the comforts of our soul but with all those confusions, I was left satisfied.
207 · Dec 2015
your music
Aj Cuntapay Dec 2015
No, I'm not
I'm not gonna learn
no matter how -

countless times you
play your music
loud nor sentimental

whether they have purpose:
to soothe me on deadline;
or annoy  me in difficulty.

I will not
because those tunes
will just flow in

Into me and let
those notes rub me
through and through.

Until I realize that
they belong to you
for me, only me.
205 · Sep 2015
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
Ahhh I hate it
No, not the way
I've fed you silence

You ate it.
But did not swallow-
Did not nourish.

I hate it.
I gave you words
To eat and sustain.

But they too slip.
Easily and inevitably.
Now, I'm misunderstood.
198 · Feb 2016
7th floor
Aj Cuntapay Feb 2016
No, we're not close but
we constantly bump to each other.

Different time;
different instances
but same hallway, anyway.

our eyes met,
thrice as I count.
but no curve
has been shared.

until time tricked us.
I, running for my sched
while, you, returning for
forgotten files.

Elevator was our only chance
G, 1, 2, 3 ... 7
same floor, of course.

silence never bothered me.
but at state, it felt awkward.

'I'm depressed,'
your mouth finally opened.
I had a second thought,
and looked at you.

'ting.' the door opened.
you stepped outside
leaving my thoughts behind.

'hey, what was that?'
I had a surge of curiosity.

you turned your head
and smiled in recognition.
the other day, no trace of you
in the hallway.

I can't help myself,
and paved my way.
starting from none is hard,

I realized.
I stayed at the hallway for awhile.

a new face approached me,
handling me a note,
'am I reMARKable?'
I dazed in amusement.
feel free to critique.
194 · Sep 2015
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
Eyes closed.
Hands all over her body -
owning her.

'That! I will not tolerate.'
Staring at the scenario,
She'll surely not allow any man -

Not even her --- man?
But words simply slips,
through and against her.

Learning how to mold;
not only body but soul.
Trying to snare details -

of caress, touch, sensation.
Every hiss is inviting;
Every move is heaving.

Exploring for more -
Craving for more.
She allowed him, no.

She cooperated in him.
Gave him materials;
Gave him brushes and colors.

Gave him permission to paint
her, fully and boldly
But she's not an art.

She is a lost masterpiece.
125 · Sep 2015
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
Tonight I am washing away my frustrations;
Though it's hard as when cold touched the tip of my finger
for mornings should be start with such;
Soon I'll get used to it.

Tonight I am giving away my frustrations,
Though it's hard to control as when I had to pick up
the only *** chocolate just to silent my wailing stomach;
Soon it will be satisfied.

Tonight I am throwing away my frustrations;
Though it's hard to erase as when I forgot the formula
and allowed my pencil to shade whatever choice it desires.
Soon it will be answered.

Tonight I am freeing myself from frustrations;
Though it's imprisoned as when I carried extra baggage
for fear of missing a soul during expedition;
Soon it will be figured.

Tonight I am shutting my frustrations;
Though it's unnecessary as when you analyzed how
the earth both rotates and revolves, you seemed lost in your place.
Soon you'll be identified."

— The End —