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Feb 2016
No, we're not close but
we constantly bump to each other.

Different time;
different instances
but same hallway, anyway.

our eyes met,
thrice as I count.
but no curve
has been shared.

until time tricked us.
I, running for my sched
while, you, returning for
forgotten files.

Elevator was our only chance
G, 1, 2, 3 ... 7
same floor, of course.

silence never bothered me.
but at state, it felt awkward.

'I'm depressed,'
your mouth finally opened.
I had a second thought,
and looked at you.

'ting.' the door opened.
you stepped outside
leaving my thoughts behind.

'hey, what was that?'
I had a surge of curiosity.

you turned your head
and smiled in recognition.
the other day, no trace of you
in the hallway.

I can't help myself,
and paved my way.
starting from none is hard,

I realized.
I stayed at the hallway for awhile.

a new face approached me,
handling me a note,
'am I reMARKable?'
I dazed in amusement.
feel free to critique.
Aj Cuntapay
Written by
Aj Cuntapay  Philippines
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