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May 2017
With shortness of breath
I drag and crawl lifting
my clawed and bitten
body from the filth and
slim of a murky swamp.

While nursing my infected
wounds washing away all
dirt and grim.
An eager early morning sun
bursts over a sleepy horizon.
Geese flock and fly over head
as a damp mist hugs the long

A somber question weighs
heavily on my mind.
Do I regret ?
And I say no

Because amongst  all the filth
dirt and grim. Broken bottles,
hookers, ******* lines, *** ends
and scars in my mind.
Tired grey hairs and a  body that
aged ten years over night.

I found a love, and hearts that
shown like the sun. Pure in
intentions that asked for nothing
but gave me everything.
And a friendship that I had never

When others crushed and spat
drowning the sparkle in my sun.
Turning my world black,
they all merely flooded in.

With their drum and base
that played all night and
flashing lights that were
ever so bright as festivals
are quite a sight.

So how can I possibly ever
regret, when from God
they had come
rescue me

With a sincerity in their hearts
they all together caught
cherished and
Written by
Adam Childs  Lyme Regis
(Lyme Regis)   
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