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Sep 2019
Come on Labour,
let the sounds
Of your gentle chimes,
of destiny ring

Drown out those drums,
beaten by over privileged

Who bath in a nostalgia ,
for a glory that has never been.
Who have never seen combat
let alone
the true
of a ****** battle
or world war.

As white strings are pulled
we hear a sinister song.

So let us all Roar with a different
sound, with a heart in its center
and hope all around.

As all they really need to know
is whether inside or out
we Labour,

Have Their Back.

Time now is to dispel
all economic myth
the fear of Apocalypse

And unearth a
Utopian Dream
just a little poem for a up and coming election in the UK
Written by
Adam Childs  Lyme Regis
(Lyme Regis)   
     Weeping willow and Rob Rutledge
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