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Queenologist Nov 2018
I wana close my eyes
& wake up next to you
I wana see your worst
that leads up to the best of you
I wana lay on your chest
& listen to your heart beat
Look up into your eyes
& tell you that it belongs to me
I wana please you
mentally, emotionally & physically
I wana make you smile
be your saving grace
kiss all over your face
& give you the best of me
I wana make you wana run home to me
& make love to me
because you love being alone with me
I want you to trust deep down in your core that I adore you
Do anything for you
I love you with all of me
I Would never do you any harm
You not being part of my world
means everything in life is wrong
I wana be your confidant
your best friend, lover & your wife
I want you to know that
where you belong is forever in my life.
Queenologist Nov 2018
I been watching you,
Watching you and wondering,
I know you see me too,
And I wana know your name,
Know your name
Come my way
Boy I know you feel the same
Feel the same
Come play with me
Cuz this attraction is insane
Everyday I see you
same spot same time
And when I look at you
Your eyes sparkle and I smile
There's something in you baby
And my soul know it
I wana get to know you boy
And I can't control it
We throw smiles back and forth
Chills down to my core
But no words to explore this
I need you to know this
Queenologist Nov 2018
Tear drops on my pillow
Stains on my face
Knife through my heart
Mind in outer space
Cotton in my throat
Blows to my womb
Everything is spinning in this room
*****? I have none to give
Care? What is that
Love? It don't exist
My hearts under attack
Smiles ill continue doing
And the prayers never stopped
Music to keep me climbing to the top

— The End —