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Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
Just the thought of you makes me happy
That happiness quickly fades and turns into violent sadness because I know the thought of me doesn’t induce any emotion in you
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
What I want more than anything is to be yours
For you to tell me you love me regularly
But all my relationships end
I can’t stay friends with an ex
You wouldn’t be in my life at all then
So I’ll just suffer wanting you
In this state of limbo where you text me for *** and we occasionally have the long, meaningful conversation
Knowing I can’t ever be yours
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
Love turned out to be more important than I wanted it to
It’s also too painful to bear when it’s unrequited
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
Who am I kidding
I can’t believe I almost had myself convinced
You only mess with me because you can’t have her
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
What was that?
We’re exchanging faraway glances again
What does that mean?
What do you think when you intentionally look my way?
What do you think when you intentionally look at me?
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
My existence bothers me
Pilar Orozco Aug 2020
It ***** liking someone so much
Wanting someone so much
Just wanting to be a part of their life
Wanting to be in their thoughts a fraction of how much they are in yours
But they don’t give you the time of day
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