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 Aug 16 Al
 Aug 16 Al
One day you have to erase me
From your life.
From your dreams ..
One day you have to delete me
From your days..
From your prays..
I will become an angel..
Maybe not...
Life will end..
Light ..
Is that day coming..
I will ask again ..
WHY ???
 Aug 16 Al
Listening to tunes
Whilst sanding down and painting
These are my best days
I’m at my daughters and her lovely partner painting up there living room :)
I love to paint one of my best hobbies xxxx
 Aug 16 Al
Not everyone understands me nor my words,
but the ones who do are incredibly special to me.
 Aug 16 Al
Keith Wilson
 Aug 16 Al
Keith Wilson
The large garden daisies
are looking very well
Quite a picture!
 Aug 15 Al
BJ Donovan
You know me, light as air, cool cat.
     It's all a giant laugh. Just forget it.
     I hide my tear stained broken poet
     from you because you never approve.
     Life's a fiction. Deny truth at all cost.
     I write quiet in dim light at midnight
like Anne Frank in her safe house.
I fear I'll be found out some day.
 Aug 13 Al
Sweet Tea
 Aug 13 Al
The sun looms low over my wood porch
as I sit slowly rocking, longing for you.
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