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 Jun 2020 Al
Imran Islam
The green leaves are playing with rain
and I'm feeling lonely this evening.
I remember it was raining
Last year we were here together
I still miss that day more than anything!

When the raindrops touch your beauty
and make you feel pleasure
Yet I just keep watching where
with my thirsty eyes
and I deeply enjoy your wet black hair!

I have stopped writing to enjoy your dance
in the rain and just have dreamed that,
Don't be shy onto me just dance
and don't hide your rainy face
Maybe I'm a new bird in your rainforest!

You know I'm a stranger
My country is far away from you
But I'm impressed with your lank wet hair!
When the evening has become darker
and the rain has stopped, I'm feeling lonely again!
 Jun 2020 Al
Debra in Silence
She burns my soul, this woman.
Full of pain and, forgiveness
She sees the fruit where you only see the naked tree, in the winter.
 Jun 2020 Al
Debra in Silence
 Jun 2020 Al
Debra in Silence
in the words of the greatest blues men
i'd rather go blind
The night is full
the days are long and gray
the storms hold so many pains
of two souls of yesterdays
When two great souls
as lost their love of long ago
that has made their hearts grown cold
they stand so bold
Love was once known
but that was some time ago,
The two loved each other so much
but the time that was burning desire
into their hearts
but with time the storms came
and take everything in late spring,
The rain made its way
and all their words became memories
as the years, past
their love didn't last
but they will always be a memory
of what love used to be.

Judy Emery © 2010
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Judy Emery
 Aug 2019 Al
 Aug 2019 Al
One day you have to erase me
From your life.
From your dreams ..
One day you have to delete me
From your days..
From your prays..
I will become an angel..
Maybe not...
Life will end..
Light ..
Is that day coming..
I will ask again ..
WHY ???
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