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Al Feb 2022
An urban lamp

the cracked pavement

Memories of fallen friends:  

Long wild hair

Frenetic limbs

Let's dance!

The winds howl  

Glass shatters

A candle burns!
Al Feb 2022
A heart torn from a magazine
shaped by the fingers of desire
awaiting a new lease of life
Al Jul 2021
A virus isolates
with exhaustion

A prisoner to the
motions of many

A long look into
global relations

A double-jab to
Al Jul 2021
One lonely soul wanders
seeking out the sycamore

In a wild forest he bathes,
solitude is a healing balm.
Al Jun 2021
Sheltered within
these woods

Exercising threads
twisting the twine

Safety in shades
and greenery

Everlasting images
pass me by

Tomorrow will
never return,

Lost in the past
I kneel in prayer
Al May 2021
Down with the lockdown.  Cross with a panoramic view.  All seeing, all knowing.  But what is there to know?  Now, and then, before and after - we remember them as they were...  history beguiles!
Al May 2021
Raindrops splash
lightning strikes -
a giant oak appears.
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