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Al Nov 2020
Coriander mixed alone,
a yellow-footed woman
smiles with raindrops.
Al Oct 2020
A single marble rolls.
Al Sep 2020
Monday morning
haunts my heart.

Your words linger
like stale air

Lost in translation
we're torn apart.
Al Sep 2020
A gesture in time I still hold alone.  Dignity is a vision refocused.  Look at this.  Just one small detail on a cufflink.  This lamp shines a light.  Illumination is a walk in wonder.  Upon the sidewalk they rest.  Invisible for the most part, and then her dream began.

Blue is the lagoon
within your eyes.

Outside the trashcan falls to the ground.  Can you hear the crash?  It's a cymbal sounding.  Love is the duster which polishes your soul.
Al Sep 2020
Am I one of these?

Sat in a workshop,
living within images.

Getting dizzy inside of
this spiritual life.
Al Sep 2020
Blue eyes twinkle,
Yellow sun shines,  
Indigo rises.
Al Aug 2020
Lost in the moon,
I hide my intent.
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