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Al Nov 2018
The warmth of the water, the foam, the bubbles, simple things comfort and calm the mind.

The view from the window, the autumn leaves, lost amongst trees, thoughts branching, deep breathing.

The old clock is ticking, hands working together, small moments savoured; this afternoon, washing dishes.
Al Nov 2018
Al Nov 2018
The tobacco stained ground shimmers in the heat. Dusty boots stand alone, solitary monuments to past journeys.  His old rope lies untouched like a coiled snake... yet the memories remain.
Al Nov 2018
In the blue
clouds drift,

Silver linings,
hidden inside.  

Together we dance,

A small frog leaps,
the lilly pad pops.

June becomes a shadow in time.

Still resting here as the blue jay flies.
  Oct 2018 Al
Darina Forgacova
There will be no new planet
We have just one
Just the right one
To take care of

There will be no new chance
To make more mistakes
To let it here *****
To walk out

We have right place to live
Not place to left
For the new
We are here from the beginning

Let us believe in change
Change our thinking
Live more green
Live more with heart
To all who do something for our planet.
Al Oct 2018
Rebounding raindrops
sparkle like diamonds:
relaxing in the garden.
Al Oct 2018
The words lay down their lives, poetry is the temple.  

No faces required, no images desired...

From black and white the colors emerge.
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