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Al Aug 18
The thread in the hand of a kind mother
Is the coat on the wanderer's back.
Before he left she stitched it close
In secret fear that he would be slow to return.
Who will say that the inch of grass in his heart
Is gratitude enough for all the sunshine of spring?
A gift from a friend, this piece comes from the Penguin Classics book 'Poems of the Late T'ang' translated and introduced by A.C Graham
Aug 12 · 1.0k
Bohemian girl
Al Aug 12
She speaks in clouds,

her curves drink lost

Her dress entrances.

This marketplace so full
of colour,

many fragrances merge.

I watch her dance with
gypsy jazz tones.

Olive skin and dark hair.

She beckons me forth, to
a flaming beauty.

With her clouds I
Aug 12 · 161
The forest
Al Aug 12
Yellow figures gather as the rains fall.  Single splashes become puddles.  A great Oak stands tall. Sandalwood incense burns. The old monk prays. Images come and go, flashes of the mind. A petite woman slices an apple, then points to a star.  Like the apple, her words are shared: "Nature's signs are everywhere"
Jul 24 · 87
Empty pages
Al Jul 24
The flames rise,
sending smoke

Tonight I erase
these ink-filled
Jul 17 · 217
Across the sea
Al Jul 17
Bottle uncorked
words floating
lost in the waves.
Jul 17 · 244
Al Jul 17
Walk the old road:  
ancient ways heal
your pain.
Jul 17 · 51
Well wishers
Al Jul 17
As the coin falls
my wish remains.
Jul 12 · 79
Al Jul 12
In long grass
we hear

whispers of
the winds

a rain cloud
is near

wishing for a
Jul 10 · 212
Al Jul 10
Square boxed boy, green legged girl,
watching the world turning around.

Helicopter pads float upon the pond,
one is a Venus flytrap lost in thought.
Jul 3 · 356
Al Jul 3
A single leaf dangles from
a thread

Dancing in the breeze

The spider's web captures
my attention
Jun 26 · 69
Lost words
Al Jun 26
Into the wind where her voice rides, the sound of my heartbeat lost.
Jun 26 · 54
Al Jun 26
Her melody  
rides the
Jun 22 · 365
The Red Poppy
Al Jun 22
When yellow marigolds

A simple flower stands
Jun 21 · 93
Al Jun 21
Satisfied with little, these clothes I wear, the food I eat, many riches within this heart.
Jun 14 · 253
A gift
Al Jun 14
The rain



on a

sun drenched

Jun 14 · 273
Al Jun 14
Raindrops in
a bottle-top.

Ocean waves
Jun 14 · 175
Al Jun 14
In darkness I listen as
the moon is shrouded.
Jun 13 · 79
Al Jun 13
Hands turn. Earth spins. Ants march. Snakeskin.  

Green leaves. Orange glow. Paint-splash. Legs bow.
Jun 12 · 265
Rolling along
Al Jun 12
I am the marble in motion,
following the same track.
Jun 12 · 56
Al Jun 12
Bottles explode, shards fly.  

Flames lick the walls, tears

Sweat pours in the dark of
night, still living with fear.

Taking it one-day at a time!
Jun 12 · 332
Al Jun 12
Sometimes the world revolves like your favorite CD.  The sunshine beckons, great adventures await.  

Sometimes the world is slow, like a 45 on 33 - taking the long-play to the end of the day.

Sometimes you twist and shout.

Sometimes you hide and cry.

I am sometimes the rain which falls.  My middle name is silvertongue. I am the honeybee in dance. I dive like a kingfisher into the wild river.

Today I am the sun, warming the day.

Sometime I'll dance your way.
Al Jun 12
Yellow-framed, she's trapped in the rain,
her smiling face appears unchanged.

Silver lined &
bounced like
a clown -

Her rainbow curves retain the sound.
Jun 11 · 62
Al Jun 11
To become the arrow in flight,
I must first take aim.
Jun 11 · 93
Al Jun 11
Green-eyed wanderings.  Taken by surprise as the rain soaks us to the bone.  We sit surrounded by foxgloves and nettles.  A collection of magic and green medicine, her knowledge of folklore soothes.

The fallen oak offers shelter.  We strike a match, the fire warms.  Huddled together once more.  Another moment to share.  Outside the crows caw.  Flames flicker, smoke rises.  Our clothes begin to dry.

Blue sky breaks through the clouds.  Like the sun we rise.  The homeward path is long.
Jun 11 · 43
Painted glass
Al Jun 11
A violet petal sparkles,
sun glints from the sky.
Jun 10 · 151
Al Jun 10
Uneven ground
as water flows.

Sheltered heart,
lonely beats.
Jun 8 · 382
June rains
Al Jun 8
It's hard to rest.  Rain is pouring.  No sunshine. Mind is swarming.  

We used to clasp hands.  Philosophical fingers. Long and lean. Exclamation marks. Bluest eyes you'd ever seen.

Today it rains. I watch it zip down the glass. Pouring drinks at a bar.  The neon sign becomes her gaze.  Lipstick smudges the rim.  Russian ***** encore.  Wild Horses couldn't drag me away.
Jun 8 · 213
Al Jun 8
A quarter moon
she shines.

Relaxed, beside
the lines.

A lantern marks
the night.
Jun 7 · 74
Al Jun 7
March 21st 2017 -

Early to rise... breakfast served.  We face one another.  Hazel eyes meeting blue.  Idle chit-chat accompanies the Nescafe. The morning post sits unopened. Tomorrow everything will change. But for now we remain innocent.
Jun 5 · 149
Al Jun 5
The book falls open:

"Be Your Own Lamp"
Jun 1 · 250
Al Jun 1
A small candle flickers as darkness descends.  Her photograph hangs upon the wall.  Faded by time yet the memory stays strong.  The days linger.  Together we await the future, but not in awe. Watching the hands on the clock has become a full-time occupation.  Time is elastic, every minute longer.  Shadows of a former life flicker on the walls.  The flame is fading, darkness is descending.
May 31 · 45
Twirled out
Al May 31
Green fatigues.

A flame burns.

Memories fade.
May 20 · 76
A, B, C, D
Al May 20
May 20 · 64
A time of once upon
Al May 20
Before the dawn, that was how it began.  Trumpets sounded and my name was called.  Henceforth you shall become a story worth sharing.  She smiled immediately.  Her curves were the seasons. Images of a valentines heart and Cupid's arrow.  We danced upon the fresh grass.

Eventually cloud obscured our vision - to return, renewed, to remain consumed, grateful for the gift of life.
May 20 · 184
Al May 20
The sun-baked earth surrounds us.  Tired eyes barely sustain the view.  Our hands are coated with a red dust. Together we have lifted bricks, and shifted stones. Tonight, by the campfire, we shall relax.
May 20 · 56
Al May 20
Tonight I will sleep with the black cat - tonight I will dream of the Jinx.  Tonight I will dance with the mad ones.  Tonight I will relish all that I see.

To be jinxed is a sprinkle of gold-dust, to be jinxed is a blessing disguised.
May 20 · 53
Al May 20
Patched these stories together.  Looked across the seas.  Whistled amongst the winds.  Heard the words of the eagle in flight.  Danced with the dragonfly deep in the night.  Darkness erased, bring on the light.
May 19 · 61
Al May 19
Glitter sprinkled against the dark of night,

that's what you are -

A token of appreciation long forgotten.
May 19 · 61
Al May 19
Many memories fade:

Lost property minus
a name.
May 18 · 299
Free Texts
Al May 18
20yrs, 5 free.

Nokia keypad.
Isolation free.
A smart user ?

Freaked out by early morning alarm calls.  This life we create - symbols on monopoly boards, roll the dice, wait ya turn, play your part.
May 17 · 42
Al May 17
Drips bounce, the puddle becomes a mirror, my eyes reflect on bygone days.  Tears form as icicles melt.  The snow is my canvas.  To scribe my name without a care, to know the identity of a future love.  Upon the white a red heart beats... my love calls me forth - "adventure dear boy for all your worth" - an ice-rink beckons me .... New York, New York, oh the big apple bites!
May 17 · 111
Wander fool
Al May 17
A clown's rebounding.  Traced on paper. Her life-line laughing.  Yellow stained tobacco teeth, white-washed into make-believe.  One colorful vision in a carnival scene.  Welcome in, and start to sing... this mirror respects your long-lost dream.
May 17 · 53
Al May 17

May 17 · 86
Al May 17
A broken hinge rests alone as freedom ripples in the wind. She stands tall beside the red tricycle, fenced in white and rusted green.  

Snapshots fire sepia-toned memories.  Farther down the road, where the crossroads hit the stop sign...  phones lines cross the skies.
May 17 · 106
Al May 17
Broken winged
those blue eyes
diving down.
May 17 · 188
Al May 17
The wild dreams return.  Another moment swirls.  The leaves of the oak capture me.  A blackbird swoops.  The rain falls, puddles form.  Again the butterfly ***** her wings.  The nature of music sings.
Apr 30 · 116
Once more
Al Apr 30
The page is yellowed
and torn.

Tomorrow we'll dream
like ripples on a pond.

Watching the butterfly
as she beats her wings.

When the curtains are

your shadow becomes
the setting sun.
Apr 30 · 154
Between the lines
Al Apr 30
Across the ocean with invisible lines.  Tracking yesterday's dreams.  Upon her waves I float.  My eyes meet the clouds.  Calling out for land.  Sunshine, sand, and pebbles.  Another person to caress.  Drifting through lonely days.  These lines entangle me.
Apr 10 · 230
Al Apr 10
Wild as she wandered.  Lost in the lights.  Seeking solitude. Her art expressive, her painted skin.  Ink stains on the pathways.  She's sentenced to blend.  A torn reciept, the crumpled playing card, a seven again.  

Weeks passed in years, moments in days.  Tomorrow is a broken rainbow.  Lost in thought, the breeze remains.
Apr 10 · 295
Al Apr 10
Dust swirls on the old road. A white cross stands alone. Further ahead a preacher kneels.  Prayers are shared, and thoughts exchanged.  His black robe ripples in the breeze.  Bent twigs for fingers, deep-set eyes like beads.  Sacred like a scarecrow, yet inside he flows.

The blue jay flies,
a wild flower grows.
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