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8.4k · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Melting down, crossing barriers, breaking out, stepping round.

Pieces fragmenting, character isolating.  Green-acid, hair follicles, white is the blank slate, painting blues with reds.

Freaks from a sideshow, muscles in the sea, six-packs in a grog-shop, dancing improperly.

Beguiled by your bounce, sleep-walking this town.  Fine is the white wine, poisoning the liver, spining on a sixpence, ******* follows dinner.
2.8k · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Leather brown, bomber down, hit the bottom, rise again.  The resounding sounds bounce around.  It helps to misunderstand the plan, so follow these directives if you can.

Green amygdala your orange eyes create suspense.

Hipster blue, the denim, black boots, and those paperback books.

He walks with attitude,
reads for romance.

Magnetic the charm bringing them in.  Stood in the centre as the hurricane spins.  Tethered to nothing, not even a creed.  A miracle in the making, an empty street, a canvas unpainted, a jewellery box recieved.
2.2k · Sep 2018
Fox love
Al Sep 2018
Deep in the fox hole, orange explosions.
A friend in god, we pray and hope.

Enemy within us be free.

We were fighting for survival.

Field hospital. Infection cured;
maggots eat dead flesh.

Deep in the moment:
Explosions, gunfire, and screams.

Together in a tigers' tooth, we wish
to transcend our fears.
2.1k · Sep 2018
Wolf Den
Al Sep 2018
Green fatigue smothers the mind as purple smoke drifts in the breeze.  The earth comforts with shimmering grass, but these illusions never last.

Time begins its chaotic spin.  Voices call out.  Many languages and dialects I hear.  

A dragonfly hovers, my eyes become hers.

The green fatigue fades, the smoke fragments, the voices so far below.  Slowly we rise, leaving everything behind.

Freedom on a wingtip,
together we fly.
1.7k · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
A heat I could no longer tolerate.  I gulped from the bottle as sweat drenched my brow.  

The lines had been drawn.  Arbitary divisions separating positions.  Journeys were to be undertaken, 'long is the road' was the chant.

Tibetian prayer flags flapped in the winds. Abandoned newspapers whirled as if suspended on strings.

Wake up!

The bottle was empty.  Our time had arrived.  Hearts were beating.  This day was sublime.
1.7k · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Rust tipped leaves suspended, the snowblind continues.
Footsteps mark a new path, deviation forges revelation.

Amongst the bamboo flutes a single melody draws me in.
Blues and greens merge, the kingfisher dives from view.

Sun bleaches the remains, fragments, pieces of yesterday.
Blood drips from the dagger's edge - this ritual of rebirth.
1.6k · Sep 2018
Smoke rings
Al Sep 2018
English tea and scones with cream.  

A cigarette dangles from his lips.  The blonde-haired girl watches as the smoke rises.  Between them a newspaper sits upon the table.  

They have stopped to peruse their purchases:

The Bletchley code-breaker story always enthralls, and John Lennon never grows old.

Smoke rings continue to rise, eventually to fade away .
1.5k · Oct 2018
First drafts
Al Oct 2018
Everyday is a rewrite, the opportunity to redraft the first verse.  My purple high-tops strike the sidewalk as I converse in morse code.


Just a few thoughts can lead us astray.  

Today I'm the poem walking upon a blank slate, re-painting the canvas within...

A Mediterranean heat warms my back. 

Her laughter still echoes, another reminder of those sun-drenched days.

Mountain tops, snow covered...

A mountain-biker with the funky frame, the picnic bench, the poems.

Walking, wandering, contemplating the first draft.
1.5k · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Red is the smoke rising, blue is the heart of the moon, orange rests alone...

Purple are the clouds in hiding.
1.3k · Oct 2018
Grass dances
Al Oct 2018
The rain rattled
upon the rusted

Her old skipping rope begins to spin.  Lyrics taste sweet, soaking up youth, dancing with imagination, agile once again, she is the grass that sways.
1.3k · Sep 2018
Friday night
Al Sep 2018
Sleek lines curve around the mind, stimulating the imagination.  Here and now she faces me, but who is the mirror?

Tumeric stains on fingertips, reminders of the culinary fun.  A half empty glass of Bordeaux upon the monopoly board: oh yeah, another loss.

Ruby-red shoes seek a home. 
A silver spoon is bent in two.

Johnny Cash plays as the record spins.

Some you lose,
some you win!
1.3k · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
White-faced lies
crazy eyes.
1.3k · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Sidewinder Steve lowered his shoulder.  You're a lucky girl, we've scored a direct hit.  Hummingbird flew directly into view as he imagined her perfectly still.

The old winds resonate, clouds come and go, their nature thrives, their story survives.
1.2k · Aug 2019
Bohemian girl
Al Aug 2019
She speaks in clouds,

her curves drink lost

Her dress entrances.

This marketplace so full
of colour,

many fragrances merge.

I watch her dance with
gypsy jazz tones.

Olive skin and dark hair.

She beckons me forth, to
a flaming beauty.

With her clouds I
1.2k · Aug 2018
Rainbow sleeves
Al Aug 2018
Like the roulette
wheel & ball,

tell me lies and
my tears fall.
1.0k · Aug 2018
Al Aug 2018
Twisted reality, my art in 3D.  Scratched my words into the sidewalk, painted my soul on a wall.  Conversed with canvas, I'm laced to the high-top.

Sat and watched as the trees swayed,
listened to hear what the leaves say.
1.0k · Nov 2018
Al Nov 2018
The tobacco stained ground shimmers in the heat. Dusty boots stand alone, solitary monuments to past journeys.  His old rope lies untouched like a coiled snake... yet the memories remain.
1.0k · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Tobacco-stained dreams remain. Tanned like leather, finger joints gnarled.  The sun glints through a crack in the door.  This is a sign of brighter times.  Turquoise blues holds the memory.  

Tainted by gunfire, the repetition of the rounds hitting the ground.  Tactile senses return, feeling the grip against the palm, fingers around the guard.  

Tension becomes the norm.  Tomorrow is hope, every evening brings the tears.  Trees sway as I walk, seeking serenity in the green leaves.
998 · Aug 2018
Black cat
Al Aug 2018
Silhouette, the night is yours.  Whiskers gauge the distance.  Leaves rustle in the breeze.  Sleek and slender you wait.  Stalking your prey.  Green eyes alert.  An emerald shine.  Fight or flight.  The heart beat slows.  A silhouette of the night.
971 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
This moment takes me as I regress, seconds tick, slashing rain, eyes green.  Gone like all those yesterdays, physically altered, a puzzle rearranged.  

Alone in the swirl, seeking my center, over my shoulder the world spins on.  Tomorrow where the future lies, my hands washed of pain and regret, a place to seek and forget.  

Green eyes revise.  Another anachronistic statistic rising on a graph, computing the numbers, refusing to stumble, aiming to wander.
948 · Oct 2018
Yellow tipped
Al Oct 2018
June flowers again as a caterpillar crawls upon the cards of condolence.  This transformation is a kickflip hidden within a butterfly wing.

Earth is gathered and offered again.  Grandfathers' home the empty shell.  His clutter decluttered, her signature removed.  

The final supper, a cell phone speaks in secret codes, bourbons are broken in two, with the jigsaw complete their sky is blue.

Glasses full of laughter, we drink them all.  A thousand dollars will secure the deal.  A headstone holds their story.  Together they are reunited.
909 · Oct 2018
Beaten down
Al Oct 2018
Torn in two, stripped to the bone, head's rewired, thoughts removed.

Your flex in a reflex, reactions to action, she preached in the precinct whilst craving creation.

A submariner survives in daytight compartments, his thoughts become deeper, she prays for his relief.

Hermetically altered the gold-dust is spinkled, as the fish keep on swimming blue in the reef.

Broken down, and beaten... this egg's cracked in two.  Reborn in an instant, cappuccino's still new.
903 · Sep 2018
Twelve rounds
Al Sep 2018
Hitting the bag hard.  Contracting the muscles. Pushing the limits.  Everyday is a workday in the gym. Boxing is a tough sport and injuries do happen, but the main draw is the test, and the endorphin high.

Outside the ring, time is more fluid.  The clock continues to tick but, for most people, the seconds don't count.

A knockout can arrive in the blink of an eye.  You think you know the ropes, the footwork, the patterns, and then wham!

Like a car-wreck.  One minute you're buzzing down the freeway, listening to tunes on the radio, and kaboom, what the hell???

Instant change, up becomes down, and for some it's down and out!

Twelve rounds, the bell sounds, points are tallied, did you make the grade, did you put in your best?

It's everyday life played out as spectacle. Twelve rounds in the squared circle and then your time has passed.
861 · Sep 2018
Blue ink
Al Sep 2018
Forgotten like a broken teacup,

London bridge on a windy day.

Heartfelt are the rains that fall.
833 · Sep 2018
Fire lighting
Al Sep 2018
Struck a match.  Watched it burn. The scratch of sulphur intrigued my ears.  The burst of flame dazzled my eyes.

Struck a match.  Once again I watched.  The perfect strike?

Exhausted all the flames.  Searched for more.  My young eyes inspired.

To the woods. A new matchbox.  Pyramids of sticks. Struck a match. Watched it burn.

Still inspired by the fire.
815 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
White like a canvas, she conceales the image within.  Colors impregnate her thoughts, and a simple melody is her guide.

Soon the rusted leaves of autumn would be hers.  Soon she would remember the blueberries, and the hazelnut tree.

Golden seeds fell like raindrops
.  She smiled as the second hand ticked.

A die is thrown and
she wishes for a six.

A blue ball bounces into view.

She watches a young girl run, her rubber boots splash in iridescent puddles.

Reminders of adventures past.
774 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Gripped by the thoughts of a thousand years, swimming in the sea of a zillion dreams.

Twirls of seaweed, and glimmering shoals we pass.

Into the monument, a lost shipwreck; I anchor my life in her underwater scenes.

Bubbles rise, the world
awaits my voice.

Together we dive, hiding our secrets, afraid of the past.

Antique screens hold golden dreams.
768 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
The words lay down their lives, poetry is the temple.  

No faces required, no images desired...

From black and white the colors emerge.
759 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Along the beach, the sands of time are clear.  Footprints leads me astray.  Driftwood captures my attention.  An emerald green bottle is taken by the ocean flow.  I stop and stare, enthralled.

Messages float upon the waves. Torn at the edges, those yellowed pages, contained within, drifting with secrets.
680 · Mar 2019
Al Mar 2019
Teardrops spill their ink as my pen keeps the score.  Dropped into prayer, I'm calling for a lifeline.
642 · Nov 2018
Al Nov 2018
In the blue
clouds drift,

Silver linings,
hidden inside.  

Together we dance,

A small frog leaps,
the lilly pad pops.

June becomes a shadow in time.

Still resting here as the blue jay flies.
638 · Aug 2018
Al Aug 2018
Kaftan drifts as the dervish whirls.  Footsteps heavily influenced to a standstill.  Hands rubbed together, slowly sticking palm to palm.  To sleep is a prayer offered in hope.  The dream is blank state rarely achieved.  Eyes all drained of color, limbs so tired. The mind keeps on spinning, thought after thought racing for attention.  The clock strikes again.  One thirty am... once more sleep escapes.
618 · Oct 2018
Skidding sideways
Al Oct 2018
Scaling a dizzy height I struggle to achieve, as the ladder wobbles my jegs become jelly.  Step by step I grasp each rung, dreaming of the peak.

A secretary returns my smile, her note is exchanged in the wink of an eye.  To race like formula-one and hit a perfect swing , the satelite spins as the thread is stripped.

She lived for golf and danced like James Brown whilst, I surfed the airwaves seeking a new sound.
550 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
The whiskey becomes your genii,
a spirit which guides the way.

Out of the daytime mind, moving
away from the mundane,

adventure whispers your name -

"Together we'll soar like an eagle"
502 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
The seven of spades spins upon the table.  A whiskey glass awaits a drunken grip.  She fears the worst whilst he silently prays. Seven times the black and white dream had come.  The chair creaks as he shifts position.  

Magic coursed throughout his DNA; he believed with every ounce of his soul, but she was not so sure.

The seven of spades slowed its spin... his breath followed suit.

When the card stopped he felt the magic thrive. His prayer was a success and now they'd both survive.
492 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Nineteen years of age... yes I remember.  

There was the heat of the jungle and the humidity, but the fear was stronger - each step took its toll.

Some days zipped past like bullets; others dragged like an injured buddy.

Twenty... I prayed to reach.
491 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Scents, tastes, visions, sounds.

Surrounded by others; people,
pets, wildlife, flowers.

Trees bearing fruit, and bushes
with berries.

Aware to the abundance of life.
488 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Cultured, wandering, lost to finding, standing, waiting, hurting, hiding:

Forget the past
seek the dream.

A one-sided coin,

alone I spin.
477 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Youth slips into old age.

Golf swings in the ballroom.

Green is the growth,
majesty is movement.

Blind to the plastic:
old beauty fades
469 · Jun 2020
On the edge
Al Jun 2020
He sits alone
lost his smile.

No face today
he's disfigured.
465 · Jun 2020
Al Jun 2020
In my mind a record spins.  Always on repeat.  Your lyrics are kaleidoscopic. Twisted images merge.  Mirror, mirror upon the wall, please awaken me before I fall.
465 · Jul 2019
Al Jul 2019
A single leaf dangles from
a thread

Dancing in the breeze

The spider's web captures
my attention
464 · Sep 2018
Al Sep 2018
Pebble skims
across a lake:
mine's a boat.
448 · Nov 2018
Al Nov 2018
447 · Jun 2019
June rains
Al Jun 2019
It's hard to rest.  Rain is pouring.  No sunshine. Mind is swarming.  

We used to clasp hands.  Philosophical fingers. Long and lean. Exclamation marks. Bluest eyes you'd ever seen.

Today it rains. I watch it zip down the glass. Pouring drinks at a bar.  The neon sign becomes her gaze.  Lipstick smudges the rim.  Russian ***** encore.  Wild Horses couldn't drag me away.
443 · Jun 2019
The Red Poppy
Al Jun 2019
When yellow marigolds

A simple flower stands
429 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Shadows fall, the path winds on, each step I take with care.  There is a chill in the air, wind blowing autumn leaves, too dark to see, yet so clearly I hear.


My heart thumps,
adrenaline flows.

So many thoughts:

'Don't look, keep walking, why now, why me?'
425 · Oct 2018
Al Oct 2018
Lovers entwined, like venomous snakes poised to strike.  

The fascination draws them in, the magnetism enthralls.  Her blue eyes, his laughter... together they are separate in their dreams of becoming one.

A lost gem he seeks,
she watches as the
flowers bloom.

The brown brogues shine once again, his suit expertly pressed, aftershave's applied... Steven is no longer just a Friday man; his time has arrived.

Old memories are tossed aside as the color of life reappears.

Passion strikes like Cupids arrow.... tomorrow is forgotten, yet their future is crystal clear.
423 · Oct 2018
Life model
Al Oct 2018
My life, the model, eyes observe, perceptions change.  She stands, he sits, some lounge.  Outlines sketched, areas shaded, my image is a broken hologram.
409 · Oct 2018
No purpose
Al Oct 2018
Gaunt and slack, a reject for the trash.  His smile faked, his sad eyes weep.  Forty years of passion fading out.  No purpose in his life, hear his actions speak:

"I'm invisible and long forgotten, no use crying, my time has come"
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