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Jan 3 · 1.6k
A lost pearl and others
A lost pearl
I wonder it was lost
What do you think?
It was lost!
A school, job, diamond
Gold, or money
Friends, fathers, mothers
Brothers, or sisters
No they are human beings
They deserve to die
And they make mistakes
So what!
Love is dead
Lost forever
It is lived far away from us
And cuts into different parts
So let examine our own hearts
How much we lived through this precious
Love, forever with much happiness

Two things
I cry
I weep
I despair
Again the other day
I enjoy
Experiencing two different things
Now and then
Here and there

This statue was done by me
This school was done by me
This mind of children was done by me
Everything was done by me
I boasted myself
Every minute of the days
People along the street
They watched me with their askance eyes
They mumbled, cried
How arrogant I was!
If I could climb to the mountains of pride
Then I would definitely become greed
How silly I am! In my life of deeds
I am doomed.

We blessed Friday, but

God bestowed freedom
On the dawn of Friday
For Eritrean
To have a new day
Our mother ululated
Our father brandishing their hands
School children waves their flags
Then the sky becomes brighter
People gathered from every corner
The birds sing a melodious
The children taste delicious
The sea becomes calmer
Rebuilding the country is our premier
Then we began steadily
Without hesitation
Everything changed
But nowadays,
I am afraid
I heard something bad
People cursed
And murmured to the given freedom
Which is given by almighty God?
Oh! What is wrong?
My fellow people
Do we have prayed?
Which is multiple?
Of three or four
Our freedom
To be reconsider
Absolutely, not
Don’t argue
In the life of God

True love
Love is God
Of eternity
Value of human being
Ever changing society
Decayed of soul, poorer or richer
Overwhelmed by materials
Never afford as good maker
Odorous gratitude
Taken for granted
Ready for good or bad day
Emerging and paving the way
Cuddle in my heart
Obviously, you are best
Reunion in one circle
Determine the best friend
Salute you, thanks indeed
Out of this entire world
Fetish you are, in my soul
We are embraced in one heart
Really it is the beautifulness
Omit the bad spirit
Never gave up a true love
Get ready for any eventuality
Stand up for unity and beauty.

Brag kills you

People are brag
The government is brag
Everybody is brag
Brag, brag, brag,
Flattened themselves in rag
Which is made by their drug?
A drug of ignorance
Of stupidity
Of selfishness
Of unspiritual
At the end of the day
They all fall into a ditch
Living in their grave
Like a log
You lived in the everlasting bog.

Poems is my life
Ponder about the life
Oblivious the dumpiness
Emanate from grace
Make the world change
Initially gratitude
Set up in my mind
Master of my life
Yonder that cliff
Love yield in my soul
Intimately grow
Forgetting the appall
Ending you go.

Empty coffer
Oh! My goodness
I have never seen like that
In my life
How corrupted the governor was
When I was a grown up
As a school children
My mother told me
How beautiful of the nation
A nation of sacrifices
Of perseravance
Of unity
Of resilience
They promised us
To do that, to do this
They scheduled timetable
To feed their people
But they never do anything
They go back to square one
Everything is vanished
No more nations with empty coffer
There is no farmer.

My confession
Ah! Is that you?
I know….
I remember you
Listen carefully
I will tell you
It was on June 20, 2010
I met you in Asmara
A unique name of aba shawl
You make me craze
You kept me in bowl
I spent money
To please you
I run always to catch you
I forgot everything
School, job, family
I thought you.
So what do you need now?
Again, you call me
This is not the other of me
I confess
I don’t need you
Let me leave in peace.

Back to square one
I don’t blame you
I don’t rebuke you
I always bless you
I hate of everything
Of bad thinking
You know…
Which leads you?
To the place of despair
You know…
I know you more
This is not from inside of you
Banish the bad behavior
Come back to the life of good deeds
Then you know it
Who leads you?
To the evil of thought
Who kills you?
Bit by bit.

Our mother land

Of all the lands,
Urging and promising to us
Really hold prosperity and peace.

Mother of hero and heroine
Order rehabilitation
Things to change
House to build
Education to flourish
Roads to construct.

Have you ever seen that change yet?
Always talking for nothing
Suspect the people for that being

Beseech for development and democracy
Rolled their sleeves for prosperity
Attest their resistance from enemies
Vows and stands as bees
Endures from excessive animosity
Laying in their country peacefully
Yes we can, were their voices rigorously

Master of all these
Uproot the ignorance
Take off the poverty
Initiate it now,
Let’s do it, was their slogans
Assault us severely
To dismantle us thoroughly
Evolve them in corruption
Destroy the beauty of the nation

Under their rule of administration
Subdued us to blow for their mission
Be my lover
I told you millions times
Not to cross my mental doors
To **** me in the barren fields
I don’t have any pacts
With others
Why not I inside you
You inside me
If I had a true love,
I wouldn’t have told you about the others
Why shouldn’t I
Tell you the truth
I told you millions times
Not to cross my fences
This gems was given to my beloved ones
My soul doesn’t allow
The ****** love
Which is blowing in time of trouble?
That doesn’t resist the strife
Then,   you will lose your life.

Be hold of happiness
Enlighten of your kindness
Towards with your fellow friends
Have I wished you great times?
Excel yourself from others
Let me bless you more than this
Hard work and change is must
Endure and protect your heart
Make your future bright.
We cried
We died
Of   failure
So in times of trouble
Be humble
And innocent
And change the situation
In your favor
Love edifices
Be sacrifices
And smile
A while
Until you drink a cup of success
Don’t give up in despair
Said my brother
“Smile costs nothing
But it creates much.”
Don’t close your doors with latch.

It is a pity
Really sympathy
People are going
In hectic
For they don’t do anything
Life is full of ups and downs
Someone breakthrough
While others falls
Someone they get stayed
Others they frayed
But death
Repose them
To cease their life
And brought them on its emperor
In its territory once for all.

My hero
I promise
I promise not
I thank you
I thank you not
One day
You would become my hero
You light up my darkness
As a teacher,
You pave away the dirt road
As engineer,
You praise me
As pastor,
You are blessed
You are endowed
Thanks god,
So, my dear fellow
Grasp and seize
The intended position
To serve your family and nation
Your victory becomes sparkle
Like smile
Everything is fun.
Jul 2018 · 126
wooden life
Yonas Mengisteab Jul 2018
for some time
you are proud, *****
the fresh buds thrive upwards
swaying gaily
to the touch of winds.
then, the season is over.
a saw tears through every vein
the whole of your graceful height-
collapsing down.
gray beauty, lifeless, dead soft
takes over the green past.
there you see, what you didn't see!
you are a born wood
or born to be a wood!
it's go her way time-then
life is the carpenter
holding the saw and the hammer.
she makes you ears...
eyes, nose and even color!
now and then reshapes you
to her taste and desire.
bit by bit, you dissolve into saw dust
every time getting smaller
until you finally disappear!
Yonas Mengisteab
Yonas Mengisteab Jun 2018
Let us all be poets
Declaring certain places regional capitals of poetry
Where we could meet to poetize on the affairs of the world
And re-launch those best dreams of mankind
Which the politicians have betrayed.
These capitals should be out in the country
Where there are hills and valleys
Where there are streams or lakes
So that we may all be reminded of the beginning of time
And of the purity of the first days.
Annual assemblies will be held in the open
The first meeting under a full moon
All the debates, resolutions, minutes, and decisions in poems.
We shall assemble regardless of race
We shall be egalitarians
We shall be socialists
Concluding the first meeting with the dimming moon and stars
And sleep through the morning
Rising at noon for the next debates.
We shall be opposed to exploitation
Of one race by another
Of one individual by another
Of one country by another.
In this way we shall make of exercise of power
Sublime affair tenderness
Mobilizing every conscience for the task of human liberation
And the co-operation of peoples
Across the face of the earth.
December 1970-March 19171
Today I am inviting you the poem called the tenderness manifesto by Mbella Sonne Dipoko from his book “ BLACK & WHITE IN LOVE” enjoy reading
Jun 2018 · 93
Yonas Mengisteab Jun 2018
You know I am a wild fire mama!
I burn like a battery acid,
I descend like rolling stone.
I fly like the eagle, I fall like a sparrow.
God, I race like a stallion,
I cut the world in half, like the sun.
But I can't run, I can't hide
From you Meley, city of love.
There is no need for me to try.
I have drifted to the edge of the world.
I have stumbled down in the snow land.
I have been frozen in cold moonlight
Lord, I have felt down.
Now I know I can't run, I can't hide
From you Meley, city of love.
There is no need for me to try.
No time, in a snow-land Meley
No peace of mind.
Yeah, am self-conscious now, mama
But I haven't learned to cold smile
Still me, I changed not!
I don't get nervous on eye contact.
Come Tuesday, I will be with you mama and be satisfied.
Show me some love, Meley
Give me a good time.
Yonas mengisteab
Meley is a Tgringna language a name given to woman (girl) which means beautiful and petulant. it needs a lot of care if you call someone meley.
Mar 2018 · 416
The Shakespearian me
Yonas Mengisteab Mar 2018
I drown
In your eyes
I melt
In your smile
I shiver
In your closeness
I am mute
At your sight
But should I
Or should I not?
I want you
But I’m scared
Of heartbreak
And despair
I fear that
You will go
And I will be
Left alone
Trust I
Or trust I not?
You are the highlight
Of my fantasies
The hope
Of my realities
The source
Of my frivolities
Love I you
Or love I not
That is the question.
i love William  Shakespeare poems more than anything else, this poems is dedicated to my love Eden who is always treated me like a child.
Feb 2018 · 151
My own nightingale
Yonas Mengisteab Feb 2018
like a nightingale
the sound of your sweet voice
falls on-soft, on my eager ears,
with my eyes still closed
i see your beauty too....
eyes like a morning star,
with a dark crescent's hug;
an inviting stare that's wide open
and then quickly shut,
like my little sister's doll
twinkling bright
with eyes of pure crystal...
how intoxicating your beauty is....
or shall i dare say it is love
that tries me to your memory
that your face peeps
and my heart leaps
in this calm morning.
oh, it must be love
that i hate to wake up,
grip the sheets, avoid the sun
holding on to your memory...
as much as i can.
Remembering my sweetheart at first glance when i was trapped with her intoxicating beauty.
Feb 2018 · 154
I Light the Torch
Yonas Mengisteab Feb 2018
I light a torch and hold it high
It shines so bright it lights the sky
You see the light, you know it's me
You find the strength and set yourself free
From the pain and sorrow you've felt of late
Your heart now softens, gone is the hate
Two becomes one across the miles
We begin our journey to do the trials
Set out for us to complete
Each one we know we can defeat
At the end we know for sure
Standing side by side hearts are pure
We fought the bad and won hands down
Good prevails and wears the crown
By : Yonas Mengisteab
Feb 2018 · 364
Life is opportunity
Yonas Mengisteab Feb 2018
Life is opportunity
Every hour, every day
Every minute that ticks away
Luck is not what rules the world
There is always is an opportunity behind
A pearl to discover, to find
Waiting for us to realize
There is opportunity for us
To learn, serve and rise
The harder a problem seems
The higher we can grow
Seize every opportunity, seize life
So fear becomes inept
When we find the gift in everything
We will become adept.

Yonas mengisteab
every morning we are born again. what we do today is what matters most.
Jan 2018 · 261
You are everything
Yonas Mengisteab Jan 2018
You are everything**
You are the sea, which helps me to sail.
You are my umbrella, which protects me from the rain.
You are the medicine, curing internal pain
You are the courage, giving me your hand as not to fail.
You are my soul, cooling me down
You are the power, which I feel
I wish you lived forever
The love master
Embrace me! I believe on you
The corners-tone of my career.
You are the shade blessed by the divine
The loved queen…
You are the land
A place of livelihood
You are the educator
Care taker…
You are the icon of existence
The source of joy and happiness
You are the brain
The body machine
If I was a painter,
I could have portrayed you
All over..
If I was a magician
I could have put you, deep in the hearts.
Yes!... you are the love guardian
Blessed me again
To see the bright future
I wish you lived forever.  
Yonas Mengisteab
Wednesday, May 03, 2017
3:04:04 PM
remembering my mother in mother's day

— The End —