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Willobi Kome Nov 2018
You didn't really ask for this
But I just want you to know how I feel
P.S:this is real

Right from start
I wasn't all over you
I know I've been through alot
But still,I decided to give love a chance

Like a play
You won my heart
I know it should be the other way round
But still, I thank you for that
Unlike the others, you're so different
In all aspects,I feel you're my best

I love that you're so understanding
I love The way your lips curve when you smile,So enticing
I love the way you kiss me
The way Your hands move perfectly round my body
They give a great sensation,I've never felt before

Writing this
I feel I've found the one for me
I knew I was gonna fall in love
But not this deep,I guess you really got me

Yeah, we got so close in a short while
Now,I actually don't give a ****
I really wanna make you mine
Its just a matter time(I need you to understand)

I know I may not have all you want in guy
But trust me,i'm not gonna try to treat you right
I'm gonna treat you right!
Willobi Kome May 2018
Just like the theory of floatation
You swim in the arms of confusion
You wonder about your situation
As you wander in circulation

Beclouded by so many distractions
With contemplations
You're not sure of your decision

You wanna turn your vision into your future
Yet you lack the concentration

You down in depression
But am here to tell you,put your shoes on
Run the race like its a competition

The key to unlock your vision isn't in the future
You know where it is ??
Its right here your possession

But it ain't gonna get into action
Until it feels your pre-actions
All its waiting for is your reaction

Just like the first law of motion
You'll remain in the same state of situation
Until your dream is acted upon
Then will you make a progression

You've got the passion
But you lack the ignition
With so much composure
You make resolutions
Neglecting the precautions
Cos all you care about is the solution

Looking for shortcuts to your destination
Forgetting that life is a condition
With no permanent situation
I know you've got aspirations
But let your imagination
Trigger your inspiration

You were not born to Be in a stagnant position
Its just a stage of probation

Despise the population
You're an exceptional creation
Don't crave for attention
Let your instinction get you your distinction

Its gonna be a hard decision
But I tell you
The decision you make today will determine your position tomorrow
Willobi Kome Apr 2018
Since you came into my life
It was the first time I set my eyes on you,
  it felt like love at first sight.
I knew then that my dreams had come true,
  my feeling was so very right.

Since then i've been constantly thinking of you,
  with warm thoughts that put a smile on my face.
Some of them seeming very real,
  it makes my heart begin to race.

Your voice, when you talk, the way you walk,
  I think you are so very fine.
Your every ways make my heart soar,
  and sends chills up and down my spine.

I look deep into your beautiful eyes,
  to feel something I never felt before.
This feeling, and then I see you smile,
  it just makes my heart melt.

The wonderful feeling of your touch,
  when we were hand in hand.
It makes me smile and slightly laugh,
  now do you understand?

I will treasure all the times we've had,
  and the ones that are to be.
For us, I wonder what the future has to bring,
  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Being with you, my prayers have been answered,
  I found all I'm looking for.
You are all i'll ever need,
  I couldn't ask for anything more.
Willobi Kome Apr 2018
I can't really know how feel
I can't read your mind
I just keep waiting
Take me to your heart
Show me where to start

Scared to tell you how I feel
My heart keeps hurting
Still I don't want you to flee

I'm confused
Tell me what you mean
Or are we just gonna be like this

Deep in thought
Wondering if there's ever gonna be an "us"
But then I stop
Cos I can't play the part of your first love
Willobi Kome Apr 2018
She cries every night
tears streaming down her face;
She needs to be loved again
she's forgotten the taste.

The taste of the sweet kiss
that once made her smile;
She needs to be held again
if only for a little while.

She needs someone to talk to
when she needs a friend;
She has a broken heart
that she feels cannot mend.

She needs to be loved
forget the tears;
She needs someone who'll be there
forever throughout the years.

All she thinks about
are the times you had together;
You both said
you would be forever.

She needs someone there for her
she knows she can trust;
This isn't just a want
this is a must.

With all the signs of "true love"
she has been shown
She still cries at night
'cause she's still alone.

She needs to be loved again
someone's baby girl;
Someone who will tell her
she is his world.
Willobi Kome Apr 2018
As I looked into your eyes
I knew something was wrong
And then you said goodbye
We had been together too long

You said you didn't feel for me
The same way I did for you
And after years of our love
We were actually through

I said you won't go
You said you can't stay
But how was I supposed to know
It would all end that day

I told you how much I would miss
Each and every day
And that was when we kissed
And you turned and walked away.
Willobi Kome Apr 2018
At times
You wonder why life seems so tight
You try to do things right
But all efforts goes futile

You aim at the stars
Yet you fall on granites
When your hopes gets high
Everything seems to be working right
Suddenly it just flows down like drops of rain from the sky

Surrounding you are people gaining new heights
But its just like you're stagnant

Your plight is just so appalling

Do you ever wonder why??
Do you ever think of what's left, not right??

You see,The Great wall of China wasn't built in a night
Neither did Edison invent light in his second flight

All you have to do is just try till your time is right
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