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Vilakshan Gaur Feb 2019
To rive the heart that beats for you
Is cruel and unkind
The scar you left without a care
Is burned into my mind
But what of sorrow, what of pain
I'm leaving you behind

A grave mistake it was to love
The worst that could be made
This limping heart calls out for help
But no one comes to aid
And all the colour I now can see
Is longing's deepest shade

I ask myself, 'How does someone
Have heart to cause such pain
To lead one once again to hope
And ****** it again?'
And all I ask, no answer comes
I ask it all in vain

I mask my face and wear a smile
I drink and dance to song
But in some corner of my mind
I know that all is wrong
I know you will forget me, love
But I will not, for long

I say goodbye, and may you have
A life that should be kind
For all your flaws, I loved you much
Perhaps I loved you blind
But no concern, I will get by
I'm leaving you behind
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2018
If in moments that follow
My life I think to take
Forgive me if tomorrow
To your voice I do not wake

Forgive me if I stumbled
And failed to be of worth
Forgive me; I'll be humbled
Buried within the earth

No sound these ears will hearken
No touch this skin will feel
The dark of eyes will darken
These lips forever seal

And afterwards, come greet me
If only with a smile
And stay as maggots eat me
If only for a while

And I hope you will forgive me
For all I could not be
And in my death you'll give me
A reason to be free
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2018
I glimpsed a blissful morning,
That never shall be mine,
A life of nought but mourning,
Not all of us can shine

The darkness, far expanding,
A canvas painted black
And hopeless I am standing,
Far from my chosen track

Why would you give me burden?
This curse of birth and breath?
Where suffering is but certain,
I ask for only death

Take all your lovely wonders,
I have no use for these
The crystal skies, the thunders,
My heart and arteries

These words that do escape me,
I want none of their healing
I let my demons **** me,
The numbness kills the feeling

This flesh that binds resentment,
Each pulse: a new regret,
Why would I seek contentment,
When a smile is hard to get?

If life were truly sacred,
Why would it be despised?
Why would my hope not make it?
My dreams unrealized?

If only I could muster,
The strength to raise a knife,
From my throat, a red with lustre,
Gush out with all my life

Then fade away the sorrow,
And fade away the laughter,
No morning, no tomorrow,
No after,
Oh, no after
Vilakshan Gaur Oct 2017
I sit here alone
With freezing hands
No warmth of love
No hand to hold

I sit like stone
Remember her touch
The night is freezing
But she is cold
Vilakshan Gaur Aug 2017
Let you and me, eternally,
And gleefully, together be
Together, free, in harmony,
We will be for eternity

And in your arms, serenity,
Forever will be soothing me,
And moving me, internally,
Alluring me, continually

I'll love your skin, relentlessly,
Your words strung like a melody,
Will hit my ears, seducing me,
Bemusing me, a symphony,

Your face-- the perfect sight to see,
To see your eyes- the artistry
Let me be lost, in poetry,
Of a gaze so lost in reverie

Your hair like mist, eluding me,
And gently then, secluding me
I'm drawn to you, so hopelessly,
My love for you is ruling me

Your smile, so grand and heavenly,
Those lips, engulfed in ecstasy
You're beautiful, effortlessly,
Perfection is your tendency

A dream, a sight, a mystery,
A gleam of light, illusory,
And touch of skin, so velvety,
As though a touch of destiny

My fervour rises fervently,
As you approach, advertantly
The thought of you, reducing me,
To a poet, musing foolishly

You stare at me, romancingly,
Two dreamy eyes, deducing me
Disintegrating, breaking me,
As if to be diffusing me

I feel like God is choosing me,
To be the one, deservedly,
The one you'll love so fervidly,
My fears are slowly losing me

I am in love, and certainly,
This feeling grows abundantly
Each moment shared so blissfully,
Forever etched in memory

Now I am yours, entirely
No dream, no lie, no fantasy
A love written in history,
It shall be for eternity
Vilakshan Gaur Aug 2017
If love was made of colours,
I'd paint the sky above you,
So that your eyes may truly,
See just how much I love you
And rain would be so vibrant,
As it gently hits your skin
You'll feel my love in showers,
Of colours I hold within

I'll make them dance and frolic,
A million colours around you
In their embrace you'll feel me,
And feel my love surround you
They'll keep away the darkness,
And keep you safe and sound
And as they gently hug you,
You'll feel me all around

The blues and greens and yellows,
In shades of light and deep
The hues, both dark and mellow,
Will kiss you as you sleep
I'll bathe your world in colours,
Just so that you could know,
If love was made of colours,
I would paint you head to toe
Vilakshan Gaur Jun 2017
If ever you choose to **** yourself
When your head can take no more
Leave the windows open wide
And do not lock the door
So that your death may flee the room
And stain the anguished winds
Let them blow your breath away
And blow away your sins

But have no shame, no sense of guilt
For this thing that you must do
It's better by far to feel no thing
Than to feel nothing but rue
And if you choose to end yourself
Just know that you are right
May you rot inside the earth
As rots away the night
It's okay to **** yourself
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