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Vilakshan Gaur Aug 2021
It's cold and unmoving, no sign of a past
Can one deduce, or of the pulse that bound it
Ties broken with all endless earthly affairs
It knows not that soon kindly earth will surround it
An image of an answer to the question of justice
So cold and unmoving:
Her neck, and the noose around it

Her feet in the air, as if to be fleeing
Her gaze seems to stare through the thick veil of time
Her lips turned to stone, she has no more to say
They hanged her, but could not say much for her crime
The men who play God but the devil become
The men:
Whose very souls are encrusted with grime

A rose in the rain, a sylph born of light
Returning to peace and becoming the sleeper
A gleam on her face from a source never seen:
The blade of her keeper- the scythe of the reaper
The night will be cold, but the day will be colder
Her grave:
It will be deep, but innocence's deeper
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2017
I tell you: All a man could need
is whisky and a glass
A company of cigarette smoke
and the night to slowly pass

Perhaps a lady by his side
for women are fine as wine
But fear not friend, if you're alone
for this solitude's divine

We drink to live and live to drink
And sail in streams of pain
The whisky sparkles in the glass
in the darkness once again

We are the ones that drink alone
when nights lie broke apart
Add some ice, lad; quench the flame
that burns your drunken heart

And men do cry when all alone
with a glass in trembling grip
But often throw the glass away
so the bottle may kiss their lips

Spare us the memories' shade, oh please
we would not wish to dwell
on times of tears and times of fears
and times of years of hell

I tell you: All a man could need
is to drink till morning's ray
which sparks again that flame of pain
that burns the heart away
Vilakshan Gaur Oct 2019
A dead bird stepped upon again, a jewel adrift at sea
A starving dog engaged in dream, a distant melody
All sorts of things here happen, beneath and over land
The ghastly screams of those in pain, a sordid saraband

These eyes of mine that notice those grim carvings on your wrists
Each line to mark your deepest woes: the ghosts within the mists
As in the quiet of the night, a thunder stirs the calm
You plant a kiss upon my cheek, I take you in my arms

Afar, afar, across the seas, as we slow-dance in silence
One hurts his love too much and casts the auguries of violence
And in some corner of the world, as I take you to bed
A bleeding woman sleeps on ground, and turns the rain to red

And red: the shirt you wear that I take off your glistening skin
It smells of laughterful despair, but most it smells of sin
The taste of gin I transfer from my foulsome mouth to yours
While somewhere near, a someone's dear ties a noose of pure remorse

And many a good folk hang tonight as many a piper pipe
While tangled up in lust and love we live this selfish night
Your mother remembers not your name, my mother would not speak mine
She only wants her grief to end, and searches for a sign

Overhead, a silver moon blends in with smoky skies
I turn my head, to see it gleam, from between your hungry thighs
The gradual rise of tides propells the winds upon the sea
They carry a familiar scent of loneliness to me

And loneliness I feel as I ****** harder into you
And wonder if my loathsome act would pass my sin to you
I think of seas and birds and moons, I think of nooses tied
And think of those with darkened hearts, who in the darkness hide

Your eyes, as languid as they are, still hint at some desire
But in them I see my two own which bind a lifeless mire
And somewhere someone else like me, but like me not so much
Wrapped up around a one like you, resents her every touch

He, too, must wonder what goes on inside and out and far
Does he look as deep into her eyes, or does he look at stars?
Perhaps some poor soul near to him is trapped in sorrow boundless
Perhaps he hears the distant cries, the music almost soundless

But fret not, love, the world goes on, and on it will still spin
The slave will always lose the game, but the master will not win
And if in futile act we make some vapid love tonight
Just pretend in all this dark there is a faint flicker of light

The dead bird no more stepped upon, the jewel's lost in the sea
The dog feasts on a rotting bone, now plays no melody
All sorts of things here happen while we dance and kiss and drink
And if I could control the seas, this awful world would sink
Vilakshan Gaur Oct 2017
I sit here alone
With freezing hands
No warmth of love
No hand to hold

I sit like stone
Remember her touch
The night is freezing
But she is cold
Vilakshan Gaur Mar 2015
As far as eye can see
the dark and starry firmament
engulfs our world alive
and drinks fire from the suns
wrapped up in itself
as far as eye can see
the vastness is unbound
it takes you in itself
an all-consuming ocean
stretches till no end
as far as eye can see
who are we to seek
what no eye can see?
in silence it resides
embellished like a bride
as far as eye can see
and further than you see
it folds into itself
a dark abysmal well
deeper than itself
as far as eye can see
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2015
I stay amid the land of snow
and read my life on carven walls
in places barren, by war and plague
I slumber among these darkened halls

Remember well, the times of dread
fierce we fought like dragon's kin
swung our swords, as swift as wind
with armours hard as dragon skin

Mountains we scaled, in sheer frost
sailed the seas with storms about
journeyed on while facing death
willing to die without a doubt

Blood was spilled, and mixed with sweat
infernal rage burned in our hearts
No man or God could ever stop
our swords from tearing worlds apart

The end was red, just like our eyes
vultures dined like kings and queens
nothing was left, the corpses stared
In anguish I looked at harrowing scenes

My brethren gone, it's been so long
I reminisce now, those memories grey
that golden past now lost in time
it leaves me with no more to say
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2017
Perhaps dying is worse than living
But to never have existed would have been
The best

I think I'm becoming but never being
But in never being I'm better off than
The rest
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2015
All these colours I see around
they all have started to seem grey
the blatant petals of tulips bloom
shameless in the light of day
I blame the things that make me whole
despise the winds that roar and roll

I'm shadowed by my thought
and wonder when the night arrives
when tulips no more bloom or boast
the moon shines shameless in the night
still I'll wonder why I'm alive
and deny myself a worthy life

All these colours; they have no dreams
and so my dreams are greyish black
malignant grief like a venomous snake
bares its fangs and bites my back
time goes on without a heed
as I go on without a plead

It does not end, the suffering stays
I have become a hollow shell
a carcass that just will not die
my body once hallowed, now a hollow hell
peace has said its last goodbye
the devil stares with his evil eye

Yes I've seen the diamonds rust
I've witnessed ache of battered bones
I blame the things that grant me life
my scattered thoughts, and shattered hopes
I blame the thing that they call God
and grieve the death of virtue, awed

This sublime sickness rots my soul
this horror! If only I were blind
I blame and blame, all and everything
leaving my murdered self behind
But what's their fault? they cannot help
now I see; now I see, I blame myself
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2017
These thews that lift the burden of
unspoken tragedies
These eyes like marbles; cast in stone
unmoved by memories
And lines on face that tell a tale
of unbearable pain
These twisted fingers speak of past
unwinding once again

The heavy tears that shook the earth are
once again suppressed
The once-jubilant heart has now
with misery coalesced
These legs that never slowed their pace
unamused by moonlit roads
And lips that spoke the sweetest words
with silence are bestowed
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2017
How fast the curtains fall,
Not for one, but for all;
                  Transcend into the night
     No hands to hold from now,
     All movements cease, and how
     Now wave and take a bow,
                 Eyes shut, and no more light
On death and shortness of life
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2014
The black of night is all but vile
the only time I feel closer
to a power beyond this world
a power that grants life
the music unheard echoes around
so faint it almost isn't there
a melody that's sweet and sad
singing itself until it dies away
gentle rain falls on the earth
the soil is a giver of life
a familiar scent is spread again
in the air and everywhere
comforting is the depth of night
a loneliness in synchronicity
with all there is
and all there could be
an eternity until morning light
how many lives could pass
without a single thought
of what was and will be
something in the weeping mist
like a ghost in the haze
or just a lucid dream
it disappears forever
sleep is now a stranger
friend to all but me
this silence is healing
all wounds of past
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2016
When there is no way except to part
And the memories make you cry
You think that someday they will fade
But does true love ever die?

Does it die in shame or in regret?
Does it bleed and does it ache?
Do you cry yourself to sleep at night
And also when you wake?

We strangle love with tender grasp
But we do not realize
That it breathes no more, until too late
But does true love ever die?

We go through memories like a book
The things that we will miss
The way you used to hold my hand
The way we used to kiss

The times when life was with no bounds
When moments whispered by
They say that all must come to end
But does true love ever die?

Does true love ever beg to live?
Do we **** it to be free?
Why do we try to **** the thing
We do not wish to see?

When questions drown your answers out
And you stand there asking 'why?'
One question that will haunt you is:
Does true love ever die?

It seems unreal, a fading dream
How could it ever end?
A thing so grand; so beautiful
To its grave, untimely sent

But what does end: The love or us?
For in its grave is where we lie
We are the thing we wish to ****
So can love truly die?

It floats among immortal stars
So far we cannot see
And spreads across the sky, released
We breathe it, you and me

So when memories come bleeding out
And make you weep and cry
Just look up at the stars and know:
True love can never die
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2015
An epiphany I had, in loneliness profound
and heard between the silences, a most sonorous sound
I felt the blindness fade, as clarity invoked
and saw beyond the curtains, beyond pernicious smoke

I saw what it's about, how life is faded shades
this beauty is a glimpse, of what the maker made
I witnessed death's unbiased love for all the things you see
a stillness hidden in time; a moment's eternity

Nothing is ever broken, for nothing was ever real
and nothing is ever lost in time for nothing is all that's here
behind delusion's tainted mask there lies the absolution
a mirror that shows the absurd truth distilled of all illusion

This epiphany I had, in loneliness surreal
instilled into existence is a God that is unreal
the way of all things is just as perfect as could be
and now in all my loneliness, I know what it is to see
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2015
Fade slowly, into the darkness
the moonlight caresses my eyes
this overwhelming silence
the colour of night
fills my lungs with itself
melancholic ecstacy
set free all that exists
there is no rage left
so I smile
at the everlasting black
and feel it smile back
weightless and limbless
numbness is delight
sacred darkness, liberate
I am a sylph, I am the night
I am the thing that creates itself
I am void, nothingness
and yet, I am everything, limitless
Vilakshan Gaur Aug 2017
Let you and me, eternally,
And gleefully, together be
Together, free, in harmony,
We will be for eternity

And in your arms, serenity,
Forever will be soothing me,
And moving me, internally,
Alluring me, continually

I'll love your skin, relentlessly,
Your words strung like a melody,
Will hit my ears, seducing me,
Bemusing me, a symphony,

Your face-- the perfect sight to see,
To see your eyes- the artistry
Let me be lost, in poetry,
Of a gaze so lost in reverie

Your hair like mist, eluding me,
And gently then, secluding me
I'm drawn to you, so hopelessly,
My love for you is ruling me

Your smile, so grand and heavenly,
Those lips, engulfed in ecstasy
You're beautiful, effortlessly,
Perfection is your tendency

A dream, a sight, a mystery,
A gleam of light, illusory,
And touch of skin, so velvety,
As though a touch of destiny

My fervour rises fervently,
As you approach, advertantly
The thought of you, reducing me,
To a poet, musing foolishly

You stare at me, romancingly,
Two dreamy eyes, deducing me
Disintegrating, breaking me,
As if to be diffusing me

I feel like God is choosing me,
To be the one, deservedly,
The one you'll love so fervidly,
My fears are slowly losing me

I am in love, and certainly,
This feeling grows abundantly
Each moment shared so blissfully,
Forever etched in memory

Now I am yours, entirely
No dream, no lie, no fantasy
A love written in history,
It shall be for eternity
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2018
If in moments that follow
My life I think to take
Forgive me if tomorrow
To your voice I do not wake

Forgive me if I stumbled
And failed to be of worth
Forgive me; I'll be humbled
Buried within the earth

No sound these ears will hearken
No touch this skin will feel
The dark of eyes will darken
These lips forever seal

And afterwards, come greet me
If only with a smile
And stay as maggots eat me
If only for a while

And I hope you will forgive me
For all I could not be
And in my death you'll give me
A reason to be free
Vilakshan Gaur Mar 2015
Freedom is not granted, it is a compulsion. Each of us is free in that each of us is a master of one's own actions and thoughts. If you are born, you are free. This freedom is the kind of freedom you can't run away from because it is always imposed on you.
Vilakshan Gaur Mar 2015
In burning sun, he made his way
in burning greed was led astray
he travelled on with calloused hands
and lost his way in deserted lands
a man is foolish, but still a man
and so he walked, amid the sand
in search of what his greed desired
he marched straight into flaming fire
as time would pass, the madness rose
in hearts of men, a darkness grows
his darkness was where he saw light
in dirt he saw gold, shimmering bright
he wondered where his fate had led
and in despair, to himself said:
'I am a fool, a parasite
and in disgust I ought to die'
and so he fell down on his knees
a man is blind of what he sees
it was his final, dying fall
a lustful hunger that eats us all
Vilakshan Gaur Nov 2016
'Guilty!', hear the noble words
Loud as thunder, hard as steel
Filthy! Look at filthy ****!
Make you bleed! They make you bleed!

Liar! Liar! Spreads the truth
Hang him, beat him, tear his eyes
How dare he tell us right from wrong
and tell the whole world of our lies?

Fire! Fire! Burn his sins
Break his bones and peel his skin
Hang him from the highest pole
How can we let the righteous win?

'Traitor! Traitor!', scream the snakes
He poisons minds with love and peace
War is our peace, and blood our love
Cut off his tongue and club his knees

"Guilty!", hear the shameless words
Innocence is your greatest crime
We'll give you freedom for a price
that you can never pay in time
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2017
Hand in hand, we'll walk among
The fields where tulips grow
Side by side we'll drift into,
A world beyond the sea
We'll dance together to the songs,
That only we would know
I'll lose myself in your embrace,
And you'll be lost in me

I'll kiss you when you're soft asleep
And hold you while you dream
Under warmth of stars above,
We'll lie; just you and me
And I'll behold your face in sight,
like a diamond it would gleam
And deep inside your playful eyes,
I'll find my place to be
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2015
Hold me now, before I fall
into bitter eternity
I have become winter, dry
touch my soul and freeze
Breathe me in, forever's friend
bathe me in serenity
make me blind of colours I may see
Sense me now, deeper yet
winter you will be
formless like water, fluid
let me be so free
Lay me down, and let me dream
save my vanity
I am now a desert, dry
let me in your tranquil sea
but in your arms
just let me sleep
and let me keep
my sanity
Vilakshan Gaur Aug 2017
If love was made of colours,
I'd paint the sky above you,
So that your eyes may truly,
See just how much I love you
And rain would be so vibrant,
As it gently hits your skin
You'll feel my love in showers,
Of colours I hold within

I'll make them dance and frolic,
A million colours around you
In their embrace you'll feel me,
And feel my love surround you
They'll keep away the darkness,
And keep you safe and sound
And as they gently hug you,
You'll feel me all around

The blues and greens and yellows,
In shades of light and deep
The hues, both dark and mellow,
Will kiss you as you sleep
I'll bathe your world in colours,
Just so that you could know,
If love was made of colours,
I would paint you head to toe
Vilakshan Gaur Sep 2015
I sleep in fields of flowers dead
they look at me with scorn
but know not this about themselves:
they are as dead as these thorns

Here, where man does not belong
in my home, in peace I stay
I sooner would stab this heart of mine
than submit to their way

Among the endless lightless nights
that filled my heart with dread
I rose above like roses do
I rose above and bled

But must these days never come to end?
when I would feel no fright
dress me all in darkest black
the dress that's worn by night

I sleep in fields of flowers dead
beneath the faceless sky
beneath the vastness fathomless
I'll sleep until I die
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2014
Oh how I wish this world, was not a filthy blot
and how I wish the broken bones of innocence would heal
the greatest deeds of you and me, will one day die and rot
I wish that you could understand, just how forlorn I feel

I wish upon the mountains, to never crumble down
but my spirit is crumbled, it's searching for a light
I hear the dead, they mumble, so harrowing they sound
they wish their death upon me, and live a death of spite

And oh I wish this land ahead, would turn into a sea
so I can drown myself into eternal lifeless sleep
In search of nightless kingdom, I now hope to be free
I wish my thoughts be locked away, and with me buried deep
Vilakshan Gaur Feb 2019
To rive the heart that beats for you
Is cruel and unkind
The scar you left without a care
Is burned into my mind
But what of sorrow, what of pain
I'm leaving you behind

A grave mistake it was to love
The worst that could be made
This limping heart calls out for help
But no one comes to aid
And all the colour I now can see
Is longing's deepest shade

I ask myself, 'How does someone
Have heart to cause such pain
To lead one once again to hope
And ****** it again?'
And all I ask, no answer comes
I ask it all in vain

I mask my face and wear a smile
I drink and dance to song
But in some corner of my mind
I know that all is wrong
I know you will forget me, love
But I will not, for long

I say goodbye, and may you have
A life that should be kind
For all your flaws, I loved you much
Perhaps I loved you blind
But no concern, I will get by
I'm leaving you behind
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2018
I glimpsed a blissful morning,
That never shall be mine,
A life of nought but mourning,
Not all of us can shine

The darkness, far expanding,
A canvas painted black
And hopeless I am standing,
Far from my chosen track

Why would you give me burden?
This curse of birth and breath?
Where suffering is but certain,
I ask for only death

Take all your lovely wonders,
I have no use for these
The crystal skies, the thunders,
My heart and arteries

These words that do escape me,
I want none of their healing
I let my demons **** me,
The numbness kills the feeling

This flesh that binds resentment,
Each pulse: a new regret,
Why would I seek contentment,
When a smile is hard to get?

If life were truly sacred,
Why would it be despised?
Why would my hope not make it?
My dreams unrealized?

If only I could muster,
The strength to raise a knife,
From my throat, a red with lustre,
Gush out with all my life

Then fade away the sorrow,
And fade away the laughter,
No morning, no tomorrow,
No after,
Oh, no after
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2015
Existence is not life. Existence is not 'to be'. Existence is not something we could derive. By itself, Existence does not mean anything. Existence does not exist.
Vilakshan Gaur Sep 2022
Not much to see, not much to do
In this land of wonders wonderless
Sure, there's things to see and do
Such sights in numbers numberless

To drink the poisons, sniff the rue
And scale the mountains, high and tall
And oh! There is so much to do
But not so much to do at all

To swim the oceans blue and green
To fly among the clouds is grand
To tread a bed of roses red
To lose yourself in distant land

To have a love caress your hair
And sing to you as time slows down
Her gaze is all that you are worth
Her eyes, the sweetest shade of brown

And to be alone, with crippling grief
And have no salve for your despair
So many roads to wander on
So much to see, so little is there

So much, so much, so much, so scarce
The fields, the skies, the joy, the pain
the loves, the cries, the strange affairs
And all the same to do again

So much to feel, you cannot bear
The broken shards of what you were
And through the tempest of despair
The sea of sorrow comes to stir

So much I had, so much to hold
My happiness that could not stay
So many tears I locked inside
So many words I could not say
Nothing has happened. Yet everything has happened.
Vilakshan Gaur Jul 2022
O boy from afar
Whoever it is you are
Who could know your pain?
Who could know your heart?

In the bleakest of nights
Lit by no moonlights
Who could come to save you?
And who could take your part?

Covered in your blood
Twenty miles of mud
Who could walk your path?
Who could even start?
Vilakshan Gaur Apr 2015
Farthest star, O farthest sun
you shed your light unto my skin
I feel the warmth, the mildest burn
scorch the heavens, O fire's kin

And bereave me of my father's sin
don't leave your maker's deed undone
crouch beneath the darkness dim
inferno's weilder, the fiery one

Unleash your wrath upon the sea
upon the frozen heart of God
bewildered, lost you seem to be
behold the perfect moment, flawed

And burn till time can't carry on
strangle darkness with your light
blaze through ages, fire spawn
burn a fervent, blinding white

Orb of hope, do you hear the cry?
ascend to heights unseen before
bleed dry the ever shimmering sky
and set ablaze the firmament's shore

Reach out to me, and with your rays
touch my eyes that your marvel behold
unveil that endless light of days
my friend of far, and friend of old
Vilakshan Gaur Mar 2015
Hear my laughter, O dismal folk
hear the roar of my tides
fear my love; it has no sight
love does not any rule abide
and crave for light, my enemies dear
in death you have no love to fear

Bear the weight, and bear it strong
feel it crush your life
let it break you, do you wrong
and stab you with its knife
you'll grasp the meaning, hallowed friends
in love you'll find your means to end

Fall into void, it does not deceive
love has no reason to lie
bound by no chains, it does not believe
love has no reason, it cannot die
so ride my tides, my fellows defiled
and dive into my seas, sterile

Break the bond, the one that strains
let your passions rise
love is a poison, as soon as it pains
a vicious snake, in sinless disguise
now cry out your eyes, my humbled knights
punish yourself with love's delights

Now shed a tear for your love denied
And curse this life, that you deride
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2014
Burning bright, scorching flames of hell
to consume all that which still remains
to disintegrate and turn to ash
fueled by the fear etched in our veins

A true nightmare, full of rotten death
creatures born of terror and sin
in the deepest darkest depths of hell
burning scars on their bloodred skin

Hungry for flesh and eager to ****
they will show no mercy, no remorse
as the infernal fire embraces its victims
witness the blood of a thousand wars

The truth lies shattered, meaningless now
the air is poison, and imminent is doom
armageddon rains down from the sky
take a final look at the burning moon

Pray to a God, oblivious to your woes
no help will come from the heavens above
angels get slaughtered, guardians of men
now behold a world bereft of love

Excruciating, the pain and suffering
agonising, the dreaded state of our kind
neverending, the intense bloodshed
forever defiled, our state of mind
Vilakshan Gaur Jun 2017
If ever you choose to **** yourself
When your head can take no more
Leave the windows open wide
And do not lock the door
So that your death may flee the room
And stain the anguished winds
Let them blow your breath away
And blow away your sins

But have no shame, no sense of guilt
For this thing that you must do
It's better by far to feel no thing
Than to feel nothing but rue
And if you choose to end yourself
Just know that you are right
May you rot inside the earth
As rots away the night
It's okay to **** yourself
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2015
Scourge of our time, meticulous god
fractured religion, born only to hate
excoriate, with sharpened claws
the skin of extinction, a futile fate

Massive abrasions encrypted in flesh
Passive spectators denying the vice
Cradle of chaos, in anguish depraved
reeking of avarice, assembly of lice

Malicious in nature and frenzied by need
capricious swarm, fueled only by lust
paralysis of conscience, freedom rejected
serving no purpose and biting the dust
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2015
Shellshock! Unfateful birth
out the wretched womb you're thrown
Witness! seraphic spawn
bright light burns your skin and bones
Cry now! So you may breathe
humanity's corroding fumes
Live now! And be deceived
this gift of life will be your doom
Wake now! Your slumber's up
your number's up, you cannot leave
Open! Your sea blue eyes
they tell no lies they cannot weave
And be free! With shackles, chained
you will conform just like the rest
Give up! Or be condemned
and be crushed dead just like a pest
Or ***** this! And speak your mind
raise your voice till ears bleed
Rise up! You clueless child
break your chains and so be freed
And riot! With every breath
let anger be your dearest friend
Bite hard! Let fear be spread
let tears be seen and ears be lent
Faceless! Be nameless now
ageless times are on the way
Smother! Their baseless claims
and raise hell till their heads are razed
Be silent! For now you rest
you will show calm, and raging wrath
Be violent! When needed so
and smile throughout the burning path
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2014
Slithering and crawling
the serpant is calling
the serpant whose eyes
will turn you to stone

they're evil and dire
and burning with fire
they'll frighten the devil
and rattle his bones

the serpant of envy
of chaos and loathing
do not speak its name
if you'll keep your tongue

if you love your life
best be sharp as knife
or you will be sorry
with fangs in your lungs

and the fangs are just deadly
like a poisonous medley
that slowly and slowly
will put you to sleep

its scales are so blackened
its venom yet darker
the venom will calm you
through your veins it will creep

but hush now my darling
the serpant is watching
be scared of the demon
behind you it lies

stare deep in its eyes now
you'll stare at your death
as you lose your breath
no one hears your cries
Vilakshan Gaur Feb 2015
Take me away from glory
I wish for no rewards
desperate men chase after gold
I stand and watch the horde
Let mountains be my friends
in solitude I reign
let god be disillusioned
through eyes of the insane
In deepest woods I wander
become what I once feared
to grasp my own delusion
to let the mist be cleared
Let me rise to my demise
fall to my disgrace
follow me into the sea
to be one with the waves
This life is but a circle
this circle but a cage
I've tasted blades of terror
and bled to be a sage
Let me dance like madmen
among unholy souls
let the gleaming sun engulf me
I feel it burning cold
dead men talk of nothing
their eyes are full of tales
like me they long for nothing
but a glimpse beyond the veil
Vilakshan Gaur Feb 2016
As dead as death's dull, deep, dark eyes
and cold as coffins carved in ice
the beast that breathes beneath the moon
has left his languid, lone cocoon

His howl is heard from highest hill
new night brings nasty need to ****
bright, the blood burns bubbling hot
and flows from farthest frozen frost

Vile, his vice of violent kind
meets malice of his maddened mind
A shape as sharp as shards of glass
its silhouette stands as seasons pass

Do you dread the darkest days of death?
the darkest demon's darkest breath
this tyrant turns the trees to dust
and seas of salt to seas of rust

The green of grass will grow so gray
no light on leaves or land will lay
no sun will soar to soothe the sky
red rain will rage with wrath from high

Now embrace the embers ending all
the baneful beast will bring the fall
Can you catch the creature crawling free?
This monster mad in menace is me
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2014
All alone on a rainy night
I saw a boy, young and bright
I asked the boy, 'what is your name?'
he said no words, just stared
His face was *****, calloused palms
knees were ******, expression: calm
persistently stared at the dark grey sky
those eyes peered a hole through time
I sat with him and did not speak
covered him up, his body was weak
I noticed the boy never shivered, not once
and then, I started to speak
I asked his name once more, no use
he looked neither irked, nor amused
but then slowly he turned to face me cold
and that's when my heart stumbled
He wore a face, familiar to me
I blazed through lanes of memory
it took not long, to realise
that the vacant boy was me
teary eyed, I remembered the time
felt once again that sorrow, sublime
I closed my eyes, but when I looked
there was no boy, only the night
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2017
The rope was sturdy, stout and thick
the room was quiet and still
Outside, it drizzled, and so a crow
flew to his window sill

The crow peered through the grimy glass
and saw him lying still
as if he'd frozen, fixed in time
devoid of strength or will

He saw the crow but turned his face
away, as some folk do
at the sight of faintest hint of life
for life is what they rue

The boy sat up; his face still blank
he seemed so calm and cold
He looked at a picture on his desk;
perhaps a friend of old?

Perhaps he viewed it every morn
but who would seem to care?
Perhaps it gave him strength to live
perhaps she's no more there

And if the crow could comprehend
what his beady eyes perceived
Perhaps he would have shed a tear
at what the boy conceived

For in moments he would take the rope;
the rope that's stout and thick
And tie an end into a noose
as the clock would cease to tick

The rope, suspended high enough,
the boy stood on a chair
He wore the noose around his neck;
like a necklace of despair

In a moment, all that's good will die
as it does each dreadful night
No one would mourn him, but the clouds
will rain the tears of plight

The boy took one last look of shame
one glance of deep regret
At the world he hated with disdain
at the night; so cold and wet

His gaze then fell upon the crow
who watched him all this while
His lifeless face for a moment gleamed
and almost cracked a smile

He kicked the chair away from him
and felt his feet in air
the noose tightened around his neck
that necklace of despair

His body thrashed about in air
and quickly losing breath,
he saw a flash of light erupt:
the messenger of death

The tickings of his heart would cease,
as did the hands of clock
The rope - the serpant - squeezed his throat
and left him stiff as rock

On the sill, the crow let out a cry
I wonder what it meant
I wonder if he sensed the gloom,
or heard the sky's lament

And I wonder what the boy endured
in an age so ripe and fresh,
to wish for death and hate his life
that dwelled encased in flesh

The rain now stopped, the sky will clear
to await the light of day
And the only witness to a lonely departure,
the crow: he flew away
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2016
The leaves were coated by the frost
that shone at night like diamonds white
The sweeping breeze let out a hiss
as cold as peaks of tallest height

There flew a lonesome snowy owl
surveying the milky land below
in search of his beloved wife
that fell in clenches of the snow

The night was harsh, but love was strong
the cold gripped at his trembling heart
And stars above filled up the sky
they watched as two were forced apart

With weary wings and heavy breath
the owl came down to meet the snow
His talons clawed and dug in deep
a frantic beast in love and woe

He thought: How she must be in pain
how hopeless on this cruel night
Below, his talons searched with hope
Above, the stars were losing light

As dismal as could be, he was
His yellow eyes now filled with gloom
But still, he fought the biting winds
and gave no thought to likely doom

He flapped his wings and flew and hopped
to find his life in snowy field
And desperate, he hooted loud
in trembling voice with cry concealed

But soon his search would reach its end
for in the distance was a mass
As white as snow and hard to spot
if not for blood that stained its parts

Scattered feathers, tattered limbs
she lay as statues, motionless
He approached her carcass, bewildered
alone and frail, in wilderness

The stars above now gave no light
as he embraced the lifeless form
Two owls of snow, two strings of love
a tragic end, with no reform

The search had left him weak and frail
Despair to hope would give no room
So he lay beside her gazeless corpse
to rest inside their frozen tomb
Vilakshan Gaur Jan 2016
Silent but violent, the tyrant is free
like smoke in the air, the tyrant will flee
sound out the sirens; the tyrant is loose
look into my eyes, the tyrant is me
Vilakshan Gaur May 2015
The black road takes another turn
the silence will consume
all that's left of your broken heart
arising from the fumes

The blood stained hands of dying night
and stainless sun of glass
smear their colour across the lives
the lives that soon will pass

So expressionless, the dancing flame
it will be soon put out
A raging flood of darkened blood
will join the storms about

Denounce the sweetest form of death
with life catastrophized
look at these moments flying by
your eyes seem mesmerised

Betray a part of your own trust
reflect the ache in you
your mirrors are bent and liquefied
like glimmering drops of dew

The remains of what no more remains
embedded and hidden deep
branches of your fears diluted
forever yours to keep

Below the thunderous wrathful sky
the seeds of hope still bloom
but the faint memories of you and I
are forevermore entombed

An enigma, existence, is fulfilled
but satisfied it's not
like the lives of all the butterflies
whose beaty dies to rot

Behold the sorrow in their eyes
the smiles do often lie
and greet the pain with open arms
can you make them gently die?

In dreams you'll find me standing by
you'll know you're not alone
the galloping tides of a nightly sea
where misery is unknown

Remember the end, the last of days
before you are no more
I see sapphire burning in your eyes
like a fire on the shore

Pouring rain, come and wash the blood
as purple turns the sky
and the one thing that must still remain
is your ever-echoing cry
Vilakshan Gaur Oct 2016
A scream from dead silence begotten
Rushed through the curtains of your lips
And raced across the bounds of time
Blood from my past now gently drips

Forlorn, you lay, beneath this earth
How long oh did I mourn for you
And born you were out of the sky
The sky that I left torn for you

Now hear do I your sweetest scream
My eyes, indeed, are pouring out
But dead you lay, my oldest friend
How can your voice be heard about?

I've heard of time's illusions oft
That death is but a trick of life
So neatly wound, a set of dreams
And sounds of truth, in set of lies

Does sense deceive; perception betray?
Does God play evil games with man?
Do I see your face in distant light?
Or a trick played by the devil's hand?

I place my hand on shuddering heart
You are no more, but still you are
Reaching out from a time bygone
I sense you close, but much too far
Vilakshan Gaur Dec 2014
From a distant shore, beyond this world, I hear the faintest call
the sweetest voice I ever heard, it makes me want to cry
and cry so much with the sombre night, for no reason, none at all
with eyes shut tight I listen, and let the night go by
and let the winds take me home, as I prepare myself to die
Vilakshan Gaur Feb 2015
Walk me through the desert
we'll go hand in hand
let the sun burnout the night
set fire to the sand
Take me to the very end
where land will meet the sky
ignite the spark inside me
and make my fire die
keep walking on forever
your footprints will remain
the sand is still and golden
and I am all in vain
And time will take its toll
but don't you leave my hand
for if you choose to do so
I'll be buried in the sand
So walk me through the desert
of this dream that we call life
and when I finally wake up
I hope to see you by my side
will I see you by my side?
Vilakshan Gaur Feb 2017
Were it not that I had met you,
that fateful moonlit night
I would be glad and jolly
and heart be free and light

Had our lips not kissed in secret,
I would not have to cry
for never again I felt you
and never were you and I

Oh, though you took your pleasure,
to confess this pains me so
I wanted you for longer,
for as long as days can go

Yes, you were to my liking,
but not to worry now
I'll seek for not another
to kiss upon my brow

And well I wish you truly,
wherever you may be
I'll drink myself to dreaming
and dream of you and me

Were it not that I had met you,
that night; dark and forlorn
I would be cold like others,
without a thing to mourn
Vilakshan Gaur Sep 2022
What do you do when walking through
the think and blinding mist?
And what if the last missing piece of the puzzle
doesn't even exist?
Say, how will you then escape the ever-spiralling maze?
And how will you rise above the darkness
hidden in all the days?
Where will you be when demons come and rip you off to shreds?
And what will then your mother say, who
Fed you from her breast?
A million words will take your place, out
of the mouths of friends
And you will not be there, my friend
When all your misery ends
It's tough, man. There is a certain darkness you must crawl out of. A certain hell. It all gets to be a bit too much sometimes. Way too much.
Vilakshan Gaur Jun 2015
What more have I to offer, what more have I to give?
what more can I be blamed, what more have I to live?
In these tasteless times of wasted days, how dark the fire burns
among the ashes of compassion, I rest; my time is done
What more have you to offer, what more can you deceive?
no more will you be blinded by the lies that you believe
still, still as stone, you move with wind no more
still, still as stone, your eyes have gone so sore
what more is there to witness here where time is always still
some more before the water bows down to fire's will
in these ageless times of wasted lives, so cold the darkness burns
with the corpses of my thoughts and fears, I rest; I rest as one
Vilakshan Gaur Jul 2022
What sort of hell is this?
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