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Bill Sep 2021
It's Been a While
Since I've felt the urge in Me
To write a Haiku
I know this is very basic, but It's been about 2+ years since I've been on this site. I greatly miss it.
Bill Jan 2019
The point is to live.
Which is impossible when the path is full of lies.

We live to be free.
We work to live.
We are bound to work.

Happiness is success.
Success comes from work.
This is a lie.

The culture is work.
The few own the many.
Life is a sham.

The point is to live.
We are bound to work.
These are the chains that bind.
Bill Aug 2018
What’s eternity?
It is the present without
Perceived Transition
Bill Feb 2018
The ship is solid,
And the Ocean is fluid
What comes in between?
Bill Feb 2018
That which I cannot
Comprehend with just a glance,
Makes me fear the lack
Bill Jan 2018
When the frustration
Grips you today, remember
Only actions count
Bill Jan 2018
In perseverance,
Attempting to accomplish,
Patience is the Key
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