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Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Your absence is triggering
Calling you, I'm debating
Thoughts of you, invading
Heart rate, accelerating  
Your energetic rhythm, exerting
My rejoiced grin, extending
Surrounded distractions, executing
With flash backs of texts, circulating
The hours spent with you, like seconds, descending.
( been a while since I wrote, written possessing passion within the moment. )

This one's for you, gamer.
Loose thoughts Apr 2017
Once you adapt to change,
Comfort zone won't feel as comfortably wanted.
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
‪When you  strive for something you want so badly to a point where it'll push you to not wanting it anymore at all,, just to ease the ache of an unfulfilled want
  Dec 2016 Loose thoughts
Sometimes I feel like writing
but sometimes it takes days,
for me to think of something
and bring the pen to page.
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
"Are you always this hyper "

They say,

" Why do you always look happy "

They say,,

" You're always smiling "

Loose thoughts Dec 2016
Knowing what is it that's engulfing your inside
Is one step taken into healing already,,
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
Though I do not Fear & do not Regret,
Unrecognized efforts n emotion will leave me aching the most,,
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