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Apr 24 · 64
Last Week
stuff spread all over
moving from one abandoned
to another
Seems I'm ******
spoken truth
phone broke
homeless joke
it ain't so funny
When I'm stuck stuck
pull my own tooth

can't get out of here
trust no one
night wary light little
some kind of maze
**** riddle
i don't have the answer to

got to get
before it gets you
i got to go real soon
new hat same old boots
this is just a bunch of dust
it'll **** you

wake up
on the morning news
hide your things
or take them with
else you ain't gonna have ****
broken will
broken dog.
sleeping in this hollow log
now to drink mud

sick two days and still gotta move
another place i can't stay long
don't look now
here comes the law
give me ****
wish me luck
thinking I'm a *** *******
got what i had coming
can i put up an argument
would it be worth the time or breath
doubt me
catch your own death
catch your own breath

hell hill
third world frills
cops chasing the elusive
kick grandma's door in shoot to ****
shoulda left the pistol
grabbed the till
19 now a ****** rap what the hell am i to
do with that

all these things that i see
leave me choked
without speech
stressing on the basics now
all day long
bow me down
Aug 2022 · 104
d-rama dharma sutra
it's work simply being
it's something sad as well
no one but myself to blame
The fates are not this cruel

when times get rough
i become more hungry
But now it's time to go underground
when i truly would be casting blessings
bring some when i come back around
Dec 2021 · 118
special (my muse)
note to self:
The mighty says that she doesn't name a poem before it's written or maybe not at all

so I try not to
I try to write her with no name

words speak and write themselves
faster than the slowness
of my naming

good god, i falter
fly south for the summer
ring my neck
shake a wing
flying further north
because it's winter

so i try not to
because she speaks
fluid now and real
and in her ocean there is
no name
worthy of not forgetting

a gift to me for sure
a wordless azimuth
to describe
a pearl and its own life's making
and I am impressed

some remainder pure
and laughing still at broken
who shakes me awake when I wrong down the words

and try to name them

yet in the night's dark farmer's market where
flickers are rare and cost
what's real

I lay down the word that speaks to saying
and guides what's said and still saying home

and she is special
special now

when now is long and slower
and meanings mean themselves
where moments are rooms with echoes and time stands quiet; nearly still

when memory is no longer
and I not so full; myself
I'll forget the grass is green then
maybe I'll lighten up

remembering the road i wrote
the author of one dream
where words were meant to say themselves

a fairly special thing
never ever wrote a good depiction
Apr 2021 · 117
first thought
bats and birds
neither got off the ground i guess
Apr 2021 · 175
reckon i will
i am in love with sadness
i am in love with your sadness
i recognize and know it
it is not dissimilar to my
own sorrow

while quietly sobbing
perform drunken newly learned alchemical rituals
in a desperate attempt to
set aright
madlove gone off the rails
with half-spells and muttered incantations

knowing the aura of
impending heartache
i stifle a sob into a
long one note high pitched
quiet wail
i am doomed

ill equipped to cast
my lot
ill advised to continue
i closed my leaking eyes
and held my arms up
in supplication
to a god i neither
believe in
nor believe would hear
if i believed

i remember the hour of my undoing
i remember the sadness
i feel today
from then
a touchstone to your sadness
the only stone I have

i would tie it to my
and jump into deep water
were i to think it would
hold me to the bottom

though no hero
nor courage do i know
in your sadness i found
a simple purpose
a certain failure
sadness my own

i remember your shy smile
and your hands
Apr 2021 · 181
friendless fire
Reluctant waver
Lucky you
Thank your stars
Mirrors do what they do

Tour bailer
This is for you
Stole my ride
And my drink to boot

Calvary captain
Mean what you say
Why'd you Leave the recruits
To fight their own way?

It ain't a big deal
We made our way through
Not all of us though
So what do we do?

Hang up and run?
Ditch and demand?
Bail while we're in it?
Keep your head in
The sand.

nap in the dirt
blood on your hands
and under your nails
nailed to the end

nailed to the floor
you knew
acting as if
what you said was the truth

forget it while smiling
my name
it is a place
but hold on to it for just this sort of case:
you remember the rain
In a house quite abandoned
A lifetime of pain is a hard rock to stand on
The broken out windows
and dwindling flame

sputters alight
with new resolve
bust in my new boots
earlier today on you
aim then fire
and revolve
Get on through
i am beginning to dislike rhyme
i believe I'll quit it
Apr 2021 · 94
ship going downstairs
You've ruined the moon
And the trees that I see it through
They are burnt and charred
As am I

They were on fire
which burned down
the home next to them

The basement is where
The heirloom mirrordumb
Ashcan wish-dope
Memory shift
Sunday school
Was located

I am sifting through the ashes in the basement
They are not my ashes
I am obligated
To a friend's loss
Elephant deja vu

You've ruined the moon
With long distance wishes
And lipstick smeared napkins
Plus haiku
And your hair on my sweater from a long forgotten night
when we held one another
For comfort and warmth and believing in
the moon

The moon is the same
the planet is ruined
i became sadness
And sadness
Becomes me
While I wait for death
And another chance
To hold your beautiful heart

Not the same reasons
The moon is the same
The reason
Carries us
Across together

If you see the moon
Please ask her
If we could make it up to her
One day somehow

Maybe just knowing that we both look at her
Maybe just knowing

I've lost my heart and
My moon is  ruined
My way is set
My resolve milky
The light of a perfect

The moon is meaningless
Without you
Gumballs and taffy
Bread on a pb&j
That stayed out
All night last
With stoic pilgrims  
And the last strains
Of kinda blue

From the moment we knew
And our eyes made
The day
I have had my will lashed
To the mast

where are you?
where are you?
Feb 2021 · 310
street smarting
smoke rings
and bells do as well
and the lamb man's
got all the fleece
we are all gold in an egg-shaped sort of way
way on down the street

the good girl needs a bell
nevermind the ring
i ring my bells for that good girl's favor
ring your bell for the good girl's favor
the lamb man keeps his peace

toll now instead of ring
underhand and under thumb
under-way the lambs run
up and down the street

the wind blows through the leaves
leaving traces of where it's been
it's been down collecting lambs again
up and down
the street

wash your wool
for the lamb man's leaving
wash your hands
he's gone
wash your hair
for the lillies blooming
blooming all along
all along
the street
Feb 2021 · 185
agape fishing
long conversation with my brothers
in the midst of my late-middle years
i still discover them
us and
each other
and my original motive
for loving

leaves me smiling
to myself
full of that
which neither needs nor harbours
any motive
Feb 2021 · 59
if i could skip over
get yer *** up
make a decision
i guess
*** is retribution
hey, new waitress queen
now you are famous

lack of integrity is:
not a solution to
problem inner child running
from the shoes
You use
to run in
Feb 2021 · 62
Making the best of a rotten situation
When the going gets hot
Don't go away I'm on fire
Self immolation drills
Paying off in spades and thrills
I Like walking with you
Seems you're a real bad mime

Fill the earth
Full of filth
Fill bags and boxes
Full of death
New world burning
light up the sky
Push it on back

When's it end?
Never so far
Forever free or imprisoned in
Black space and stars
Returning forever
Remember the wheel
And this house full of monkeys

The forgetting
Is a lie
And escape is laughable
Stuck here and out of gas
Like a dead-letter postcard to ourselves
Dated and sent from some parlour-trick fantasy future
Where the switch-up is almost like dying

Do your best to remember
This day
When the new morning calls
It's the one thing we can do for Ourselves
One another
For us all
Feb 2021 · 60
said formica jimmy.
K-tap drives.
Yoppa-g and the new magician
Take their act to the streets.

Boofer dan drives
Wheezer to get
Yog and young Boat,
His two younger brothers
Wheezer looks
As if he'd always known
The middle names
By the ocean
South of Santa Cruz
Lighted approximation
Some 80's live summer tour
Dancing hippies in the dark
Parking lot

Wheel ocean and breezes  
the moon up
Real and easy
For the first time
Since my troubled
But miraculous arrival
Pretend it's just for me

With chocolate thoughts
As Spicy peanuts
Takes up with that cool kitten
***** blueberry lime-ade
There's enough to get us through the rest of our days

See them get Along smiling
Talking nodding
The road ahead always steering them toward
Each other's always
Due to the belief of everyone
And in that

Hiccup in the willow
Breathe sweet fragrance
Laying yoppa g down
And wheezer
Eyes half closed
Cheek to the cold
And comfortable
Hands down and holding

Isotopic stasis binder
Always in solution
Traveling the trade routes
Casting out their demons
Working the miracle
Alchemists of  singular expressions of always

It is not going away
It is always
Yoppa g speaks it written
While the three of them
Think it known and agree
Only the solution works
As in a vehicle of faith
An engine of creation
Feb 2021 · 131
just getting around
from going downtown
which is like saying
something under my breath
about sticks

i cook every night
and check in with the ladies (all houseplants and wallflowers)
touch is spaghetti
and hugs and pockets full of guitar

raspy whisper a slim chance
beat it or carry the tune
do the dishes that are in the sink
all of this
now I'm sick

take the keys
take the reigns
get some ****
take the blame
do whatever it is you think
of next
for your next trick

tricky is as tricky does
but it only works this once
once around is good enough
good enough
to kick
But tough

around here
i sleep when i can't stay awake
i eat when i am hungry
I love because
I was made in the image of
Feb 2021 · 67
like a thin lip
Chimeric and illusory
My vision a child
Eyes full of wonder
Hope is like light
In the dark of possibility

Begging from fates
Befriended by muses
Lips gone cold early
Strangers sleep in my bed

Seeing behind
Is a trick and no magic
Belief is a construct
Alone in our minds

Demons rage and rotate
From pole to pole to pole
Further destroying the field
Laying me bare to the sun

Where all of my doubts
Become memory's bad dreams
And morning reveals that I'm usually still
Feb 2021 · 80
Pick it up,
Set it down.
It was working fine yesterday,
But today it won't make the right sounds.

Pick it up,
Set it down.
Sometimes it's receiving information,
Sometimes it's just loud.

Pick it up,
Set it down.
Sometimes there is nothing
Sometimes I don't want it around.

Pick it up
Feb 2021 · 56
second skinning
awake in my skin
all night again
sleep is paralysis
memory is a throw-away
in a self hate crime
never return
just quit and die

money shots for skin
drawing lots again
keep me in the loop
forgetting is a keepsake
in a stranger's house being robbed
go to sleep
never quit and die

false god
false prophets
idols from the street
ears full of lies
betrayal and deceit
history is yesterday's weather forecast
knowing we make the weather, man
off of your knees
quit your mind and die

rights aren't real
without slaves
death is the only guest
worth waiting for
forward now reclining
wiggle in the sunlight's heat
she slips out of her molt
wearing the mask of her quarry
and her second skin
Insipid ingurgitating
And it never hurt
I needed that it was never a chore or pain worth memory.

mine are
Cheap like a gew-gaw,
Shiny and strong like a dark horse
Sweating in the sun
Shallow as a caliche grave

But fearless when it's nightime
dragging the corpse of my voice by the knot in that bag of bones
You've been throwing like dice
That never play

Always with a sharp tongue
a new plan and borrowed bad words
You'll find all that back for you waiting
While you're reaping

The narrows have been sounded
The depth plumbed
Only by the skin of my teeth
Did I slip from
That shallow grounding.

Coddle me
Installment plan living
Leaking vitality
unused limbs no longer tools
Of expression

Madame caterpillar
Your butterfly brilliance
Now patina still life
Sepia celluloid memory clips from some
Dark cutting room floor of your own imaginings.

Leave my voice untouched by the wind from your acid lungs
Return to your wilderness
Refuge is yours only there
Dec 2020 · 157
dark matter
like the devil in our memory
on dust and solar winds of unfortune
on the waves of no tide
heavier than the lead in your bloodstream
slowly leaching all good from you as you grow old

spinning and weaving into selfishness
and crushing apathy with narrowing intent
from all to us to we to me
it spreads us all slowly getting colder

wrecking all creation from single cell to great
from empathy to eternal death alone in the cold
bury yourself
here comes death
and no one to blame
but yourself

no light
nothing matters

nature's cold last words
are muffled by her quiet chuckle
knowing there is only more isolation
we are all quite alone and drifting
Dec 2020 · 49
fractal insecurity
you smell like burnt toast and *****.
i just woke up from your dream.
****, what a shame.
i remember you texting me from another's bed while he was sleeping.
it's a long night, but betrayal
is longer. it reeks of utter and boundless insecurity.
master of your own inequities...
den within den within den of
Dec 2020 · 45
you're hard to get ahold of i guess.
sorry I was so mean.
i had to hate you.

hmmmm. fingers
and eyelids flashing flashing
Autumn in the winter

you out of my memory.
Dec 2020 · 36
fireworks included
wake up slow and knowing
there you are right by my side
kissing me awake whispering
my name

what ever we decide

maybe we're on a boat in the tropic of Capricorn
maybe we're in our beautiful bed
in our own beautiful home on the African horn

where ever we decide

slippers and comfy pants
coffee toast and the crossword outside
not a consideration except for,
"hey baby?",
"you want to take this thing for a ride?"

whatever we decide.

did I remember the concert?
and we might want dinner at that
but really none of that matters as much to me as
the way that it feels
me knowing
with whom I am coming back

whatever we decide
Nov 2020 · 38
your left hand
my mind reassembles you in your own image
a far better version awaits us
things you aren't
fall away like dead skin
as you put on your future's possibilities like a cocktail dress, bare foot
holding your shoes
in your right hand

as much as I would like to be holding your left
i watch goodbye
it looks so perfect the way you hold it while you walk
almost skipping
into the warm salt-night
Nov 2020 · 49
now that you're dead (near)
i sometimes look you up on the interweb
it's a ***** little pleasure
i feel like I'm willfully hurting something
my own masochistic munchausen
suicide by installment
i may run the bath all night
getting to know the ghosts of you
Oct 2020 · 44
dew point
wrapped around you like a blanket of ermine
reeling from a beckoning before time began
steam gathers and is swirled away giving shape to the subtle breath
of two lovers
one sleeping
dr. fu man chu arrived in a sinister looking limosine
on a tuesday afternoon
with a scribe and a bodyguard and a wig

he strolled back and forth through the yards
looking about him with no mean fascination
then climbed up the front stoop to the door
to look at the house
of my good neighbor
of some long standing

his jeweled cane he grasped with his right hand
and an alibaster egg he cupped with the only one left
there, with no pomp, and very little bother
the business was,
with some haste concluded; and nothing  more easily dispatched.
yes the purchase was made
with hard cash or by trade
the fiendish dr. seemed finally soothed,
his wry smile a creep's;
no photo, catch, or keep
all of the neighbors from a collective mass move.

dr. fu man chu is now my new neighbor,
and a fine one he turned out at that.
i see him walking about
with his cane and his wig
wearing expressions bespeaking hard labor.
from the yards to the steps to the door to his gig,
and finally into his new flat.
Oct 2020 · 28
i bit my lip through to my gums
chewed my cheek ******
and drank myself numb
just trying to soothe
the sting of our guns
and keep myself from reloading

of all of the things that we've both been saying
some of mean intent 
others have no meaning
no navigatable course known yet
no sounding of fathoms below it
if we stay on this sea we will

talking out loud in conversation about...
nothing, with no one i can see
ghosts of yesterday
and easy shade,
please stay away, please,
they fuel my hope
in what must be fantastic

dragging my love around
until my wheels grind me
to my bones, and further down
a psyhic amputee
laughing because i favor  funny now
when coming down to it, naturally.
Oct 2020 · 44
i sicken myself
i smell my flesh rot
it's a symtom of something
that can't be reversed
probably something that i deserve
death by decomposition
Oct 2020 · 35
i look at the moon
there's smoke in the air
i think of you
looking at it there

i know you do
least said so
said, c'mon moon
moon said no

i want to hear you speak
want you to know i will never forget
but it's way too soon
or too late i guess
for that ****

wax reminiscent if you've the mind
but it's a bitter pill
when it's medicine time
tastes of gall
like a dry heave
it is empty

the moon is dumb
you're dumb too
"i don't care anymore", is wearing my boots
Oct 2020 · 32
bloodless now from lack of sleep
listen to my ears ring,
my heart beat.

count them again
against the clock
54 per minute span
solid now but soon
she'll stop

on stopping day I'll be laid down
there'll be no measure
of compromise
empty throne and
hollow crown
hollow headed

hollow is an empty
full of hope
for hoping's sake
forsake what's real
for a better take
better take you on home
if I stayed gone
Jun 2020 · 54
Canines and alphabets
Billowing in yearn
Mountain cur
I couldn't get out

Try as i might
Canines and alphabets
It's surely time
For a bath
And an easy way out
My my

Forget me if you want
But if it's alright
Let me tell you up front
I remember what
brings you light
Jun 2020 · 61
Wanted to be wanted
Wanted as i wanted to be wanted by you
Who could ever match my need?

In need of conversation
In need of understanding
In need of the truth

Who could match
My need for that?
Definitely not me
Definitely not

Angry for running
You away
Then killing you
With need
I'm jealous of my friends
That don't care
Sleep around
just sleep

That is not me anymore
This time down

Blue as basalt
As i lay on the ground
River running over me
Volcanic earth frozen

I hope i drown
Jun 2020 · 47
Vision loaded
In a gun
Spin the cylinder
Point it at my
Pull the trigger for fun

Soul sad and body lonely
I can't be that wrong
We'll see i guess
When it's all done

Coffin calling
Measured for a suit
That would never
Have fit me
Were i standing up

Catching the west wind
Zephyr sweet life
Just a little curl
For a barrel roll
If you like the surf

Walk into the morning
Through trees and stuff
Swing into
The river
When my work
Is mostly done

Sweat my way up the hill
Play a little
Eat something good
Go to sleep
Wake up
Do it again
Jun 2020 · 44
Panic sets in but i ignore it again
It's just your name caught in my
I'll Heimlich myself
If i don't start breathing pretty quick
Or maybe I'll just throw up

Slide under your locked door
A 3×3 inch card
A small scissors
And an engagement ring

If you can figure a way to get the card around your head
The card says
You don't have to marry me
Keep the ring

But if you can't
Which you can
You'll have to be my bride
For this short time
That it takes
Me to suffocate
Jun 2020 · 53
I lied
Want a drink
a couple of smokes
a girl
I quit all three
Two by choosing to
I think
I will do myself a favor
Give girls another whirl

Like a tiger by the tail
Like a ride
Over the moon
Like nothing ever matters
Yeah, that's her

Make me crazy with her need
For loving
Make smile every time
Make my whole day better
All way
We're all the way

I lied
Jun 2020 · 51
Everyone here knows you
Everyone here knows you
We all hope you're well
They all want to know you better
Understand it's understood
Put the past to rest in hell
Because i only tell them

About me i tell the truth
They see me and
Let me shine
Encourage me to
Epic things

They hear what i say
And shake their heads
Why would I hang on
I say it won't be long now
It's been a long day
But now it is gone

Hoping is a weak way
Of figuring out
how to
Speak out of my mouth
Action is louder
You know what they say
About words anyway

Drastic means were
To stop the
We were likely to die
Right where we are

Maybe we did
But I'm in my neighborhood
That's blessing
Beyond measure
It feels good

But i still
Think we were great
You did a good thing
It wasn't too late
Took until today
Broke the machine down
Vitriolic wasteland
Infrastructure be ******

I'm going on up again
Against my better judgement
Again I silently decide
No one else will
Do it
I'm going back up
It's got to be done

There's alot of lean
To it this time
Ice, now rain on a hot wire
Never survive the strain
I'll climb.

With tears in my eyes
Remembering names
Knowing nothing proof positive
Except for the fact that

I've got a long vacation coming
When and if I come back
May 2020 · 61
For a Friend
I want to scream
I can't get away
Plenty of pleasure
The take take away

I want to do
The things that I have to say

Rolling around alone
Didn't get much done


Bringing it home

It used to be a
Friend of mine

Believe in me
Because I

Friend to me
May 2020 · 53
I'd sure like to get in there

I'd never need out

Never need out again

Blood on my hands

Except the floor 

The couch

The bed

Blood on my hands

This ain't the first

Time I've been 

Let down

It's your blood


Out of me

Forget, forget

Running out of me

Blood on your hands

Way down

The way

It used to be

Blood on your hands


Harder to recognize


Because we've blood on

Our hands

Scared to recognize


Inside the 

Way it used to be

Moving my hands

Hard to fly

****** my hands



Blood where my hands were once

May 2020 · 51
I hate cats
And sympathy
I don't hate
Or have a habit
That goes through

Anyone's anything

4 c
If u
Even ever

To me
If'n u can ever
Get around

You can come over
Get all overwhelmed
Get all over me
May 2020 · 45
Tiny tattoo
Tattooing with a gun
With no ink
Stare in the mirror
Until my eyes water
Smoke and blood and
Dust from my skin

Like a pilot writing your name
In the sky

I'm rooting around in my skin
Bleeding your name
Am I finished?

Cut smoke, bank left and roll

I hope she saw me in the sky today
He thought

Shut off the gun
And with that the dust 
the rest

Blades of grass
Crocuses and lillies and daffodils
Sunshine and trees and 
Music and laughter

All in this tiny tattoo
Mar 2020 · 79
If you are really in love
With me now
You are so incredibly important

I won't enter the contest
But i may crawl
across the floor

only because i want to save you with dancing
Mar 2020 · 46
gas in the can
**** in the snow
spit in the wind
both froze in the air
hit the road again

never get cold
warm is as warm lulls
gas in the can
hit the road again

gone are those days
my dog and i fly
gone are those days
now it's just i

move on ahead
gas in the can
thumb on my hand
hit the road again
Mar 2020 · 56
crokus outlook
standing firm
just like
i always do
when i catch a glimpse
of your thigh
your bright sun
Mar 2020 · 48
ship going down
your gatemouth gasping

air strickened
crooked shooter
surrender flaggin
surround sound
laugh track laughing

dry sailing
guard railing
panic flail wave back
as i roll away from you
lying as you're back-tracking

measuring cup
baby get your fill

loose lip hanging
from your teeth
just like laundry drying
on the line
which is thin
Your gate-mouth open
in a grit-tooth hundred year
sand laden wind
Mar 2020 · 40
the sound of his voice
you hear in my voice that i know you
if your ears don't
the rest of your body does

you can read my words
say i love you
but you say yes
yes because

you ache for me
you miss my lips
on your lips
and the turn-a-round
way that you feel

I'm the quiver
between your thighs
and the bright spot
on your mind
Mar 2020 · 50
repeat for a friend
blowby smells
like gasoline slowly burning
that rarely happens

i once put a small flame
out with gasoline
when i tried to repeat
this magic
for a friend
i nearly burnt down
the entire back yard

it felt
like an emergency
Mar 2020 · 56
i'll swing instead
'owling winds from HER past
scrape my esteem
from the flesh of my am

with the truth as a weapon
she rides over me with shame
as a war-pony

from the king of nothing
to the fool of fantasy
the card of
my am
not with 'er

sheer ill intent
damage so deep
to breathe
is a crime
for my am

no safe passage
trickery and slippery
wet moss on the rocks
I'll swing
like no *****

so childlike
i hurt
my am
safety is going
to be a climb
i am
Mar 2020 · 48
burn me down
sunlight spills from
her eyes
her words
drip honey
her lips are
i wish she would burn
me down
with all of her kisses
Mar 2020 · 47
who still prays?
does it even it out?
we'll see.
"I'll say a prayer for you",
she said.
who still prays?
i do.

where will it end?
right here he said.
she was getting in her car
and said, "I'll pray for you".
right on time, he thought.
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