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Apr 2021
You've ruined the moon
And the trees that I see it through
They are burnt and charred
As am I

They were on fire
which burned down
the home next to them

The basement is where
The heirloom mirrordumb
Ashcan wish-dope
Memory shift
Sunday school
Was located

I am sifting through the ashes in the basement
They are not my ashes
I am obligated
To a friend's loss
Elephant deja vu

You've ruined the moon
With long distance wishes
And lipstick smeared napkins
Plus haiku
And your hair on my sweater from a long forgotten night
when we held one another
For comfort and warmth and believing in
the moon

The moon is the same
the planet is ruined
i became sadness
And sadness
Becomes me
While I wait for death
And another chance
To hold your beautiful heart

Not the same reasons
The moon is the same
The reason
Carries us
Across together

If you see the moon
Please ask her
If we could make it up to her
One day somehow

Maybe just knowing that we both look at her
Maybe just knowing

I've lost my heart and
My moon isย ย ruined
My way is set
My resolve milky
The light of a perfect

The moon is meaningless
Without you
Gumballs and taffy
Bread on a pb&j
That stayed out
All night last
With stoic pilgrimsย ย 
And the last strains
Of kinda blue

From the moment we knew
And our eyes made
The day
I have had my will lashed
To the mast

where are you?
where are you?
Jericho's little brother
Written by
Jericho's little brother  57/M/Earth
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