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Touch me there
Touch me here
Kiss me there
Kiss me here
Lick me there
Lick me here
I’m your *****
I’m your fantasy
Short version of long version
Here you are again
In my mind you seem to live
As I take one shot of tequila
Wishing I was just drowning in it
Your laughter echos
Your touch, I can feel it
Your voice, I can hear it
Another shot of tequila I take
I swear I can smell your cologne
As your eyes haunt me
What is it about you, that I can’t seem to erase
Another shot down
And many more to go
I close my eyes
And it feels like I can see you
Saying my name
One more time
Saying you love me
One last time
Forth down
And I’m lost
With no words to say
But just pain to feel
As I fall drowning in tequila
Tears rolling down
Mind blowing up
Feelings hurt
Body aching
But still a smile
Re wrote it to a shorter version
I grabbed his hand
He grabbed mine
held me tight
And smiled with his beautiful smile
I felt loved
Twirled me in circles
Promised me a lovely life filled with beauty,
power and security
Caressed my cheek
Shaped my hair
As his eyes got darker
He whispered
Not to be scared
Or not to even scream
It will be okay and soon it will be over
He continued
A tear rolled down my cheek
Something inside me yelled help
But my eyes were attached to his
My soul was loved by his
He looked into my eyes
And kissed me with a powerful kiss
But nothing seemed to matter  
As I begin to dance with the devil
My appearance, judge it
My smile, hate it
My tears, laugh about it
My emotions, play with it
My scars, call me emo
Who I am, you just wouldn’t care to understand
Aiming for self love
Let her run
Let her hide
Let her believe life is wrong
Cause one day he’ll come
And prove her wrong
His death may have not killed me
But it has wounded me
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