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If I were a poem
I’ll be an open book
Letting others know who I am
Putting tears, happiness or hate
In one sentence
Letting out my expressions for them to relate
Talking about life or death
Be emotional or not
Living for today and wish for tomorrow
For whoever is reading me please understand
I’m not down hearted
Either elated
Sharp or necessary
Excellent or worthy
I am a poem
It felt like a ticking bomb
Trying to put back all the pieces
For no screams or hatred to be shout
But it was late...
It’s a shame for all those
Bruises and tears
Crying for help but no one gives a ****
Pain and blood drips
But no one to heal it
Reaching for covers but it’s all useless
For those Bruises and Tears
Listening to music and even a shower can cover those tears
But those bruises will always scar
Trying not to remember
But it’s difficult to stare away
Another day goes by
Crying at night and healing those bruises
And hoping for that bomb
To no more tick
Face melted
Lips want to quiver
tears want to release
mouth aches
Jaw tingles
Hands begins to shakes
I don't to want reveal this
Sad face
The only guy who I ever loved like never before. That no matter what hurt you gave me I would never leave.
But it’s not fair, that I get to hurt when you get to be okay
That I have to suffer only to make you happy
I lost part of myself when I left you, because you were my whole world. And I didn’t know where to find a reason to keep living for.
Because your all that ever mattered to me. I never wanted anyone more than I wanted you.
And I hate you! More than anything in this world. Because I fell in love with you and you didn’t catch me. You only did whatever made you happy or whatever was convenient for you. And I noticed it but I didn’t want to lose you. I did everything for you only for you to know that I care for you and that you wouldn’t replace me. But you didn’t want me... you always left me and ignored me. That now when I get left or ignored I feel like nothing. I feel that the person I’m trying to be with doesn’t want to be with me and that I’ll never ever find happiness because you said so.
You broke me, you made me feel **** because you were never happy for the way I looked. You made me feel worthless for the times you cheated. You made me feel weak for the times you lied. You made me feel like I didn’t matter. And that no matter what I do or say no one will care and no one will listen. I never lied to you because I always told you truth because I didn’t want you to look ******.
I always cried at night because I didn’t want you to know your hurting me or that you can have power over me.
This one is for you, the guy who broke me
I am a scared little girl
I wonder if I can stop being scared...
I hear people calling me names
I see people staring and laughing at me
I want them to stop because...
I am a scared little girl
I pretend they’re just staring because they want to be my friend
I feel sad at the same time because I know it’s not true
I touch my eyes to rub on them to clear the tears
I worry if they’ll try to push me on the ground
I cry because I know
I am a scared little girl
I understand I shouldn’t be
I say to myself I shouldnt be
I dream that I am not
I try to be someone different
I hope to be someone different,
But for now
I am a scared little girl

— The End —