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 Jan 5 Matthew
 Jan 5 Matthew
I want to know if I have enough will power.
If I have enough strength to actually go through with it.
I know we'll be so much happier, and I think I'm going to start today.
Less and less everyday.
 Jan 5 Matthew
Inside is dark
Unpredictable, dangerously cruel, jealous
Outside is light
Positive, warm, simply soothing
The door is large
Built of solid red wood
It has scratches on both sides
Wood has been stripped and hinges scuffed

I have the key to the door
Reluctant but now prepared
For what happens when it opens
And they finally meet
 Jan 5 Matthew
My sunset is
Your sunrise
I feel far from you and
I miss you, my sunshine
 Dec 2019 Matthew
Someone asked me to draw
Draw what heartbreak looks like
I finally got tired of drawing a broken heart
And I started drawing you
 Dec 2019 Matthew
even the darkest minds can drip gold;
pink roses can bloom behind ****** chain link fences,
as leaves can stay orange as they float in puddles reflecting gray.

there’s always stars in the dark.
Do you think a girl could love a boy who writes for her a million poems?  That's what I plan to do.
 Dec 2019 Matthew
Climactic Poet
Why come now?
When the show is over?
When the curtains are closed?

My love, it’s too late.
I don’t feel anything for you anymore
In fact
I don’t feel anymore
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