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744 · Nov 2019
Aqua Lush
Matthew Nov 2019
What do you want, from me 
do you want me, to whisper,
from the clouds, like ***** rain.
588 · Dec 2019
War-Torn Sheets of Satin
Matthew Dec 2019
turning her charms so slow.
he smiles,
in the wetness of his reward
cranking and cranking!
winding her in notch after notch
tormenting her to madness.

all her dreams melt into him
as his promised shards hit deep
****** after ******!
his jagged edge cuts to bleed
her mind and body
leading her to a valley of darkness

bellows and cries
relentlessly in her crescent moon
the moans swelling
from the corners of her abyss
he stabs wildly
in the glare of her darkshine

leaving the streaks of fingerprints
across her window pane
devilishly in his detail of precision
distorting her pleasure in pain
the legs of her willingness spread wide

her Innocence weeps nectar
tears from the depths of her
obscene layers of unseen obsession
unfold the heated flower
of her awaken phoenix-fire

tightening the gaps of her resistances
enraging his beast to survival
forcing his fight for freedom
thrashing away
his ***** courage leading the way

she finally surrenders
to his death blows
in total disregard in retaliation
she strikes a venomous bite
to his throat and lips
her poisonous kiss

their last breath shares
perspiration's sweet scent of exhaustion
as their life force drains to one
from their lust of the battle
in their pursuit to win the war of passion
516 · Nov 2019
Matthew Nov 2019
I want the moon
to be ours 
Not Yours Not Mine
in lunar madness we orbit
horizontal to the dark side
full on the mouth
in half dressed lust 
quartered in love shivers 
le soleil I'm your sun
burning masculine
la lune your my sultry luna
dripping female form
night lighting
electric snow
basking amour 
Not Mine Not Yours 
Our Moon
360 · Nov 2019
Love Held Down
Matthew Nov 2019
Dead on the water I found sound
Lost in the heavens I found hell
Pigeon-toed in my heart I found you
321 · Nov 2019
Like No Rock
Matthew Nov 2019
Like No Rock

I could love you like a rock 
sit here and do nothing 
heavy on you 
love you like the breeze
take you to places
you never felt before 
riding on my storming nights
281 · Nov 2019
Drowning in Faith
Matthew Nov 2019
Thy good book, hasn't the buoyancy
naught,  get cross with me
like thee, can walk on water
273 · Dec 2019
Blinded By The Wise
Matthew Dec 2019
I've been enlightened to see today
there are to many cracks in my darkness
for the enlightenment to penetrate
263 · Nov 2019
I dance in Her
Matthew Nov 2019
I dance in Her metaphor 
                                    I step in step
within the shadow casted by wanting eye

I swirl Her enchanting dreams 
                                     I glide debonaire
twirling through with crystal ball flare

I take a knee to Her grace 
                                     I catch the night
silver leaf flowing elegant gown seams

I with gracious heart in Her arms
                                    I can't fool I know
more then two d whispers are always craved

I oh so beautifully in deep love with Her
                                    I think wishes be true
in the bolero devine, the danger zone, Her soul
234 · Dec 2019
Multiplied to Her
Matthew Dec 2019
mine is yours the love I grow
from within the beats of
my chambers times four
226 · Nov 2019
Wrenching Limerence
Matthew Nov 2019
we are the love
we leak
from our eyes
in our pain
our hearts melt
for our amour
to burn us in the heat
of passionate words
flying from our lips
wanting ears
kissed left needing more
to go all the way
the distance between
our grip gripping us
to be submissive
you to my storming mars
thus my candy coated mars
to your molted venus
216 · Dec 2019
Shadows Spilling
Matthew Dec 2019
love me in the middle of my heart
he said: so I can hold you with the rest 

his dancing rainbow glistened her pink
down the long legs of taste 

her fingertips smear, claw, and draw blood 
burning in his wicked dark bites 

salivating tongue-tied in leather
palm fired in hues, pain ruby-red

ankles to ears buried in intimacy
thrusting his tempered double edge

stoking his turning coals
her kiln in full blowing flames

sweet, sweat stained souls
melting, their essence steaming

sultry perfume, of pearly lust dipping
they dine on the fringes of the night 

echos overlapping eating from shadows spilling
they found the hands they been itching for

to write parallel graffiti on a canvas of falling skin
coming close to the void of exiting existence
202 · Dec 2019
Happy Fingerprints
Matthew Dec 2019
let my soul smudge your silk stitched skin
as I slam your door wide open to shivers 
rocking your walls wet to your foundation 

crumbling me like tasting cookie dough to rise 
slurping the valentine from my spilling love
whispering me into long wrapping holiday legs

we draw lines of sensual curves to cross
punishing me to beg for more vanella thighs
we whip thick icing spreading your pound cake

our hypocrisy sins cry, longing for midnight
I'm your flame licking, bursting your heaven's gate
your my pleasures achingly to bite again and again

diving in your hot pool splashing pink lemonade
we're drowning in our streamy lip sipping kisses 
making scars itching, dripping with happy fingerprints
198 · Nov 2019
See This Tree
Matthew Nov 2019
you see this tree
standing out in the breeze
the only Beautiful thing 

in the shadowy bland gray's 
surrounding dull greens 

in my eyes
diamond tears smiling 
a kiss for the wind to hug

each blossom
a memory of bliss
thinking about your lips

the metaphor of white your purity
the love I would never leave behind
you're my flowery tree of poetry
Matthew Nov 2019
tanning at high noon
under the shade
protruding the shape
from a field of sunflowers
towering the surrounding grass

I'm beaming back a smile
bewildered and bedazzled
barraged by amazement
to the grandeur of their petals 
and their seeds
a roasted culinary delight

nature's compass
staying eye to eye
with the life giving rays 
full of nutrients sun-fired
beating down from the sky

yellows, browns, and
bright dull greens
are they not just Beautiful
169 · Nov 2019
Leaning Crown
Matthew Nov 2019
May your heavens part ways
Blasted in the atomic weight
And drops a hell's worth of hell
Upon your crooked leaning crown
140 · Nov 2019
Dark Seuss IV
Matthew Nov 2019
We are all shells of pain 
and if you get close enough
you can hear an ocean of misery.
128 · Nov 2019
Are So
Matthew Nov 2019
are so
in my soul
I'm crying
for your pain
have no arms
to hold be back
no lips
to tell me no

have no love
that doesn't 
more of
126 · Dec 2019
You Left Me Lukewarm
Matthew Dec 2019
I don't want to die 
I just want to lie here
room temperature an emotionless
121 · Nov 2019
Fireplaces Dreams
Matthew Nov 2019
like peach orchids standing passionately tall.
in cheery red poppy fields.
their rosy hues complementing their persuasive rumba.
bathed in perpendicular sunlight.

the parallel candle ends burning a waxy river.
a rainbow of cliche parasol drips dripping.
off tear drop stems thumping thrashing.
the peat moss growth of loneliness.

liberating a kissing pilotlight. 
drowning in aching elongated heart shapes.
reaching with brisk shores to
re-unite seductive continental drift.

damming all turbulent ocean currents. flowing through the darkest wayward days.
from the bare skin walked beaches.
impacted by grainlets of golden sands grinding.
crystallizing the depths of picaresque affections.

our bodies emotional obsessions.
tied to mutualism symbiotic entangled nature.
we plant loving lips in a blizzardery electric snow.
roasting fireplaces dreams.
113 · Nov 2019
Homemade Love
Matthew Nov 2019
Dead roses with greying complexion
three stems bent their thorns to flimsy
to ***** a drop of blood posed on dry-rot table top

Sheets of memories in piles of petals turning to dust scattered like Custer's last stand, across sixteen hundred square feet of unlivable space

Lonely walls gawked by empty rooms behind door's locked and hinges rusted shut, echo no slamming laughter

Condemned hallways coloured by black mold spreading out like veiny fingers of black lung bordered corner to corner with ***** spider lace

Shattered windows lay in shards framed by broken smiles darkened by boarded up dreams splintered in night terrors

A wet paint sign flaking to the ground next to a heavy weaved mat with weak tea letters in red saying welcome

Heart stained felt torn to shunder tattered and frayed into clogged
hollow thick chambers
had homemade love
once upon a time.
112 · Nov 2019
Cursing You To My Heart
Matthew Nov 2019
I cut myself, ever, moon lit night
Living drops, drip, pool in blood
To write, your name, in three fonts
103 · Dec 2019
Drifting Our Souls
Matthew Dec 2019
I make love to you
in the clouds cherries jubilee

my blandishment glide
parts your calming seas

the night applauds
our propinquity hearts 

grants us the light
inspissating the dawn

as we promulgate,
erupt shivers into the sky

in our arms
the organon universe expands 

pouring easy
as sunday morning 

a babbling brook
in natural hot springs

cuts a winding valley
drifting our souls
101 · Nov 2019
Dark Seuss bent over ending
Matthew Nov 2019
write to me in shadowy kisses
code your desire with over punctuation
pause me in the wink of your comma
dot your I's with little heart-*****

long hand me dark printed innuendos
quick to the ways of wickedness
showing off your double entendres 
making me lick between the lines
whilst ******* your tight margins

spilling the nights succulent obscenities
wet in vanishing ******* dry ink
letting your words drip me a fantasy
revealed in the fingerprint heat
of midnight edible ******* 

as your quill falls in free verse
aventures pulling your hair back
flower dancing me a peek-a-boo show
over indulge fonting me with calligraphy
your signature *** gripping graffiti

tagging my canvas as your ****** art
leaving me violated-satisfied
in black leather and lace
tied to every tongued soaked syllable
swaying your skimpy fairytale bent over ending
100 · Dec 2019
Dark Seuss luv to learn
Matthew Dec 2019
I fall down, only to learn from the pain
stubbing my heart on the way
was an unexpected side effects
93 · Dec 2019
Kneeling Shame
Matthew Dec 2019
am, I not allowed, to bow before thee
without tongue wagging to please
and lips puckered perfectly derrier
Matthew Dec 2019
I'm doing it! 
you're doing it!!!
all the cool kids,
are doing it!! 

and they are doing it!!
and them too, doing it!!
look, there his trying to do it?!!

with very little success
but let's all, give him,
a hand for trying......!
86 · Nov 2019
You are a Pebble
Matthew Nov 2019
You are a pebble
washed over by others shallow thoughts
as shiny and as beautiful
as any precious gem stone setting
upon top of the finest gold ring
on any hand worthy of beauty 

Your brilliant hue
crys crystal blue persuasion
sacred with mascara black veins
cutting through as one
in jagged ramadan twists
around *** appeal turns 

the selfish tries to steel your treasure
leave you to dry up in a broken sun
taking you from your loving home 
to lock you away in a private three lock box
for their late night polishings viewed by one  
high on their elevated shoes

Some wish to teach you to fly
with smiles for the heavens 
under their wings shadowing all your bling 
hoping to wear you around their neck 
like a trophy claiming all your glory 
with a clasp of broken luck

Me  oh, I want to adore your glistening kiss
crushing the velvet blackening my heart
dive in the depths of your muse
poetically expending my unwritten universe
within me to shimmer crimson poetry  
cheering you on to greater awareness  
brighten by your silhouette bathing my desire
84 · Nov 2019
a place to sit
Matthew Nov 2019
to be an original
I am human a genetic pattern
for the future of the past
I am the present to all tomorrow's
I would like to be an original 

a unicorn poet, the one and only 
finding meaning to the words
left discarded like trash 
in literature's cracks

creating a full meal from scratch 
sweeping up the crumbs
for intellect to snack 
thoughts out of bound
no throne or crown

a new way to show you to the door
to let the metaphors fly
free to soar from sorrows pity
the fools self-inflicted broken heart

mythical and wise
to bring insight to the inner peace 
of man, beast, and machine
to no longer hear the war cry

to bring the dawn of possible dreams
a ladder to the bridge,
to the next evolution of life
to give to you not ask of you
a place to sit and absorb our universe
80 · Nov 2019
Deadmans Brow
Matthew Nov 2019
If you could hold me, scold me now
excuse tearing tears weeping shame
as I cry to you from deadmans brow
81 · Nov 2019
Dear Sir Name
Matthew Nov 2019
Mama, oh, mother 

tas it "I" ?

who bought the dark cloud,
raining dark prison days, 
over and down onto, home?
did "I", soil daddy's sir name?
The history of my genetic donors are not a savory one!!!!
I stand in the doorway taking in the truth of the house built on the lies praying to be true
77 · Nov 2019
Matthew Nov 2019
my days go cold
without your lips
upon my heart
the dark nights
have not the warmth
without your heart
upon my soul
I see no future
worthy of living
without your love
upon my lips
76 · Dec 2019
Perforated Emotions
Matthew Dec 2019
shades pulled
drapes black-heart
and the *******
flying in the air 
gilded lily handle
fastened in the fashion
forged welded revenge 

fast in the hand
honing to slice
the pain from 
plasticity wanting smile
number nine scalpel
sharpened razor thin
for center procedure
straight through the heart.

perforated emotions
torn from long sleeves
sheathing dramatic
rattling riddled bones
harvesting on the calendars
darkest days in blood 
poisonous pollen nectar
cooked raw hunger

to sting deep the toxic
deadly sweeten honey
frayed heartstrings deaf toned
to the hollow point falling tears 
echoing the blues
cord g-bye in taps
tapping the melancholy
melody of last post
76 · Nov 2019
I Got a Grip
Matthew Nov 2019
the voices keep
telling me,
the shadows

aren't really there

but I
still see them lurking

does that mean
the voices
aren't crazy

am I?
Based on true events , conjured from the shadows
74 · Nov 2019
Dark Seuss cafe danger
Matthew Nov 2019
Dark Seuss cafe danger

disturbed to pieces
snagged by a smile
my hand is rock solid
but the quill is feeling queasy
the words are churning green
lame dry toast to the tongue
the ******* thus to the wise
to settle this dire dispute
creamed by butterness 
two sugary coated eyes
like passing strangers
lost without the light
flattered for mere moments
a brighter twenty four hours
65 · Dec 2019
Are Not Capital Gains
Matthew Dec 2019
join with me, in the empty streets
wide with ghost town syndrome
as my second mind unwinds in the indulgence

am I, the mannequin perfectly built comfortly undressed to the nines, no suit and tie to look my best
as I, scarecrow only the poor window shoppers

wishing for death, longer than they can hold their breath
from the oxygen that is evenly free
to maintain even a miserable life,  struggling out a living

no parchment paper, no parsley on the side
buried in debt, interest rates don't durendal
in a breeze whilst on medical leave
the sickly, with deep linted pockets looking to the sky for the cough drops to fall, like feather can fly

is it nonsense, to feel no common ground empathy
under a blanket of cold, sleeping in
natures man made ditches, disfavored as filth
pity thee fool, who can't count the bodies piling up
like the floors of the newest
pristine skyscraper

named, I'll never be successful enough to pay my taxes
the good American floating billions "my money"  in off shore bays
smiling with frugal achievements
because socialist skills, are not capitalist gains
58 · Nov 2019
Matthew Nov 2019
your the heart that grown me cold
the saltwater burning down my cheeks

though I can't find the tears to cry
I fight your coarseness
from drying them to a white flakey crust

to be blown away in your tortured kiss adding to the turmoil drowning me in a painful thick brimy sea

the elixir you let me taste freely
that one, should never have slipped
in good faith

leaving me sunk on the bad ship heartwreck
57 · Nov 2019
Matthew Nov 2019
read me
for the broken poetry
that I am
56 · Nov 2019
Love Pools Receding
Matthew Nov 2019
our love pools receding
when they should be
getting kisses of plankton
to feed our bigger hunting fish
we are becoming,
growing lustfully in size
and the bite in our hunger
to be our self contained ecosystem
created from our primordial love ooze
sparked to life
from our lips static electric snow
55 · Nov 2019
Reached In Care
Matthew Nov 2019
it's just a-day, it's just the day, it's just a day, it was just a-day.
the sun was out, the breeze was light.
aqua flowing grass bending to its will.
as a life in waning, stumbles to a stop, and falls to the ground.
clothed in any day clothes.
a sky, blue as any man's dreams,
and the chrips, and the chirps, echoing the birds soaring with flight.
children in the backyard, playing games, running in their youth.
meanwhile, at the side of the house, disheveled, but the body takes no breath,
no rising in the chest.
by the time anyone reached in care, noticed he had no pulse.
52 · Dec 2019
Dark Seuss sandwiched in
Matthew Dec 2019
my heart is the tender meat
between your two, thick and hardy
slices of bull you like to serve me
51 · Nov 2019
Chandelier Shaded Light
Matthew Nov 2019
you are purity northen snow
looking for a ***** puddle 
to splash your dreams 
your calling card
a lavender garter belt smile
greeting me
in sheer rip away pantyhose

I take stock in your provisions
your dainty crimson heart 
in huggable fluffy blue socks
in contrast to my bohemian
naked sockless tender feet
your legs open minded 
to take in my deep thoughts

my ****** veracity booms 
your ****** groaning barrier
decelerating silky winds 
your painting shadow
fades into us as one soppin wet
tongue twisting kiss

swaping syllables in the ears
our spoonerism speckled
between our two worlds 
my dark silhouette presence
buried in your chandelier
shaded light
46 · Nov 2019
Matthew Nov 2019
she sits cooling
like shaded illumination
at the height of silence
reflected from her
aloof sheening locks

her alluring
bear trap smile
bated with glorious vertex
dreams upon her reflex angle
portrait of youth

wise sagacious
fallen beyond her years
housed under
the epidermis
diffused rose pigment

she precipitates recognition
in her farouche of beauty
but in all fairness
of awareness

to her bared focal point
she vociferates
like shy blue skies
she can't go unnoticed
44 · Nov 2019
The Texture of Love
Matthew Nov 2019
lonely hands reaching 
for the textures of love
milking all our fortitude
for the roasting light 
breaming the dawn 

she rolled over to remove
the sand from her sun polar skin 
her eyes dreary and tired 
still baskin' me with her 
smiling aftershocks 
from our continental drift 

as I shiver in my vulnerability 
for my need to have 
no distance between us
to let our bodies rest 
in this forever moment 
loss of time and words 

still tethered by emotional sleeves
in our natural full splendor
we watch the world 
go about its daily beauties

a soft hand defining a raw **** 
makes its way through my hair
in a single syllable
her profile nest into my chest
32 · Nov 2019
Cowboy Silly
Matthew Nov 2019
the cowboy was feeling silly
out on the town looking for
a rambunctious bronking filly

his days worked fast
but felt so long
the nights out on the prairie
were hauntingly cold
but feel so lonely 

the dead sounds echoing
the rolling plains 
silent to all derelict movement
mooned eyed critters
creapy crawling about the feet
not the right kind of
slithering serpent, needed for body heat

the sun in all its glorious 
golden hues sibilate a unity in colors 
waking the unforgiving land
hours behind his
crepuscular sunbaked skin
canvassed in leather scars

riding out from the threshold fears 
in the jilted hearts of
the Apache's political affairs
knowing the doted line
has never been the friend
to a chicken scratch man

his side bar thoughts
meant to entertain 
adjacent to moseying the dusty trail
tailgating a herd of heifer ***
thirsty for a tall wide bottomed glass
filled to the top less of a lid
with a slow ***** pour

hiking a short skirt
bridled to prance around
up and down
the patina fantasies
gidding up in a cowboys mind
going bucking wild
burning his brand for stud
29 · Dec 2019
Given Any Blessed Time
Matthew Dec 2019
if given any blessed time
you shadow my thoughts
there will be words, one of a kind 
electric snow flakes, crystalized tears 

sugared, powered sweet, for your touch
stripping double clutched, hammer down 
grinding my heart beats sonic boom
in a thunder my pen rolls my smolder

to taste the dripping aroha off your tongue
a willing flowery vine dressed in kiwi hues 
taunting the seams and pelling flushed petals
for to my fortitude sticks licking you sticky
last,  love, poem, poetry, adult

— The End —