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Tamia Garner May 2016
I think I've given up
There's nothing left except for my hollow shell
Maybe hope just went somewhere else
Or he was murdered in his sleep
Dying nowadays doesn't seem all that scary
Nothings keeping me here anyways
My heart, mind, and soul are ready to venture into the world after death
But my lips still have the sting from where your lips once lingered
Forcing me to stay
My love
Please don't haunt me anymore with the taste of your kiss...
For it's the only reason that I'm still here
  May 2016 Tamia Garner
Joshua Haines
Asked to be safe, to be calm,
with the suction-pores of each palm.
Lips in twist with skin so sour,
drawing blood to drown a flower.
Pulling back, to study faces,
shaking out of sure embraces,
her heels kicked out
and her face soon followed,
and what she left,
I chewed and swallowed.
  May 2016 Tamia Garner
The parking lot
Is empty
The ballroom is a mess
There’s an untouched
Cake next to
An unworn dress
Today should have
Dawned a perfect new start
Now the champagne is nursing
A broken heart
Tamia Garner May 2016
Eyes as blue as the ocean
I shall not shed a tear
For the broken heart that you’ve caused
Boy with the cornflower hair
My heart, a weeping willow that only you can water.
The bloom of our love still waivers
Waiting to be claimed
Silence is our sanctuary
I’ll wait forever, mourning the time I’ve wasted
Till the day you come spilling your heart, begging to have me love you…
My heart is forever withering
Waiting to be watered by the fountain
Of your love
Tamia Garner May 2016
We are young, counting down the days until our birth
Till we see the light of day and
Hear the cries of the birds
I’d hold your hand but I’m falling
I’m trying so hard not to cry
But the tears are my enemy
We are young
I know of the troubles the world has given you
It breaks my heart to see you this way
Save me, while I try to save you
Hold on to your youth while you can
Mama we all get wrinkles when we get older
And the forms
That we once had
We won’t have anymore
I’ll save you
Before death knocks on the door
I’ll tell him you’re not home
So that you can stay a little longer
Save me, while I save you
But death is inevitable I’m afraid
Because no one’s Forever Young
We all lose our beauty
Age is inevitable
No one lives forever.
But we can pretend that our youth is immortal
And that our innocence was never lost

— The End —