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Jul 2015 · 7.9k
Machines of War
Land of the free
words fed intravenuously
like opiates into opened veins
until the lies they tell us become truth

Propaganda filled drips
drown out the screams of the innocent
killed by fear and misdirected hatred
and soldiers fighting "wars" on terror

How then does the aggressor become hero?
while handing out oppression labelled as democracy
liberty  comes encased in the shell of a bullet
and if you resist.........freedom

comes quicker than you wish
Feb 2015 · 1.4k
Come what may
Life is often dark for
those that dream

brighter for those born
kings and queens

brighter yet for the ones
that find beauty in all things
Jan 2015 · 2.1k
I threw bread on the ground
watching, as the rivalry begins
black birds swooping down
chasing away their fair-weather friends

the birds, every one, trying their best
back and forth, the fight, the hurt
each piece a new conquest
while only a few feet away, more bread lay in the dirt
at our core, aren't we all just scavengers?
we are so short sighted that we no longer pay attention to our surroundings and lose sight of the bigger picture in our daily struggles.
Jan 2015 · 1.9k
Your voice was a quiet calm
a prelude to darker skies and
the storms you kept hidden
beneath cumulus smiles

You called me a storm chaser
maybe you were right, love
because I've always found the sound of rain
on hardened surfaces soothing

The gentle way water
patiently waits, biding its time
till even rock gives way and surrenders
forming mountains, and rivers deep

This is how canyons are formed
deep rifts within the soul
with nothing left to bridge the divide, pursuit becomes impossible
but maybe that was the goal all along

Maybe I pursued you knowing that you'd run
and you became my rainbow
Because you knew, no matter how close I think I am..

we'll always still be miles apart
Written by B. Dixon
January 21, 2015
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
(Un)requited Love
I spoke those words, and
immediately almost choked on them
I always second guess decisions,
usually I conclude I made the wrong one

but with you it felt right, at first
now I'm only left with doubts, and the thought
that maybe it was all too soon
because there's only silence between us

you rarely open up to me
yet when you do, I feel loved
the moment is always fleeting
with you, it's  either feast or famine

now I am scared to death to even talk to you
I'm scared that I might've lost you
scared of what you'll say, or not say
when all I really want to know is...

do you feel the same way about me?
It doesn't seem like you even care that we go days without talking. I always play this game of how long will it take her to miss me enough to actually message me. ( I always lose, and end up texting you )
Dec 2014 · 628
I've heard that "No man is an island, entire of itself" but
There are days.....

I wonder "Is the juice worth the squeeze?"
am I winning this battle, just to lose the war?
because oceans have swallowed me whole
and the tides are pulling at my shore

My screams only echo, causing tsunamis that
threaten to destroy every remnant of sanity I have left
So I pray to a god I know doesn't exist
or if he does, he must be deaf

most days I feel like my daughter
would be better off with her father dead
if it wasn't for her smile, I swear this life
would turn from gold to lead
Nov 2014 · 982
i want to build a home
                          i want to frame every goodbye
that's ever left my lips
                         with a sigh, and hang them on walls
built from good intentions
                          i want to lay a foundation
that doesn't crumble beneath a heavy heart
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
We live in a world filled with disposable things
made to be used once, but seldom more than twice
with little or no attachment, we consume mindlessly
single-serving coffee or single serving relationships, it's all the same

We've learned to measure value in terms of convenience

Instant gratification comes with a price, but one we gladly pay
disposing of the evidence neatly and quietly, the carcasses
monuments to a purpose well served; vacant hearts never filled
material things only heal wounds superficially, but

nothing lasts forever, right?
*Our soulless smile, just another by-product of living a disposable life
another repost/remix
Nov 2014 · 898
Slow Dance
Tomorrow doesn't exist
yesterday is just a dream
I lay awake, trying to reminisce
during the days that lay between, and I

Can't seem to retrace
the footprints we left behind
chasing shadows, leads to nowhere
and we're running out of time

so I offer you my hand
we always knew forever wasn't for us
but we'll dance within the flames
till these bodies turn to rust
my rhyming poems always seem so cheesy, I apologize.
Oct 2014 · 903
Fight or Flight
the word pursue
is such a peculiar word
to use to describe the role of
a male in a relationship

It suggests the woman
is running away
and doesn't wish
to be caught

I understand the concept of
playing hard to get
but at some point the chase usually ends
and both people surrender

*but you've never stopped running
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Please* don't misunderstand me
I know this had to be done, things
were growing more rotten by the day
and sudden amputation was our only choice, but

I still feel you, like
fingers grazing skin, I feel you
like a heart that never left this chest
I still feel you, and

Though we had to cut away
the decayed flesh of what is
I am still trapped thinking about
what was, and what could have been

My heart is still full of tomorrows
and I need you to know
I will never love again, not the way I loved you
never that way

Each path before, led me to you  
but somewhere along the way, we took a detour
and I can't stop thinking; Is this how it ends?
is this the way true love was meant to die?

Severed heart, bleeding out within my hand?
I'm only human, and there is a limit
to how much pain I can endure
and even though you're gone

*I can still feel you beating in my chest
A phantom limb is the sensation that an amputated or missing limb (even an *****) is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts
A repost.
Oct 2014 · 990
And so it is, the end has come
my head voluntarily disconnecting
while my heart struggles not to feel
as I turn off any love I've ever felt

Like a faucet, it will drip
until the last drop has bled out
and the neural walls I build, set in place
love is not our home any longer

Love is a place others go, seeking comfort
and acceptance, but not I
I will seek out every dark and quiet corner
love is not welcome here, *not now or ever
Oct 2014 · 591
The clock's ticking
ticking, ticking
a reminder that
we all must die

It's subtle tocking
subconsciously telling its tale;
live for today, for tomorrow
may be a hollow dream

I choose to live rather than to hasten death
feeling comfort in knowing that I do so to the fullest,
not storing empty promises, or
stacking lie upon lie

We live in moments, only fractions at a time
these moments come and go
teaching us that all things are temporal
and all things come with a shelf life

*even gods
Oct 2014 · 3.3k
Jekyll & Hyde
I am on a journey  
and where it leads, I do not know
the bends and twists within my soul
leave my words and deeds feeling hollow

Am I the man I reflect
or a monster laying in wait
conflicting reports have come
and the doubt never abates

I try so hard to
be the best I know how to be
childish remnants stripped away
I'm left to navigate these canals of misery

Am I victim or villain
a product of an earlier fate
or is that just an excuse to unleash the demons
and become the thing  I truly hate

this battle never ends....
Oct 2014 · 739
Still I Climb
Remember us better than we were
and more than we are, better than zealots
and more than just pious primates, always trying to
find meaning in what is and what isn't, we fail miserably

yet still we climb

Unable to circumvent our final exit
we've fabricated imaginary friends, that left bread crumbs to guide us
our fate; self immolation, but we label it paradise
so enthralled with the after, we forget the now

to the hungry, even crumbs taste like kindness

We cite holy verses out of context
to condone genocide and our prejudices
the moral of their story, an afterthought
unless it suits our whim, our disdain and bigotry
thinly veiled in religious veneer

Our sabbaths, are spent professing our love one to another
just like the scriptures command us to
sinners and saints, pharisees and hypocrisy
we confess only the sins we choose to bring to light

Forgive me father, for I have sinned

I have planted myself near the wellspring of knowledge
my roots have grown deep, choking the life from the supernatural
my foolish superstitions wither, absent sustenance
allowing my branches to reach new heights, and yet

*still I climb
A repost
Oct 2014 · 538
My daughter called today crying, and said
"I miss you daddy, when are you moving closer?"

Any other day

I would just tell her "I'll be there soon, baby"
but those words seized up in my throat
and refused to pour from my lips

On most days, I would tell her
"Baby, Sometimes you have lay the foundation,
before you can build the house
" and her
sleeping on the floor and giving me her bed to sleep in
or giving me the 5 dollars that she had saved from her allowance
isn't a viable option (though a heart like her's makes a father proud)

but today

Today I was three seconds
from melting down, the process
signaled by tears that formed like lava
quiet pools meant to renew, gathering at the corners
of these weathered eyes, and it took all the strength I had
not to curl up in the fetal position and close my eyes
until the world turned black

I held everything inside for a few moments longer
just long enough to let her know
that I love her and to say goodbye
I realized at that moment that I had waged this war far too long
and losing a battle like this was not the end of the world, so today  
I held up a white flag in surrender, and gave in

There's something about crying, it's like hitting the reset button
it buys you a few more days before the next breakdown
before the next time life tries to break you
So I cried in my car, alone....

*because today she needed to see strength
and not the cracks in my armor.
Sorry to those of you that read this earlier.  It felt unfinished.
Now it just feels unpolished and like prose or a rambling of thoughts.
Thanks for being patient through my processing.
Oct 2014 · 1.7k
Nashville was never your home
you spoke of Dublin, as if
it were your mecca, your promised land
and now you can run through it's streets once more

Give Anais a kiss for me, you're home
I am at a loss
for words, how to feel
your presence, your poetry
and now I am left with nothing, but

this gnawing in the pit of my stomach

A brief moment, in the sun
but we both bled our lives out
our conversations, our love of poetry
shared in the early hours of the morning

I normally don't feel connected to anyone
but you accepted me for me
and made me feel like
we had been friends for years

and for that, I thank you Suranne
rest well,  I miss you
Oct 2014 · 1.8k
Shelter (10(w))
Don't seek shelter from the storm, life is about rebuilding.
Oct 2014 · 9.9k
You & I
You & I,
are a lullaby

We're the deafening *silence

just after the crash
we are moments of happiness
that never last

We're a riddle
that has no answer
we are both the cure
and the cancer

We've read this book
a thousand times, and in our hearts
we both know this fairytale
can never have a happy ending
I wish it did.....
Oct 2014 · 421
Lost and Found
Shoulder to shoulder, we stood
in our search for contellations and resolution
we found forever in that darkened sky
somewhere just beyond all the confusion
Not sure about this poem. It has a feeling of completeness, as well as a feeling of missing something. Maybe that's why it works so well for me, or I may finish it later once I find the words to fill in the void.
Oct 2014 · 569
Tell Us
Tell us how you really feel

Tell us how you believe black people
originated from god cursing Cain
Tell us how you think

"It's the children that suffer
from interracial relationships, because
it confuses them and they don't know
which race to embrace

Tell us how you believe the poor
"Should just stop being lazy"

How teenage girls should just accept
responsibility for their decisions
while refusing to listen to their pleas for help
after the baby is born into your cruel world

Tell us again, how your god
doesn't pick and choose
the winners and losers
in this ****** up life

"God gave us free-will,
the evil in the world is our own doing

Tell us how saying a prayer
is more acceptable than
actually giving a ****
about your fellow man

I am looking for a reason to believe
*just tell us....
I'll agree with one thing you said. The evil in this world is our doing and I was always taught that if you aren't a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
Oct 2014 · 305
God Only Helps Those...
"I won't help you nor your brother
till you both get right with god

My sister asking you for help
should have brought out any goodness
you had left inside, not this rancor and bitter swill

It's times like this I weep
it's times like this that I wonder
if heaven exists, what will we find
behind the curtain and the booming voice?

I am not a perfect soul
but the goodness inside me
yearns to grow without promise of
reward or threat of repercussion

One day you will either receive retribution
or you will just cease to exist
either way, I hope you find the peace
that the cancer you call religion, could never give you
Sep 2014 · 699
Forever and a Day
I once asked you
"How long will you love me?"
You answered "Forever and a day"
with your faded photograph smile, but

Only a few months later
we'd spend most our day
packing short-term memories
and ******* our goodbye

I guess you either needed a reminder
of why we lasted as long as we did, or
maybe you just wanted to feel my love
being emptied inside you, one last time

Either way,  you and I were never meant to last
we were a chance encounter, a flame
that quickly burned out  moments after you came, and I
watched the farewell dim your eyes

It's funny now, how forever
ended up being a Friday
at a crowded bus station
A remix/repost
Sep 2014 · 4.0k
We are all animals of a baser kind
elementary creatures, reveling in our complexity
an assembly of simple machines, each playing part
in an inseparable chorus of flesh and ego

Boastful beings, claiming we are contrived by gods
fashioned from particles, or the dust of dead giants
though truly, we are merely creations of vanity and chance
the eyes of a universe looking back upon itself in awe

How grand and vain, this cosmic mirror!
****** upon eyes that only stare in wonder
a repost. thank you
Sep 2014 · 1.7k
Sinners and Saints
I often feel alone
even though I 'm reminded
that I have family
that loves me

but sometimes

Family is just a mirror that
chooses to reflect every bad decision
you've ever made in your life
while hiding behind the glass

Sometimes, conversations are held
on one way streets, where sin only comes
in black and white, and the ones that love you
hold gavels between clenched fists

Sometimes, love looks like scorn
and hugs feel a lot like straight jackets that
leave bruises in the shape of hearts
and I-told-you-sos

So I'm alone, and a sinner
*tell me something I didn't already know.
Sep 2014 · 633
Animals (10(w))
We are
only footsteps away
from returning to 
our infancy
Sep 2014 · 838
Bias (10 (w))
Intuitively*, we seek
confirmation, for that
which we already *know
There's a truth to the saying; Birds of a feather, flock together. We surround ourselves with likeminded people, careful not to put wrinkles in our ideologies. Discarding information that doesn't confirm what we hold to be true. They call that "Confirmation Bias"
Sep 2014 · 1.3k
What is at the root of our societal ills?
is it religion? with it's antiquated dogma and decrees
packaged neatly in the form of a pill
militant atheists call for it's eradication, but that
*would only cure a symptom, and not the disease
This poem was inspired by long held beliefs that religion is not the disease, but merely a symptom of a greater problem; human suffering.  Also partially from the article below.

All people operate from the same two motivations: to fulfill their desires and to escape their suffering.

Learning this allowed me to finally make sense of how people can hurt each other so badly. The best explanation I had before this was that some people are just bad. What a cop-out. No matter what kind of behavior other people exhibit, they are acting in the most effective way they are capable of (at that moment) to fulfill a desire or to relieve their suffering. These are motives we can all understand; we only vary in method, and the methods each of us has at our disposal depend on our upbringing and our experiences in life, as well as our state of consciousness. Some methods are skillful and helpful to others, others are unskillful and destructive, and almost all destructive behavior is unconscious. So there is no good and evil, only smart and dumb (or wise and foolish.) Understanding this completely shook my long-held notions of morality and justice.

I encourage you to read the full article here:
Sep 2014 · 1.9k
Deja Vu
Familiar paths
are not always
the best ones
to travel
They say the definition of insanity is
continually doing the same  thing
over and over again and expecting
a different result.
Sep 2014 · 932
Free Will
An agent, choosing freely
doomed to a  fate,  I  know not
or a puppet dangling from a string?

Imagine life as a choir of singlular ripples 
on the surface of a pond, entropic little  dances 
intersecting, until each has passed and gone, each
playing their part, in life's orchestra of cause and *effect
Then also add to the mix the neuro-chemical reactions going on inside our brain that cause us to make certain choices, the evolutionary mechanisms that we've developed along the way (fight or flight etc.) and we soon realize that free will's really just an illusion that we've used to shame ourselves into needing religion. We are naturally self loathing creatures that need to feel guilt. We evolved through suffering, and it's what we do best, suffering and pattern-seeking.
Aug 2014 · 655
I find myself picturing you
mascara running down pristine cheeks
the gurgling sounds that escape your lips
serve only as encouragement
to press further, deeper
the soft grip of throat, swallowing
trying to accomodate more
*always more
Aug 2014 · 977
In our struggle to be different
we force ourselves down pathways
that only lead to conformity

Pawns, with broken minds
trying to heal the symptoms
and not the disease

we tell ourselves, that
we do as we please

Victims of cognitive dissonance

In our efforts to be free
we imprison ourselves
to a job, and narrow avenues
that guide us like cattle
to a single-file slaughter
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
On my journey of discovery
I've realized that,  sometimes
the weight of one's words are harder
to bear than one might expect
Aug 2014 · 619
Why do you crucify me
with sharpened words, as if somehow
your strength relies
on my weakness?

Nowadays, I feel less like lover
and more like sacrificial lamb
and though it's a role I've embraced
my eyes, are dampened daily with tears
that hold no miracle or favor

if I could, I would pull myself down from this cross  
but you drove the nails in too deep this time, and I
only have just enough strength
to turn this water into wine

I begged you to just hold on, hoping
things would get better with time, and that
we would build a shelter together, but

you couldn't, and
I understand why
but don't fault me because
I can't be your savior

*I would save you, if I could
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Please stop playing games
isn't my heart bruised enough?
have I not bled rivers
for you to bathe in?

“I am not a toy”
and when you twist the knife
I feel it

I need peace
and your song
keeps me swimming
to the deep end of despair

Please stop laughing
once you've made me cry
these tears taste like oceans
and I am more than ready
to drown in them
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Just a Taste
Your lips are where I'd spend an eternity
tasting them like wine
again and again
until I fall and stumble, drunken

but they are only a beginning,
a place of origin and discovery
but my journey
doesn't end there, no...

I have too many miles
to travel and I
will not rest until I have
tasted every inch of flesh

though I might linger
for a moment,  between
heaven and your thighs
Aug 2014 · 638
Love me like a sunset
hold me for a season, and then let me go
love me in this moment
love me in the now, but with no regrets

love is a chance, that some hearts never get
we hold it in our hands, but we haven't decided yet
are we in this for love, or are we just hedging our bets?

Well, the water's high,  but I'm feeling low
we're going under, and I need to know
am I weighing you down, a little too much?
I wrote this under my alt sixfeetunder.  It's a song, but it feels a bit unfinished. I'm sure I'll finish it eventually.
Aug 2014 · 917
You're going to miss me when I'm gone
and the way our fingers
traced each lie on skin

I have a pocket full of regrets
and an empty heart
so where shall I begin?

your beauty left me wanting more
but you're the flower
I should've never picked

Some things are better off admired from afar,
causing thorns to lose their power, but your pain
made me a willing addict

I tried to pick up all your pieces
and assemble them
the best I could

but in the end, beneath the pressure, you crumbled
you were more fragile
than I truly understood
I'm sorry for ever falling in love
with you, Raygan. It was your downfall
and I have to live with myself knowing
that I should have left before we took
that plunge.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
Sometimes, I believe you were conceived in the womb of *Aphrodite
the subtle migrations of your mouth and tongue
manipulating my body in ways
that would make a courtesan blush

let me worship at the altar between your thighs

Sometimes, I think you are a descendant of Moses
your fingertips guiding me into warm places
your thighs and valleys so divine
I can't help but get lost in them

your lips and hidden places always causing exodus

Sometimes, I imagine you as a rose
your petals opening gracefully for select eyes
beautiful, in your surrender
your thorns, a barrier to most, yet

I would brave them, just to drink the dew from between your buds

Sometimes, I just need to know that you're mine
nothing more & nothing less than what  **you are
Written by Billy Dixon
August 5, 2014
Aug 2014 · 881
We are More
Come and gone, the calm
but the storm is far from over
it lingers in the what-ifs, and taunts
us from the fringes of maybe

This storm, will eventually pass
and the memories of love gone
reborn as odes and psalms
birthing life, from their flowering decay

The poet's capacity to love, rivalled only
by their ability to suffer, but
what a beautiful misery it is! as it lies in wait
for the moment it will flood from pen to page

Laughter and sonnets, will perch on sated lips
after sadness has run its course
and for awhile, all will be well again  
leaving poets to ponder love's mysteries

How ironic it is!
the way lovers leave, repelled
by their hatred of the very thing
that once drew them near

You see, poets are like paintings
beautiful from afar, we are
but flawed strokes on cracked canvas
the closer you come

Yet still, there is beauty in our flawed and fragile array

We are the words within our poetry, but
we are so much more than sweetened syllables
we are everything you wanted once, and you
**never even made it past our cover
A repost I wrote for my bror, Sverre G. Holter after his recent breakup.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
Divine Origins
Complacency is often mislabeled genius
In poems teeming with pretentious words
and trite metaphors bought in bulk
over compensations for a poem lacking depth

There's an elegance  in simplicity
a celestial spark, in the ability
to make the ordinary seem divine
and to turn simple into sacred

We are all gods, aching in our humanity
we are all oracles, with prophecies waiting to be told
So dip your pen a little deeper, press pen to paper
until heaven is felt in every verse

*G e n e s i s  is only a poem away
Aug 2014 · 551
29 Years
Finally*, after 29 years
I love you" sputtered from your lips
like a flame being deprived of oxygen *flickers
just moments before darkness consumes its light

The words slithered from throat to mouth
then dripped from your tongue
seeking refuge in our silence

Your words, posing more riddle than *resolution
A poem about the moment my biological father claimed me finally as his son, and told me he loved me.
Aug 2014 · 452
The Confession
"I am old" said he
with furrowed brows and weary eyes
leaning closer, as if he had monsters to face
lessons yet to learn, and paths to retrace

"I've lived and loved" said he
he spoke of days come and gone
his eyes sparkling tales every now and again
the stars shining closest, now seeming quite dim

"I've done things" sighed he
bent over, from a weight pressing down
his shoulders slumped forward as if burdened by lies
sadness conveyed by the shame in his eyes

"Forgiveness is yours" said I, leaning in closer yet
I whispered "The demons are gone, and you've no reason to fret"
then I squeezed him so tightly, till he felt mercy unfold
"Your secrets now spoken, and you've broken their hold"

His heart felt relieved, but
he slowly perceived, that his  
confession was heard only by
the mirror as he silently grieved
Aug 2014 · 620
The Sword and The Pen
If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
-Malcolm X

I once read “The history of the world
is but the biography of great men.

I read those words slowly, then paused
so I could take them all in

Show me a great man
and I'll show you a history of lies
historians cleansing blood from hand
muting the truth, no matter how loud it cries

The biographies of the "great" are almost always
inked in the blood of martyrs and greater men
scarring temporal lobes, and obfuscating memory
the sword, falling prey to pen

"Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings
where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws
-Jim Morrison
I wanted to add a sidenote.  Just because you find me quoting certain people of questionable character, whether it be in yours or other's eyes, does not mean I condone the individual, I just like a particular quote's message and I can separate that from the individual.
Aug 2014 · 551
The Long Way Home
My childhood was filled with Sundays
full of hellfire and brimstone
that burned more bridges down
than they ever built

As a child, my curiosity ran wild
always questioning the unquestioned
and all too often, the answer given
sounded more like a parable than epiphany

As an adult,  knowledge became flame
setting fire to the things once held as sacred and true
and I had to choose to either rise, a Phoenix, or
spend my life sifting through the ashes

Such a simple journey for some, but I took the long way home
Aug 2014 · 770
The Anomaly of Us
Two galaxies colliding, you and I
I felt your gravity draw me in
the moment I saw you and we kissed our hellos
My boundaries blurred by your lips

Our union may have been
an anomaly of probability  but
our pieces fell into place like
a mosaic of paradox & unspoken wishes

One day death will come and this world
fashioned from our stardust will
expand and contract, until the weight
of our love forces it to collapse

Our final kiss will give birth to
distant stars that shine in our memory and
the waves of light bouncing from your face to mine
will  become flower and soil

One blooming and the other sustaining
because nothing ever truly dies
our whole will always be greater
Than the sum of our broken hearts
Written by Billy Dixon
August 3, 2014
Aug 2014 · 2.0k
Look me in the eyes while you taste me
your head moving in shallow dips
I feel your tongue descending slowly
a prelude to your throat and lips

your eyes begin to water
your mouth now fully wet
breaths only come in gasps
as I delve in deeper yet

"That's a good girl"
"Show me what your mouth is for"
your lips curl in an obstructed half-smile, eyes pleading for air
but the sounds coming from your throat, say so much more

I grab your hair by the fistfull
firmly holding your head in place
I watch your face become  flushed-red
With each pump of hips and waist

You always look like you belong
below on bended knee
you blush then smile so innocently
As you swallow what's left of me

your eyes look to me for approval
I feel their lustful burn
my smile says "you've been a good girl
and soon, very soon, it'll be your turn"
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
8 Minutes is a Lifetime
It only takes 8 minutes for light to travel from sun to moon,
and just a second more to reach your eyes,
but I swear in that moment I  d i e  sl o w  l    y
like a distant star ebbing, I still reflect your light
though we both know that I died years ago

That never once stopped you from trying to mend me whole, but in the end
sometimes the cracks are too big to fill,
and some hearts develop leaks, always taking more
than they're able to give, forming little black holes
that consume your light and
leave you feeling empty inside

So please, cradle me now
in arms that once held me as lover
and etch these words into the stone, that
now plays the part of heart

I loved you then, I love you now, I'll love you forever.
Written by Billy J. Dixon
August 2,  2014
Aug 2014 · 564
I am cold, and you
you are a blanket
refusing me the warmth
of your insides

I am lonely, and you
you are an invitation
to moments shared
but you won't bid me come

I am happy, and you
You are the sun, hidden behind clouds
that hold their vow of sadness
laughing, once their promise is kept

You are the stars, and I
I am the darkness surrounding you
But you would rather not shine
Than show me your light

|You are|everything, and |me|
I am |nothing| without  **you
Jul 2014 · 1.5k
I need to tell you of things, love
both harsh and beautiful
things that weigh heavy on the soul
and threaten to stain the sun

A world like ours, is full of shadows
never let that dim your eyes, stars like those
were born to sparkle and shine rebelliously

Let them rage, against the night and those
who seek to keep the world in darkness
let them rage, my child
until the blinded see

Life is seldom fair or just
but vengeance and hatred
should never be given the chance
to call a heart as beautiful as yours, home

Remember, you are not
just pretty words spoken
but every deed done, in light
and in every dark corner
A poem to my daughter Madison.
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