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Feb 2021 · 783
I'd just wait, what if?
TAW Feb 2021
If I write a  poem about you,
Using all the imaginations that roars in my head about us.
I fear I'd not just fill a paper, I'd fill my fears.
With the drinks of, What if your hands don't end up in mine?
Or sadly your heart loses the tune of my voice?
What if your lips loses the taste of the words you would have said to me?

Or suddenly, your nose can no longer smell the aroma of our love because all seasoning had been stopped?

My too much a love, what if your ears gets blocked?
And finally your one or two of your knees refuses to get down?

I'd just wait!
Just wait rather  than run into a wrong future.
Cause what I have with you is right.
I will enjoy my now.
Leave the imaginations for  fear...?
What if I'd just wait.

I'm excited. My first poem here, do follow me

— The End —