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Bee Apr 2019
Blood pumping through my veins,
Standing on tracks and dodging trains.
****** life back at home,
Feeling helpless in a big, black dome.

Tear stricken faces, black and blue bruises,
Hopeless dreams of big houses and cruises.
Seen badly by everybody,
Feeling so much like a nobody.

If only given one night,
One night without fright,
I would run and go,
Run and go to a place no one would ever know.

Far from the vicinity,
Even farther from my dark reality.
Where all my fears would vanish,
Where all bad dreams shall perish.
Bee Dec 2018
It’s been a while,
Since your number has been dialed.
It’s been a while,
Since we’ve talked and laughed by the school aisle.

Talks have been lessened,
Our laughs have been somewhat deadened.
Walking past you by the halls,
Somehow the silence had held our throats in its thrall.

Only a word itching in my throat,
Threatening to come out, making its way to float.
It’s been a while, I know.
It’s just that, I wanna say hello.
Bee Oct 2018
Walking down the streets,
Seeing the same city views that always repeats.
Dreaming of a sweet escape,
From all the stress of everyday.

Lost within the depths of the sea,
Feeling like a child, so lost in glee.
Feeling the sandy pavement down my feet,
Making the ocean and marks meet.

Winded by the cool sea breeze,
Making me feel so much at ease.
A dream that’ll last for a lifetime,
A quick escape to my paradise.
Bee Sep 2018
Piercing eyes, fierce body,
Brain such so naughty.
Feeling that too much heat,
Still makes me fall to my feet.

Those ****** stares, careless and reckless attitude,
Strangely brightens up my mood.
All these things just left my brain so confused,
Yet these just made me so amused.

In those eyes,
I just saw that confidence rise.
Those joyous and contagious laughs,
Was making my romantic excitement blast.

Mouthwatering smell, soft and electrocuting touches,
Every time makes me feel so luscious.
Even though others say that you’re distracting,
You’re still eye-ttractive.
Hahaha, just saw these poem in my drafts. Made approximately 2 years ago, back in my cringey pre-teen years when I was so caught up in my crush.
Bee Sep 2018
1, 2, 3,
Starting to have me disagree.
Starting to realize what you’ve done,
My fat tears fell, my anguish began.

Falling into despair,
Feeling that as if my heart was set into flares.
Falling into the ground,
Never expecting it was you, a person well renowned.

Anxiety crippling through my veins,
You adding up to all of the pains.
My heart breaking into shards,
Thoughts cannot be expressed in words.

Putting up a mask,
As if it’s becoming my task.
Never knowing me at my worst,
Never really knowing you made me burst.
Hi, it's been a long time since I've posted here at I realized that I should release all the emotional build up inside me. I feel like my friend's been using me and I just can't tell her about it. I don't want her to get angry or hurt because of me.
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