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ShadowWisp Apr 2015
Burning from torment as I gaze to his eyes,
Piercing through his soul as I scan nothing but lies,
A total illusion which rendered me vulnerable,
Crimson betrayal let my heart dripped and drizzle.

Feeling the memories alone in the moonlight,
Reminisce the days when we first see at sight,
Such an ache in the heart to think you're not you,
But memories worth the living until you change on hue.

How ironic to think to be in desperate situation,
Seemingly thirst from bliss until the night breaks from dawn,
I spared life on a candle to prolonged it's happiness,
But regret remorse with me as it selfishly shade itself from total blackness.

Here in the plain vast wilderness of solitary,
Heart was throbbing in pain yelling for revenge endlessly,
Though tortured was my heart and silently cleaved,
But my sweetest revenge is just to forgive.
Why is someone so insecured with me?

— The End —